3CX Assistant

The 3CX Assistant is a desktop utility which allows users to easily manage their extension with a few mouse clicks – rather then via a cryptic and limited phone interface. 3CX Assistant is not a phone – it works in tandem with a desk phone or soft phone and calls are made and answered on your existing phone. 3CX Assistant provides the following functions:

  1. Call Pop-up – Upon an incoming call, a small dialog will pop up, which allows you to reject a call or transfer a call to another person or to voice mail – with a single mouse click or using drag and drop.
  2. Easy Call Transfer / Park – When on a call, you can transfer or park a call with a few mouse clicks, no need to learn dial codes or call transfer procedures on a phone.
  3. Presence – The status of the other extensions is shown, allowing you to avoid unnecessary calls or call transfers to colleagues.
  4. Click to Call – Launch calls with a mouse click – double click on an extension to call the person, or enter a number with your number pad. The call will be connected and your phone will ring
  5. Queue monitoring – View the status of queues that you are a member of. You will see callers waiting in the queue and be able to take a call from the queue.
  6. Text chat – Message other users using the inbuilt chat option
  7. Record calls - you can trigger the recording of a call by hitting the record button
  8. Launch MyPhone – You can easily launch the MyPhone page from the 3CX Assistant. Authentication will be automatically done using the 3CX Assistant credentials and users will be able to configure call forwarding or view their recent call activity including missed calls.
  9. Phonebook – 3CX Assistant provides easy access to the company and personal phonebook. It also allows users to trigger calls simply by typing a name – this will then automatically resolve the number and launch the call.

3CX Assistant will show different information based on whether you are a standard user, a departmental manager or a company manager. In department manager mode you will see calls from anyone in your department. In management mode you will see information of the entire company. These rights are set by the Phone System administrator.