3CX Phone System Build History / Change Log
Zero Admin
With the new Dashboard
Bulletproof Security
With SSL certs and NGINX
Install on $150 Appliance
Intel MiniPC architecture
New, Intuitive Windows Client
More themes, more UC
More CRM Integrations
Scripting Interface to add your own
Improved Integrated Web Conferencing
iOS and Android apps included
Personal Click2Meet URLs

3CX Phone System Build History

3CX Phone System v15 SP3, Build 59950, October 2016

  • Change of G729 licensing (equal to max. concurrent calls)
    –> Update via: Installer [ ]  Service Pack [X]
    –> Applies to: Windows [X] Linux: [TBA]

3CX Phone System v15 SP2, Build 59381, October 2016

  • Fixed search in contacts (upper/lower case)
  • Search in Recordings supports dates
  • Fixed Exception when Adding a VoIP Provider
  • Fixed Server Activity Log & Event Log due to a bug in the date
  • Fixed issue with Profile Schedule
  • Fixed delete from the LDAP
  • Fixed Extension statistics report showing wrong calculations
  • Fixed “Custom” date range for call reports
  • Added Export Call History
  • Fixed Wizard failing when Operator Extension is 888, 777, 700
  • Fixed Displaying of ODBC String
  • Fixed Event Notification Manager which on some operating systems could not start
  • Fixed FTP Client not showing huge Backups
  • Fixed High Memory Usage when Importing Extensions
  • When using custom templates, phone entry is labeled in RED
  • Fixed Option “Moderate participants” should be greyed out if “Generate new room” is selected
  • Added Validation for Emergency Number not to add extension numbers as an emergency
  • Added Export Filtered Chat Logs
  • Added Restart All in Services Page for Configuration Service and Management Console
  • Fixed Restore should not perform license activation if Server is Passive
  • Fixed Schedule Restore From FTP only works the first time in Failover
  • Fixed Huge SaveMeeting request sent by PBX replied to with “URI String is too long”
  • Fixed certain refresh actions which causes not to select item
  • Fixed SBC causing one way audio
  • Fixed Object with specified ID was not found. Probably your session expired
  • Fixed Ring Group & Queues DNA > VmailBox Conference & Vmail System Extension
  • Added Call Report Email 2 download links (Local & External)
  • Fixed Importing via Web Management Console – should add the DID in the DID List of the Trunk (Source ID)
  • Fixed Import to fix some issues when performing multi edit extension
  • Fixed Leave console running – console locks itself giving timeouts
  • Fixed Adding a SIP Trunk throws an type error
  • Added ability to edit the custom templates and search Ctrl+F
  • Added New event for when license limit is reached for WebMeeting
  • Fixed CDR outputs will log call costs with commas
  • Fixed FTP Server Client to connect to other ports not only default Port 21
  • Fixed Inbound rules routes for Gateways when adding new DID
  • Fixed numerous issues showing 504 Gateway Timeout
  • Vmail Attachments were not being sent
  • Fixed Detection for .Net Framework 4.6.1
  • New option to take backup without license and FQDN
  • New VoIP Provider “CloudCo Partner” (USA).
  • New VoIP Provider “TechSitters, LLC” (USA).
  • New VoIP Provider “Telematica” (Austria).
  • New VoIP Provider “HFO Telecom Vertriebs GmbH” (Germany).
  • New VoIP Provider “Telenor” provider (Norway).
  • New Htek models (UC804T, UC804G, UC806T, UC806G, UC902, UC924 and UC926)
  • New Fanvil models (H3, X3S and X4)
  • New Cyberdata devices (Paging Amplifier, Zone Controller, Speakers and RGB Strobe)
  • Updated Polycom VVX template
  • Fixed voice codec prioritization for Fanvil Android phones

3CX Phone System v15 SP1, Build 56772, July 2016

  • Added Translation Files (German, Italian, Russian, French & Spanish)
  • Added Active Calls in Dashboard (After the update is complete, clear browser cache)
  • Added Option inside Backup to backup/do not backup Include License key information & FQDN
  • Fixed Exception System.OverflowException: Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.
  • Additional Improvements added inside Updates
  • Fixed Exception in Wizard TCX.Configuration.Exceptions.ObjectSavingException
  • Fixed Restore procedure now restores DID to Main Trunks
  • Fixed Exception in Wizard System.Exception: Bad parameters
  • Fixed Typo Error in Email Templates
  • Changed behavior when restoring backup and License is 3CXPSPBX we will restore all trunks but register first lines excluding WebRTC and Bridges
  • Fixed Validation in Exchange LDAP which was causing an issue and could not remove entries Fixed Exception in Updates due to sensitive dotted version with contains non-digits
  • Fixed License Error due to DNS Timeout which causes Management Console to hang
  • Fixed Firewall Checker when STUN Parameters are missing
  • Fixed Network Page
  • Added Download Reports inside Call Reports
  • Improved some validation handling in Exchange & Outbound Rules
  • Improved Deleting of Reports
  • Fixed Wrap Up Time in Queues due to validation
  • Fixed Generate Config File for Browser Edge and Firefox
  • Added Notification for Weak Passwords
  • Fixed Memory Usage and Timeout errors when going to Call Reports
  • Fixed issue which prohibited to create extensions with range 9XX
  • Fixed Validation due to Web User Access
  • Fixed Exception caused in Aastra when adding all Codecs
  • Improvements in Wizard Page
  • Improvements in FTP
  • Fixed Bug in Gateway Configuration for E1 & PRI which caused issue when dialing out numbers.
  • Improved Wizard Questions
  • Put Warning Messages in RED
  • Added Swisscom Smart Business Connect
  • Improvements added for PSTN Gateways Templates
  • Improved Patton FXO Update for V15
  • Improved DND button issues for Snom and Htek
  • Fixed issue with Payload in Aastra template
  • Fixed issue with Phonebook retrieving in Cisco Template

3CX Phone System v15, Build 56008, July 2016

  • Fixed bug inside the client Server that was not aborting sessions in the case that the session got terminated unexpectedly
  • Fixed VC Redistributable in the installation for the Windows client
  • Fixed issue with License Activation that was not setting Country
  • Fixed “Undefined” message in wizard
  • Fixed Outlook Plugins inside the 3CX Plugin Manager
  • Updated Plugins to use the latest 3CX client for Windows Version 15
  • Validated PBXConfigTool for starting with – and _

3CX Phone System v15, Release Candidate 2, Build 55955, July 2016


  • Fixed Queue Login Status when restoring backups coming from older versions
  • Fixed Import Extensions from Active Directory
  • Fixed spamming of GET SystemStatus

Known Issues

  • PBX Config Tool currently accepts underscore “_” in host name. Please do not use underscore in host names.

