Get Your 3CX Certified Engineer Certification – Watch the Basic 3CX Training Videos

An image showing the 3CX Certified Engineer logoWelcome to the Basic 3CX Online Training Course! The course consists of a series of video tutorials which will take you through basic 3CX Phone System concepts such as installing 3CX Phone System, phone provisioning and prepares you for the 3CX Certified Engineer certification. The video tutorials have been divided into the sections below.

Course 1: Introduction and Installation

1.1 Introduction to 3CX Phone System
1.2 Recommended Equipment
1.3 Installing 3CX Phone System
1.4 Upgrading or Re-installing
1.5 Licensing

Course 2: Phones & Extensions

2.1 Introduction to Phone Provisioning
2.2 Provisioning Phones Automatically using Plug & Play
2.3 Provisioning Phones using MAC address / HTTP Provisioning
2.4 Configuring Extensions
2.5 Configuring Forwarding Rules

Course 3: VoIP Providers, PSTN Gateways & Routing Rules

3.1 Configuring VoIP Providers / SIP Trunks
3.2 Configuring PSTN Gateways
3.3 Configuring Inbound Routing
3.4 Configuring Outbound Routing

Course 4: Ring Groups, Call Queues & Digital Receptionists

4.1 Ring Groups
4.2 Call Queues
4.3 3CX Phone System Pro Edition
4.4 Digital Receptionists

Course 5: Basic Troubleshooting & Support Options

5.1 Basic Troubleshooting
5.2 Support Options

Further Advance Your Knowledge of 3CX Phone System

Now you’ve completed the Basic Training videos, you are ready to move on to the 3CX Phone System Online Advanced Training course, where you will be shown how to provision templates, configure least cost routing, and advanced troubleshooting concepts.