Zero Admin
With the new Dashboard
Bulletproof Security
With SSL certs and NGINX
Install on $100 Appliance
Intel MiniPC architecture
New, Intuitive Windows Client
More themes, more UC
More CRM Integrations
Scripting Interface to add your own
Improved Integrated Web Conferencing
iOS and Android apps included
Personal Click2Meet URLs

3CX Removes Wires, Deskphones and High Costs at Phoning Santé

Phoning Sante featured image

Renewing your SSL Certificate for 3CX V15

Renewing your SSL certificate in 3CX V15

A Take on SSL, CRT, CSR and What?

What is SSL, CRT and CSR?

New 3CX SBC for V15 Vs V14 SBC (Session Border Controller)

The 3CX Session Border Controller in V15 includes major audio improvements.

3CX PRO and Freshdesk CRM Integration

Integrate your Freshdesk CRM with 3CX PBX PRO

3CX Expands in Russia with OCS Distribution

OCS Distribution featured image

DIY CRM Integration

DIY CRM Integration

3CX SBC (Session Border Controller) New Update Available

New update to the 3CX Session Border Controller available for download

3CX Partners with Chinese Distributor 58VoIP

58VoIP featured

V15 – What’s still cooking…..

Take a look at the upcoming UC features in 3CX V15