3CX Phone System v15, Release Candidate, Build 55857, June 2016

  • Fixed Synchronization problem with Tunnel causing a crash
  • Fixed Management Console server application causing a crash
  • Fixed the System’s Service Deadlock due to constant License update
  • Added backward compatibility with old Clients for support of new Chat
  • Fixed PBX Config tool Exceptions for when performing DNS Requests
  • Added support for web meeting Themes
  • Improvements to all Clients to support the new Chat functionalities for Group Chats
  • Do not allow activation to be replaced with another 3CXPSPBX edition key
  • Fixed Remote Chat function that was not working due to new improvements made
  • Fixed Multicast when having more than one NIC 0015264
  • Improved Request for Chat Messages
  • Added 10 new suffixes for: 3cx.ru (Russia),3cx.de (Germany),3cx.fr (France),3cx.co.uk (United Kingdom),3cx.it (Italy),3cx.com.au (Australia) and more

Management Console

  • Improvements in the Settings Page
  • Fixed Typo in the Event Log Page
  • Improvements on the Mail Server Settings
  • Improvements in the Contacts Page
  • Fixed IP Based SIP Trunks
  • Improvements in the Extension’s Greetings Voicemail
  • Improvements in the Gateway’s Page Layout
  • Improvement in the Backup and Restore Page
  • Improvements in the Answered/ Unanswered Graph Queue Calls
  • Improvements in the Recordings Page
  • Improvements in the Call Reporter Settings Page
  • Improvements in the Exchange Contacts Dialog Windows
  • Improvements in the Call Costs Dialog Windows
  • Improvements in Chats Functionality and in the Management Console for the implementation of the new Chats
  • Renamed the Description for Management Console Service 0015284
  • Fixed saving of IP in CDR when having more than 1 interface 0015277
  • Fixed saving of IP in Network page when having more than 1 interface 0015262
  • Improvements in the validation procedure when importing DID/CID
  • Added CRM Integration for the Licenses SKU 3CXPSPROFNFR and 3CXPSPROFSPLA
  • Fixed issue with restore when voicemail timeout paraeater due to a change made from MS to Seconds 0015288
  • Fixed the Exception rule for when the Admin Email Address field contains more than 1 email address.
  • Improvements made in IVR for when the option “Redirect to MS Exchange” is checked
  • Added the option “Select All” in the Updates Page
  • Improvements on the Bridges Layout
  • Added Graphical Images for the Reports Graphs for Answered/Unanswered Call Queues
  • Fixed the firmware updating for snom phones due to processing failure of the HTTP Chunking
  • Fixed Call Control
  • Fixed Schedule Reports that are being deleted when an SMTP error occurs
  • Added Expose Generated Schedule time 0015152
  • Fixed the export button functionality
  • Fixed the Server Management Console Crash for when you edit Queues in the Standard License
  • Fixed Support for SPLA Licenses
  • Fixed Exception Rules for when adding new Trunks
  • Fixed errors in Rights for when Managing Own Extension
  • Added new Yealink IP supported phones
  • Fixed Loading of License for Exchange
  • Fixed issues on the Services Page
  • Improved Backup and Restore Dialog
  • Fixed System Service not starting when License Expires or License is Free

3CX Phone System v15, BETA, Build 55450, June 2016

  • 3CX Tunnel more secure and numerous fixes for socket control and better audio delivery
  • Added SBC Encryption
  • Fixed nested IVR’s configured with different languages
  • Fixed deadlock inside the 3CX client presence server
  • Added call history converter to convert call logs from version 12.5 to 15
  • Fixed call reports not calculating costs correctly
  • Reports can be scheduled at a specific time
  • Country and Time Zone Australia (+61) was not being saved
  • Added Search in Event Log
  • Improvements in Recordings Management Page
  • Recordings can be downloaded on MAC
  • Fixed Custom Speed Dial which caused the phone not to provision
  • Download updates using HTTPS
  • Fixed 404 not found when launching wizard
  • Fixed error when importing certificate, FQDN is in use
  • Fixed Prioritization (move up/down) in Queues Page
  • Added Button “Refresh Registration” in Bridges Page
  • Fixed Memory Leaks in Web Management Console
  • Added URL Sensitization in Management Console
  • Fixed Firewall Checker Results
  • Sanitized Management Console URLs
  • Added PROVISIONING LINK for all IP Phone Models
  • Added text in the login screen for supported browsers
  • Added tool tip when a feature is not available because of licensing restrictions
  • Fixed Conference Email Template
  • Calls in activity log are sorted
  • New updates are counted in the updates page
  • Added Fanvil X5 Language Provisioning
  • Added support for new Fanvil phones
  • Added support for new HTek phones
  • Added New SIP Trunk from France “IP DIRECTIONS”
  • Updated Patton FXO & ISDN Template
  • New Fanvil firmware with RPS, Let’s Encrypt, New DND functionality & AutoLogin
  • New Polycom VVX phones supported as legacy phones

3CX Phone System v15, ALPHA, Build 54955 , June 2016

  • Preparation for .NET core
  • New NGINX as web server
  • SSL Certificates out of the box with “Let’s Encrypt”
  • IVR, Parking and Call Conference services are included in 1 service
  • New Management console
  • 3CX hosted FQDN
  • FQDN, SMTP Server settings are now stored in the backup
  • Improved Restore functionality
  • RPS Provisioning Server for remote phones
  • 5 backup outbound rules in outbound rules
  • 3CX client can be provisioned
  • Web username and password for phones are now provisioned
  • Automatically update public IP when it changes
  • Automatically Clear “Event Logs”
  • Maintenance buttons to clear chats, and call logs
  • Webmeeting is integrated and part of 3CX. Webmeeting url will be hosted by 3CX.
  • Logo for the web meeting client can be uploaded via the 3CX Management Console
  • Automatically enable the option to log out of queues when Away or DND
  • Accept calls from ring groups
  • Office hours and holidays and break times – Partial holidays
  • Added help URL for phones
  • Provisioning URL displayed in phone provisioning page
  • Export Chats
  • Ability to update clients, firmwares from the updates section
  • Friendly web conferencing meeting rooms
  • When a phone is running an unsupported firmware a warning will be displayed in the phones page
  • Button to export all Call History
  • HTTPS will be used for remote provisioning
  • Edit and copy of IP Phone templates
  • Ability to download and provision integration CRM Plugins

