Boost Your Sales – Get 3CX Certified

The free 3CX Certification program is designed to boost 3CX Partners’ profitability by giving them the resources and knowledge they need to sell, deploy and support 3CX Phone System for Windows. The program has two certification levels – 3CX Certified Engineer and 3CX Advanced Certified Engineer.

Get listed as a 3CX Certified Partner and Handle Larger and More Complex Installs

Being a 3CX Certified Partner is a significant differentiator over other non-certified Partners as you will be able to:

  • Handle larger and complex installs
  • Deploy more profitable installs
  • Gain greater customer confidence
  • Earn more from service revenue
  • You will be listed as a Certified Partner in Find a Reseller section

Upon passing each certification level, you will be awarded with a certificate and 3CX Certified Engineer or 3CX Advanced Certified Engineer logo. Use your certification logos on your website and office stationery to promote 3CX Certified Partner status.

“Certification is a key process to becoming a 3CX Premium Partner. When dealing with clients on every level we have found the training and certification provided by 3CX to be invaluable. Without the 3CX training and certification we would be searching for answers to simple VoIP and SIP issues every day, let alone questions specific to 3CX.” – Bruce Kreeger, Clarity Technology – 3CX Premium Partner.


“Being a certified partner and a certified professional gives you a leg up on the computer shop down the street. We proudly display the certified partner logos on our site. It gives you credibility with both existing owners and new sales prospects.” – Jim Green – Pacific Softcom – 3CX Preferred Partner.

Your 3CX Certification Starts Here!

3CX Certified Engineer 
This level shows you how to install 3CX Phone System, configure IP Phones, Gateways and VoIP Providers, 3CX WebMeeting and basic troubleshooting. The course consists of documents and series of videos, as well as optional online trainings. This course is also taught around the world in our training events. Start learning here.

3CX Advanced Certified Engineer
The 3CX Advanced Certified Engineer level shows you how to configure remote extensions and bridges, edit provisioning templates,  configure the 3CX Tunnel and harden 3CX Phone System security. It also includes advanced troubleshooting techniques. Click here to review the course outline.

Taking the 3CX Certification Test
After you have watched the videos and read the documentation, login to your 3CX ERP account and  take the 3CX Certification test. You can only take each certification test once. A re-sit is permitted after 31 days. If you would like to find out any additional information, please send an email to

If you are an existing 3CX Partner and have already used your seats available on the 3CX ERP, you could certify additional staff here.

If you are an end user and wish to boost your knowledge and usage of 3CX Phone System for Windows you can register to take the 3CX Certification test.