V15: Finding Provisioning Files

Where are the provisioning files in 3CX V15?

Upgrading to V15 with a Multi Line PSTN Gateway

Upgrading to 3CX V15 with a multi line PSTN Gateway

Plug and Play your IP Phone with 3CX V15

What are the requirements to be able to Plug and Play your IP Phone with 3CX PBX

Provisioning Methods – When should I use them?

IP Phone Provisioning Methods for 3CX Supported IP Phones in V15

Renewing your SSL Certificate for 3CX V15

Renewing your SSL certificate in 3CX V15

A Take on SSL, CRT, CSR and What?

What is SSL, CRT and CSR?

How to Use Your Own SSL & FQDN Certificate with V15

How to use your won SSL and FQDN certificates with 3CX V15

More Support for Legacy Phones

3CX offers support for various legacy phone models.

Managing Call Pickup Permissions

How to manage call pickup permissions in 3CX

Download the Latest iOS and Android Clients for 3CX

Download the latest iOS and Android clients by 3CX