3CX Phone System v14 SP3, Build 49169, February 2016

  • Nested IVR Calls with different IVR Language Prompts now play correctly defined prompt set
  • Added checkbox to Enable/Disable e164 Number Processing 
  • Due to recent changes in Chrome Update, when call from WebRTC gateway is made and client 3CX Phone elevates call to video, video establishment could not be made.
  • Exchange Sync was deleting 3CX Personal Contacts
  • Improved 3CXPhone Client server and client response time
  • Fixed exception in bridges and remote presence
  • Callbacks were leaving stuck calls
  • Updated new Apple Push Certificate
  • Fixed Support Bundle
  • Updated names of CDR options
  • Added Public IP in SIP VIA Header
  • Added Provisioning URL to Welcome Page
  • Improvements in scheduled backup and restore
  • Added ability to send test email
  • Added ability to change logging level for 3CX Callhistory
  • Fixed audio issue when IP Address on machine is changed
  • Fixed Attended transfer on Cisco 7940/41 7960/61
  • Htek IP Phones template updated
  • Updated Intertel VoIP provider template
  • Updated IT Communications Limited VoIP provider (UK)
  • Updated OpenIP template
  • Updated Easybell VoIP Provider
  • Improved templates for Snom, Cyberdata, Yealink T4x & Htek
  • Fix in Patton templates
  • Support for new Yealink T40P model
  • Updated OpenIP VoIP Provider template
  • Updated 2A+ VoIP Provider template
  • Issue with Date/Time on Snom 870 and D375
  • Added “voipGATE” (Luxembourg) provider
  • Added “CallaCloud” (Malaysia) provider
  • Added Secnet (Poland) VoIP provider
  • Updated Aastra Template
  • Updated Flowroute VoIP Provider template
  • New FW and template for Cisco SPA phones
  • Fixed issue with BLF number 31 for Yealink T27P
  • New FW version for Htek phones
  • Added “Winet” (Switzerland) VoIP Provider
  • Added “Messagenet” (Italy) VoIP provider
  • Fixed Alert-Info and typo in Cisco SPA templates
  • Updated Telekom (Germany) Voip Provider
  • Added Vodafone Germany VoIP Provider
  • Fixed minor issue in the dialog creation for Reports, Type is before Name in reports
  • Calls directed from IVR to Ring Group were not showing correctly in Ring Group Statistics Report
  • Grayed out options when report progress is Initialized / Scheduling / Running to avoid deadlocks
  • Scheduled reports now show date of creation when the report is created
  • 3CX Conference Calls are not calculated in Extension Statistics Report
  • Fixed exception caused when they put russian characters inside the Name of the Report
  • Extension Statistics Report are not calculating failed blind transfers
  • Extension Statistics and Call Logs reports do not match when performing blind transfer and Pickup call
  • Schedule Reports when editing reports was sending reports with wrong period

3CX Phone System v14 SP2, Build 47020, December 2015

3CX Phone System Server

  • WebRTC calls now working under Chrome v46
  • Default Vbox Language selected correctly
  • Ring My extension and my mobile now working after restart
  • Bug in queues showing data after extension is removed from queue
  • Agent Statistics calculated after attended transfer
  • Callbacks were leaving stuck calls
  • Stuck Call in PBX caused by Media Server locking file during recording
  • Fixed bug in SIP Server – Service got signal to stop: 22
  • Wrong Contact Destination in Reset and reprovision
  • Free version can update to the latest service packs
  • Fixed bugs caused by old cache on the machine by incrementing private version
  • CDR socket options are disabled for Cloud Virtual hosted instances
  • Bug in call history conversion from unsupported phones
  • Call history services was unable to stop
  • Exchange calendar synchronization working for multiple users
  • Exchange connector is not making a lot of unnecessary connections to exchange server
  • Fixed but in Call history service Worker thread with incorrectly saved user data
  • Detecting Windows 10 correctly
  • Fixed bug in service pack updating
  • Email validation with CAPS
  • Fixed bindings in IIS for instance 24 and instance 25
  • Enabled .NET Framework on Windows 10
  • Uninstall of 3CX removes all files related to 3CX leaving the machine clean
  • On IIS during restore log out was not being done
  • Credentials were not saved for FTP
  • Create directory not working when firmware uploaded
  • Added Help hyperlinks
  • Redesigned WebRTC click to call
  • New CDR Page
  • Fixed Exception in Phones Page caused by PNP Provisioning
  • Fixed saving of email templates
  • Added Queue validations
  • Updated prompt from out of office to do not disturb
  • Webmeeting activation is performed automatically when license is activated
  • Modified Call reports settings page
  • Improved filtering in recordings page and extended search for recordings to search for ranges or numbers starting with a string
  • Firewall checker ports were incorrectly checking for Google and APNS Push services
  • Fixed numerous errors in webmeeting and simplified interface
  • Show extensions which have weak passwords always on
  • Admin Credentials moved to Security
  • Options “Available 2 and Out of office 2” were modified
  • Switch on Secure RTP moved to Secure SIP dialog
  • Improved Search in Company Phonebook
  • Fixed bugs in import from active directory
  • Access Management Console via User Rights
  • Redesigned troubleshooting node
  • Leave focus on search box when searching for a contact or user
  • Added new PBX Node
  • Fixed Pop-up blocking in management console
  • Exception when downloading Backup file from FTP fixed
  • Improved downloads of backups and recordings
  • FAX ID bug fixed
  • Exception when copy/paste path to change Location Path in Recordings
  • Chinese Culture now supported

IP Phones & templates, SIP Trunks

  • Fixed Attended transfer on Cisco 7940/41 7960/61
  • Htek IP Phones template updated
  • Yealink T19 firmware updated
  • Yealink IP Phones template update
  • Fanvil Door Phones supported
  • Vodafone Iceland VoIP Provider added
  • Uni-tel – Denmark VoIP Provider added
  • Cox Business – USA VoIP Provider added
  • 2APlus Company – THAILAND VoIP Provider
  • G711 Ireland VoIP Provider added
  • AWANTEL GmbH – Germany VoIP Provider added

Call logs,  reporting and backup management

  • Added Billing code support
  • Fixed Talking time for Queue calls
  • Unanswered outbound calls are calculated correctly
  • Bug fix in schedule restore not triggered on time
  • Call Stats now show correct data for when mobile and extension ring at the same time
  • Backups from V12.5 with certain call history logging containing semi attended transfers can now be restored
  • When scheduled restore fails, email is sent
  • Restore was failing when certificate was expired or invalid
  • Restore failed when mobile number was unrealistically long
  • Exception when taking backup with recordings
  • Playlists restored from 12.5 to v14 could not be removed from management console
  • When IP changes restore does not restore previous network information

Known Issues

  • CDR – Queue number is missing  in the Chain when call is transferred to a queue
  • CDR – showing UTC

3CX Phone System v14 SP1, Build 45826, October 2015

  • Fixed IP in contact and connection for VoIP Providers
  • BLF Issue in attendant transfer scenarios
  • Phones using TLS were unregistering
  • Added Multi language Queues, IVR and Voicemail
  • Fixed Fax in IPv6
  • Fixed binding to correct IPv6 interfaces
  • Added reports in Excel format
  • Added ability to download recordings from reports

3CX Phone System v14, Build 44241, September 2015

  • Many performance optimizations and fixes made to Presence server in the areas of Bridges, Connectivity of clients, Data transfer between local and remote clients, performance with publish and receiving of data packets, and Groups
  • Creation of voip providers/pstn devices
  • Fixed Tunnel Crash when a configuration change occurs
  • Automatic Switching of Profiles switching correctly based on profile settings
  • Save operations in country code blocking was not saving data correctly
  • Filtering of Call in Call Logs now search in caller field instead of display name
  • TimeZone for Extension and Global Provisioning
  • Schedule Conferences when restarting all services (cfg) was causing duplicates of scheduled meetings
  • Automatic Queue Logout now is based on office hours
  • Fixed counting in G729 Calls
  • IIS Fix in config so after next restart instance site & app pool will automatically start after a restart of server.
  • Email Templates are grayed out when Browser is Internet Explorer.
  • Presence Server now sends correct information to 3CX Plugins connected to 3CXPhone for Windows
  • Added new Yealink models T19P E2, T21P E2, T27P, T29G, T23P, T23G
  • Updated Fanvil and Polycom templates
  • Added MCN, oneCentral, P1, Brokerteam VoIP Providers
  • Fix in phone model parser which now checks full model of the phone
  • 3CX Integrated Webmeeting will only be allowed if you have valid 3CX Maintenance
  • Fix in 3CX Queue Performance Overview Report
  • Fix in 3CX Basic Queue Statistics Report

3CX Phone System Version 12.5

3CX Phone System 12.5, Service Pack 2, July 2015

  • Activation reports correct version number
  • Preparation for update to version 14
  • License security update
  • Resolved security issue in web server configuration

3CX Phone System 12.5, Service Pack 1, 29 April 2015

  • 3CX Licensing Server upgrade to SSL SHA2
  • Included Mac client update
  • Included Windows client update
  • Push certificate for 3CXPhone for iOS

3CX Phone System Version 12.5.39117.982, 08 January 2015

 New Features

  • Added Fanvil X3 IP Phone support.
  • Yealink templates for T41/T42 and T46/T48 are now merged into one template file.
  • Installation allows you to enter IP Addresses in the HTTPS certificate dialog to be used for users that do not have a DNS Server.

3CX Phone System Version 12.5.38876.974 RC, 11 December 2014

 New Features

  • Ability to reset and reprovision 3CXPhone Clients from the Phones page in the 3CX Management Console.
  • Ability to keep old HTTP/HTTPS ports as before (5000/5001) or choose custom ports
  • Added AT&T VoIP Provider


  • Fixed memory leak in 3CX Tunnel
  • Improved reconnection in SBC Module
  • Cisco Phone Book – Added Multipage Phonebook support to handle more than 32 entries.
  • Webreports: Failed callback calls are displayed in call logs report and time is correct
  • Webreports: Abandoned Queue calls displaying correct time
  • Webreports: Fix in Call distribution of Answered and UnAnswered reports
  • Webreports: Agent login History report was showing incorrect date and totals are fixed
  • Webreports: Fix in logo upload
  • Webreports: Fix in query when extension ranges are used
  • Email notification for missed calls are displayed in correct time
  • Welcome email contained bug in provisioning url
  • Abandoned Queue calls now show the time correctly
  • Call history is generated in the correct time settings and therefore displayed correctly in the clients.

3CXPhone System Version 12.5.38514.939 Beta 2, 21 November 2014

New Features

  • Ability to configure HTTP and HTTPS Ports
  • Htek Phones – New phones added to 3CX Phone System
  • New Polycom templates are added to the build including revised firmware update procedure
  • Exchange Calendar integration which switches your profile status during an Exchange meeting
  • ODBC Search for phonebook contacts
  • Chat functionality to WebRTC Calls
  • Added P-Called-Party-ID support for VoIP Providers and Gateways
  • Added P-Preferred-Identity support for VoIP Providers and Gateways
  • Added Privacy ID support. (Triggered when user dials dial code to hide Caller ID)
  • Improved UI for Inbound and Outbound Parameters for VoIP Providers and Gateways
  • 3CX supports Deutsche Telekom Call and Surf VoIP Provider (vad-no), Swiss com Business Connect and Time Warner Cable Inc
  • Windows Server Time displayed in 3CX Management Console
  • 3CX WebRTC calls to a Queue can be elevated from audio only, to audio, video, chat and screen sharing if agent wishes to
  • 3CX Phone System can be installed on Microsoft Exchange Server


  • Exception caused in Phones Page when Push requests are updated
  • Improved IP Phone template parser for provisioning of IP Phones
  • New firmware for Yealink T2X Phones X.71 fixing Hold and Resume CTI
  • Server can force a specific IP in contact and sdp connection sip headers
  • Bridge presence connection bug fixed for 3CXPhone Clients
  • Fixed total logged in time for Agent History Web Report
  • Improved Recycling procedure in IIS
  • Fixed bug in Windows Firewall Exception
  • Outbound Caller ID Reformatting Bug fixed
  • Fix in registrations being cleared after expiration
  • Fix in snom template causing 1 way audio when snom phones perform transfer to a bridged extension.
  • Successful queue callback calls are now displayed in Call logs.
  • 3CX Phone System 12.5 Build 12.5.37957.880 21 October 2014
  • Licencing / maintenance + all the changes.
  • License Time Based (Expiry Date).
  • Automatically return call back to transferee in case blind Transfer fails (Global option).
  • Conference server disconnects only if you enter an incorrect pin 4 times.
  • Timezone selection in Wizard.
  • Public IP Configuration in Wizard.
  • Firewall Check is Enforced before VoIP Provider or 3CX Bridge / Tunnel can be created.
  • Ability to play full queue intro prompt before agents are targeted.
  • Improved Outbound Caller ID Reformatting for VoIP Providers.
  • VoIP Providers and DID’s for Register Based Providers do not require separate source identification configuration. This is created automatically.

3CX Phone System Version 12

3CX Phone System 12 Build 36097.670 Service Pack 6 June 2014

New Features

  • Ability to create and schedule 3CX WebRTC Meetings.
  • Ability to update service packs from the Web Management console.
  • Ability to modify Phone Template files from the Web Management console (works with all browsers except Internet Explorer).
  • Added ability to configure time-zone for an IP Phone per extension.
  • Connection and re-connection improvements in 3CXTunnel Protocol.
  • New Management console and Web Reporter design.
  • Yealink template update for latest firmware via 3CX firmware upgrade functionality in the Phones section.
  • New support for Yealink T48 and Yealink Expansion Modules (Sidecars).
  • New IP Phone support for Fanvil IPPhones including firmware update, PNP, CTI, phone functionality, Phonebook, Logo, Multi-Language.
  • Updated Polycom Templates and support for latest firmware and bootrom.
  • Custom profile status message can now be modified even if extension is unable to configure forwarding rules.
  • An extension configured as “Global Extension Manager” is no longer allowed to enable VoIP Trunk and System admin rights and cannot create a new extension with System Admin Rights.
  • Added Netherlands Antilles country code checks.


  • Fix in Polycom Phonebook directory generation which was putting all personal phonebook entries in all phonebook files.
  • Call Reporter fix in report: “Call Costs by Extension Group” when group name contained special characters.

3CX Phone System 12 Build 35528.640 – Service Pack 5 May 2014


  • 3CX Webmeeting component available inside 3CX Phone System
  • Added Queue Callid to email notification and caller waiting time


  • Fix in Agent statistics report
  • Export call reports to csv format
  • Numerous fixes in 3CX Webmeeting management console interface
  • Fixed logo provisioning in Cisco SPA templates for 3CX Cloud Server installations

3CX Phone System 12 Build 34902.600 – Service Pack 4 March 2014


  • Added templates for 1tel, Vanilla, MTT, Sigma VoIP and Keyyo
  • Fax extensions configured with weak password are now shown as insecure extensions
  • Fixed Call History Service unable to start.
  • Fixed DID/DDI ranges
  • Fixed bug where extension rights were not being saved correctly
  • Management console can now render over 10,000 extensions
  • Fixed bug where 3CX Phone System was resending old events via email
  • Added support for Cisco 7941 and 7961
  • Fixed installation issue not installing IIS correctly on Server 2008 and 2008 R2
  • New report “Agent Login History” showing Agent’s log-in and log-out history
  • Call records are sorted correctly
  • Date and time for report generation are now remembered for that session
  • Added column names for each report page
  • Fixed bug where log-in time was showing Zero
  • Fixed bug in Time format
  • Fixed bug in Backup and restore not restoring large numbers of DID’s
  • Restore is now restoring Forwarding rules correctly
  • Restore procedure from Version 11 was setting some extensions as Unspecified Profile
  • Fixed one way audio using Speex codec
  • Fixed 3CX Phone System crash caused by routing loop involving ring groups
  • Fixed bug where Queue agents were not being polled any more caused by semi attended transfer between Queues.

3CX Phone System 12 Build 33517.465 – Service Pack 3 November 2013


  • Added ability to configure greeting messages for each profile status in the 3CX Management Console.
  • Added LDAP Active directory searching and syncing to the Company Phonebook.
  • Added DID/DDI Inbound Rules import/export  – Export and import of DID’s allowing fast 3CX PBX Setup.
  • Added Granular rights in the 3CX Management console – Personal extension manager, Group/Department Manager, Global Extension manager, System Admin, VoIP Trunk Admin.
  • Added rights to extension settings to allow user to download or play any call recording from 3CX Web Reports.
  • Added new right in Group rights to publish a group presence globally for all users (even non group members) to see this in the 3CXPhone large presence screen.
  • Added ability to export and import the company phonebook via CSV file.
  • Added Yealink T41 Template in the 3CX Phone System template list.
  • Added Siemens Gigaset Dect Phone Template (Full 3CX Phone System Installation required).


  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug in Server for when Voip Provider accounts have Authentication ID’s that start with ‘sip’.
  • PNP request that have already been assigned to users are cleared from the Phones node in the 3CX Management Console.
  • Fix in Secure Sip/TLS , now supporting Cisco SPA Phones. TLS is now more compatible.
  • When duration of call was exactly 00, the call cost was not calculated correctly.


  • Updated Import extension function to be able to import rights.

3CX Phone System 12 Build  32816.397 – Service Pack 2 October 2013


  • Export Extension Button to export all extensions and their settings.
  • Improved
  • Updated Import extension procedure for Version 12.
  • Extension statistics report is now much faster.


  • Bug fix in call reporter Extension Statistics when calls are made via Make Call. Extra answered call from Make call to caller is not counted making reports more accurate.
  • Downloading recordings from reporter is now based on rights. If user can see recordings in 3CXPhone, then he is able to download recordings from 3CX Web Reports.

3CX Phone System 12 Build 32495.362 – Service Pack 1 September 2013


  • New Caller ID Re-Formatting for VoIP Providers and PSTN Gateways
  • 3CX Provisioning of multiple phones for each extension. You can now configure 3CX Supported phones for an extension.


  • When a welcome email is sent, the provisioning configuration file is regenerated before email is sent to make sure that all latest settings and bug fixes are applied.
  • VoIP Provider registrations were generating multiple registrations.

3CX Phone System Release Candidate 12 32127 September 2013


  • Added 10 custom options to each Company and personal Phonebook entry including Mobile2, Home, Home 2, Business, Business2, Pager, Other, Home Fax, Business Fax and email address.
  • Company and personal phonebook matches also match added fields on incoming calls. Like this you can map multiple numbers to 1 single contact.
  • Added Provisioning URL’s to Management console so admin now can see what the provisioning url is
  • Added functionality to choose which extensions / users should be pushed via GCM or APNS Push Notifications
  • Scheduled conferences have an ICS file attached to the conference invitation using iCalendar standard. This section was rewritten and we can now support editing date and time parameters, adding or removing of participants, and also conference cancellations.


  • Fixed bug where clients were being blacklisted for no apparent reason.
  • Fixed bug in Intercom – Can Intercom Right is applied at extension level and if right is set, then extension can intercom to other extensions. Extensions without this right cannot intercom back.
  • Fixed exception caused by moving the priority of inbound rules up or down.
  • Bridge Presence Authentication Bug is fixed between bridges
  • Fixed logging issue that was causing 3CX Phone System to stop logging activity
  • Fixed sync procedure between backup and restore and we do not allow editing of synchronized contacts from the Management console. If contact was managed by Microsoft exchange, then it needs to be modified at Exchange level.

3CX Phone System Release Candidate 12 31763.282


  • You now have the ability to Park and Un-Park Calls.
  • It is now possible to schedule conferences using the Android Client (Android OS 4.0.3 and above) and iPhone clients.
  • Free version – Enabled full functionality and dropped the number of simultaneous calls to 2.
  • New 3CX TAPI Driver – Works only with Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013. Download the 3CX CRM installation for 3CX V12 from here.


  • Postgress Database Updated to the latest version.
  • Updated all 3rd party libraries making 3CX more secure.

3CX Phone System Version 12 Beta 30930.168


  • Complete redesign of User Groups and rights
  • Ability to add users to multiple groups
  • Added Rights per extension, which makes it much easier for the user to see the rights assigned to each extension
  • Barge in now incorporates Listen and Whisper
  • All 3CX web-based applications are now accessible by using a new password that can be configured for each extension
  • All new extensions are placed within the Default Group
  • 3CX HTTP API %pin% variable now refers to the extension SIP Password and not the PIN, making it more secure
  • Added administrator rights to Call reporter Access allowing the user to configure reports and delete call records
  • Added CRM and Outlook Integration – Call contact via 3CX is working in Make call or CTI Mode
  • Ring group information is now displayed on incoming calls
  • NOTE: Users updating via the service pack need to go in each group and press APPLY to save the new Group changes


  • Improved Presence / Bridge Interface. Multi PBX Presence is coming soon
  • Fixed validation issues in company phonebook directory saving
  • Fixed exception when importing CSV file to company phonebook
  • Calls forwarded to voice mail are now counted as unanswered calls

3CX Phone System Version 12 Beta 30899.165


  • Updated 3CX Phone System Secure SIP / TLS implementation.
  • Added HTTPS for Abyss Web Server 64 bit only (full 3CX Phone System Uninstall and re-install is required)
  • Added company name to the Phone book
  • Added a new option in Phones Page – Force Reprovision. This will reset and reprovision IP Phones
  • Added chat support for 3CX Phone for Android
  • Added Conference support for 3CX Phone for Android


  • Fixed bug in outbound rules
  • Fixed issues within 3CXPhone for Windows
  • Improved DNS resolution for VoIP Providers that use SRV records

3CX Phone System Version 12 Alpha 30632.140


  • ONLY PBX to support PUSH Technology.
  • Firmwares for supported phones are pre tested by 3CX.
  • Easily update all IP phones on the network with a few mouse clicks.
  • No more interop problems as firmwares are validated by 3CX BEFORE their release.
  • Default HTTPS – for IIS systems – HTTPS is now enabled and configured by default.
  • Improved security of provisioning folder.
  • Hold or Resume calls.
  • Transfer calls.
  • Integrated Softphone.

3CX Phone System Version 11

3CX Phone System 11 Service Pack 4 – February 2013

  • 3CX Phone System is now a Microsoft Ready Platform and works with Windows Server 2012
  • We’ve increased the amount of call logs in 3CX Web Reports to 500000 records
  • A Portuguese language file has been added for 3CX Reports.
  • Fix in extension scheduling and toggling between Profiles and status.
  • We removed the ability to edit phone provisioning templates in the Web Management Console – phone templates can only be edited via Winforms management console.
  • IVR Pin protect extension is now set to 77,777,7777 and 77777 on all installations.
  • You now have the ability to rename an extension group and to rename the management group.
  • Added Microsoft Outlook 2013 support with 3CX Desktop Components. (Desktop component update required)
  • We’ve fixed an exception that was occurring occasionally when an extension was being edited.
  • When scheduling a conference call in 3CX MyPhone, the Main Conference DID number, which the administrator can now configure in the 3CX Management Console Conference tab, will be automatically populated.
  • 3CX Phone System will now check Windows Event log Service to make sure it is running. This will avoid spamming of email notifications sent in the past.
  • CSV import files that contain spaces, dashes or brackets in the mobile number field are stripped and saved into the 3CX Management Console in only numeric format.
  • It’s now simple to create a VoIP Provider Trunk Mode as only the external number is needed.
  • Fixed bug where Agent’s talking time was sometimes greater than the Agent’s total queue log-in time.
  • We’ve fixed a bug in how missed, transferred and ring group calls are represented in 3CX MyPhone.
  • We’ve added the ability to control Snom Phonebooks to either erase and re-provision the phonebook, or update existing entries.
  • We fixed a bug where the Update Extension provisioning file wasn’t always being updated whenever a PNP request was sent.

3CX Phone System 11 Service Pack 3 – December 2012


  • You can now edit the forwarding rules of multiple extensions simultaneously.
  • We’ve added a new Ukrainian System prompt set.
  • When a new extension is created, details can now be copied to the clipboard.
  • A new security policy check will be carried out when an extension is granted rights to access the 3CX Management Console. The PIN number must be at least 5 digits long.
  • Added SSL/TLS to Email server for Voicemail, system notifications, conference meetings, and Fax over email attachments. (If your certificate is not issued by a trusted certificate of authority, you will need to install the certificate on the 3CX Phone System server).
  • Added SSL/TLS options to 3CX Wizard so that new 3CX Phone System installations can be configured with Email SSL/TLS immediately.
  • Introduced provisioning templates for Yealink T2X FW: X.70.0.103 and T3X FW 3X.70.0.105.
  • Fax email can now be customized from %allusersprofile%3CXDataHttpTemplatesFAXTemplate.txt


  • The Russian strings file has been updated.
  • 3CX MyPhone options in extension settings of the 3CX Management Console have been moved to a new tab – “Edit Extensions > 3CX MyPhone”.
  • Added NI2 protocol for Patton 4940/4970 single PRI T1 templates (US).
  • Added security blocking for SIP tool “sipcli”.
  • Extensions that have different forwarding rules will no longer show forwarding rules configuration when they are multiple edited, but settings applied outside of the forwarding rules page will be saved.
  • Multiple extensions using PIN Protect option is now allowed.
  • Multiple editing of extensions to allow them access to the 3CX Management Console is not allowed. 3CX Management Console access must be given individually.
  • When editing multiple extensions with different BLF configurations, you now have the option to keep the current settings of each configured BLF.
  • When you create an External Queue agent, it will no longer show by default to work during holidays.
  • Busy timer configurations are now included when backing up 3CX Phone System.
  • A welcome email is now sent to an external queue agent.
  • Users in the management group can now receive SLA notifications from all the queues in 3CX Phone System, whereas users who are not part of the management group will only receive SLA notifications from those queues they are a part of.
  • Queue SLA notifications can no longer be edited in multi-edit mode. They need to be configured individually per extension.
  • Organized forwarding rules page – Destination for internal calls in ‘Available’ and ‘Available 2’ profiles is collapsed when external and internal call routing are the same.
  • Active Directory Connection parameters (to download AD users via LDAP) are now saved for faster access.
  • When editing multiple extensions to forward calls to each extensions’ mobile number, settings will not be saved unless all extensions have a mobile number configured.
  • Added filter for extensions in the 3CX Management Console extensions settings page.


  • A server error where the 3CX Management Console would not launch correctly when installed on Windows 8 using Abyss. (An uninstall and re-install is required)
  • Creation of a new extension will no longer conflict with emergency numbers when a new extension was created.
  • Exception when multiple extensions are edited and more BLF buttons are modified.
  • Bug where voicemail email notifications were not always appearing correctly on some email clients.
  • Call reporter bug in session timers – pressing ‘next’ after report generation was displaying a blank page and resetting the generated report to zero pages.
  • Multiple edit bug when 3CX Provisioning with Tunnel is enabled
  • Issue affecting HTTP URL dialing for Yealink T2X and T3X phones.
  • 3CX Phonebooks will now work correctly with Grandstream phones. A 3CX Phonebook update is required. Simply add a phonebook entry and delete it again, and your phones will need to be re-provisioned.
  • Numerous bug fixes in Active Directory download module.
  • When creating a phone number exception in 3CX MyPhone, they will no longer be duplicated.
  • Bug in variables when provisioning snom phones. (Codecs were incorrectly set after last firmware update).
  • Fix in Queue not polling an agent that has transferred a queue call to another extension and that extension is still connected.
  • Bug when extensions pick up Queue calls.

3CX Phone System 11 Service Pack 2 – November 2012

Note: Users running previous Beta versions of 3CX Phone System Version 11 should not update to service pack 1 via service pack update. For versions prior to 26364.600, a full uninstall and re-install is required.

New Features

  • New: Added support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • New: Added support for Exchange Server 2013. For more information on configuring an Exchange Server 2013, review this blog post.
  • New: IP Whitelist for the Anti-Hacking module.
  • New: Blacklist is checked for WEB requests. When someone tries to connect to the web 3CX Management Console, 3CX MyPhone or provision a phone from a blacklisted IP, the request will be blocked, and the administrator is notified (if notifications are enabled).
  • New: Added support for the latest Cisco SPA 514G and 525G2 phones with the latest firmware. Please note, phones running firmware 7.4.9b need to be updated to version 7.5.2b before being upgraded to version 7.5.3. This applies to all Cisco phones.
  • New: SNOM can now be configured using Plug and Play. SNOM is now supported from the firmware version
  • 3CX MyPhone
  • Update: The Active Calls section in 3CX MyPhone has been redesigned. Users can only see their own calls by default. If allowed, they can see the calls to users in their group. The management group still sees everything.
  • Update: Conference calendar request (.ics) notifications are now sent even when the email server requires authentication.
  • Update: Dashes and () are stripped when an external conference number is added to the conference.
  • Fixed: A bug in 3CX MyPhone when adding callers which are on hold to a conference.
  • Fixed: The audio issues when creating conferences in 3CX MyPhone have been fixed.
  • Fixed: The bug which caused the Microsoft Outlook plugin to not create journal entries for incoming calls
  • Fixed: The organizer’s email address is now stored correctly when scheduling conference calls.
  • Fixed: The organizer of a conference is now informed when a user has accepted or declined the conference invitation and details are correctly retrieved from the calendar.
  • Fixed: When changing the language to Portuguese, 3CX MyPhone now loads in Portuguese.

3CX Phone System Server

  • Update: 3CX Phone System User Agent string now contains the version number.
  • Update: Added G729 Support for Patton Gateway Templates BRI devices which has fixed the audio issues.
  • Fixed: Caller ID is not retained when call is diverted (using 302 diversion header).
  • Fixed: Bug in 302 diversion header – Diversion header contents are now enclosed in <>
  • Fixed: Crash of 3CX Phone System caused by incorrectly configured Outbound Rules.
  • Fixed: Exception in Call History service when an email is sent to an invalid address.
  • IP Phone, PSTN Gateway and VoIP Provider Interoperability
  • New: Grandstream HT 701, 702, and 704 templates have been added to  main 3CX Phone System installer.
  • Update: Firmware auto-provisioning is removed in Grandstream templates.

3CX Web Reports

  • Update: Ring group reports have been moved to Advanced Call Reports.
  • Update: In the extension statistics, a limit of 10,000 call records has been hard coded which has sped up the report.
  • Fixed: Call Logs are properly generated on Italian language operating systems.
  • Fixed: Calls that breach SLA time are now shown correctly.
  • Fixed: Bug where the SLA breach time was not being observed and all calls where marked as breaching SLA.

3CX Management Console (Interface)

  • Update: Outbound rules page now shows the Extension Groups in the summary page.
  • Update: Added exception in the Windows Firewall for the 3CX Windows Management Console. This is required for the 3CX Firewall Checker.
  • Update: Moved configuration of the Billing Information from the top menu bar to the Advanced page.
  • Update: Server Activity Log now indicates when a packet is dropped because of a hacking attempt.
  • Update: Email notification sent to a 3CX Administrator or Operator extension when the 3CX Upgrade Insurance is about to expire.
  • Update: Improved general speed of Windows-based 3CX Management Console.
  • Update: Tagged license messages in the Server Activity Log.
  • Update: The size of the Abyss webserver log file has been minimalised as the file is now backed up and recreated.
  • Fixed: Service pack updating fails when Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is running on the computer.
  • Fixed: Provisioning of 3CXPhone for Windows, iPhone, and Android now sets the STUN server to the Public IP address of 3CX Phone System. (Note: Public IP Address needs to be configured).
  • Fixed: The 3CX VAD integration when text to speech project is deployed with characters containing an accent.
  • Fixed: IP blacklisted entries not completely removed causing a delay and high CPU usage on incoming calls.
  • Fixed: Crash in the Server Activity Log when logs are viewed in Google Chrome.
  • Fixed: There will no longer be any blank pages within the Server Activity Log.
  • Fixed: Log files were not being moved to backup folder and remained in the Logs folder. As a result this made the 3CX Management Console very slow and affected also the general performance of the computer.
  • Update: The 3CX Server Activity Log now shows INVITE and RE-INVITE SIP messages. These can be seen when Verbose is enabled.

3CX Log Viewer

  • Update: Gradual opening of logs to avoid high CPU usage.
  • Fixed: Various memory leaks.
  • 3CX Backup and Restore
  • Fixed: The crash that occurs on Russian language Windows Operating Systems.
  • Fixed: Exception in 3CX Backup and Restore when a backup is made whilst a recording or a voicemail is in progress.
  • Fixed: 3CX Backup and Restore will now backup recordings when recordings path is not the default directory.
  • Fixed: The restore procedure will create recordings file structure in case it does not exist.

3CX Phone System 11 Service Pack 1 – September 2012

New Features

3CX MyPhone

  • Email addresses are now shown when scheduling a conference call.
  • Importing of contacts into the phone book does not remove any quote marks.
  • Missed Ring Group calls are now shown correctly in 3CX MyPhone.
  • Numerous fixes have been made to the Missed Call notifications.
  • Call Duration is now shown correctly for all calls in the Call History section.
  • Fixed exception in 3CX MyPhone call history when pressing the Clear All calls button.

3CX Management Console

  • Editing of multiple extensions with different phone provisioning templates used to reset the templates for all phones to one template.
  • Fixed various issues and improved performance in the Server Activity Log.
  • Can now filter logging by call number directly in the Server Activity Log without needing to select the extension number.
  • Updated language strings for the French, Chinese, and Russian languages.
  • Exception when downloading users from Active Directory.
  • Fixed exception generated when Billing entries contain specific characters in the country name.
  • When Active Directory users are downloaded, an email is now sent to their email address containing information about their new extension.
  • When creating, updating, or importing the Caller Number Blacklist, the number added will now always be blocked.
  • In the Allowed Country Codes, Faroe islands is now correctly shown in Europe.
  • Microsoft Windows Firewall exceptions have now been created for the Abyss Web Server.
  • Added support for the Teletek VoIP Provider. See all the supported VoIP Providers here.
  • Added an external provisioning URL in the welcome email so that 3CXPhone for Windows can be provisioned from Out of Office / Remote Locations.
  • Insecure fax extensions are now highlighted in red for security purposes.

3CX Web Reports and Call History Records

  • When an external incoming call is forwarded to an extension that is set to ‘away’ and is forwarded to a mobile, the call will now show the correct call details, destination and cost for outbound call.
  • Ringing time and talking time in Call Costs and Extension Group reports are now shown correctly.
  • Fixed a bug when generating Word document reports.
  • Agents Logged in time was not showing in web reports.
  • Total Ringing time in Detailed Queue statistics report now shown correctly.
  • F5 (refresh) in the 3CX Web Reporter will refresh the generated page.
  • Fixed exception when generating a report Outbound Calls by Type.
  • Call Logs are now sorted by date.
  • Added help link for web reports.
  • PLAY link for recorded calls in 3CX Web Reports was broken in some cases.
  • Fixed crash in Call History service when queue statistics are reset via schedule.

3CX Phone System SIP Server

  • Fixed a bug that appeared when the Music On Hold was activated for a Queue.
  • Reduced time of Music On Hold playing when no agents are logged into the queue to two seconds.
  • Fixed exception when Queue Statistics are entered in the database.
  • When a Queue is deleted, statistical information is now also deleted.
  • Email notification when Queue call has breached SLA now contains total amount of calls (waiting and in service) at the time of the breach.
  • Fixed one way audio issues when STUN is enabled.
  • Added option in VoIP Providers and Gateways to Disable Video for VoIP Providers that do not support video.
  • Billing codes were intercepting outbound rules starting with *
  • Any DTMF input will cause the call to be forwarded to the operator extension in the Voice Mail menu message.
  • Fixed duplicate entries in IVR Web configuration files – A full uninstall and installation is required for the duplicate entries to be removed, or contact the 3CX Support Team for instructions on how to remove them manually.
  • Fixed a bug when a Paging call is put on hold.
  • 3CX Phone System writes logs with timestamps in local time of the machine (not in UTC).

Phone / Gateway Interoperability

  • Fixed bug in Grandstream phone template causing phone to reboot constantly.
  • Fixed bug in PnP Provisioning for Grandstream phones.
  • Implemented HTTP provisioning for FXS and FXO Grandstream devices with firmware version from the 3CX Management Console.
  • Implemented support to provision labels on Yealink expansion module EXP39 for first and last name.

3CX Backup and Restore

  • Fixed crash that occurs on the Russian language Windows Operating System.
  • 3CX Backup and Restore will now backup recordings when recordings path is not the default.
  • The restore procedure will create recordings file structure in case it does not exist.

Final Release – July 2012

  • Added updates to language translation files
  • Fixed numerous bugs in Server activity log
  • Added ability to search by call number in server activity log

Release Candidate – June 27 2012

New Features in 3CX Phone System 11 RC 1

  • 3CX Management Console
    • New Server activity log which offers filtering by Date, Time, Extension and Call Number, and filters messages by Info, Warning, Error and Verbose.
    • Logging is more efficient, faster and searchable.
    • Inbound rules by Caller ID can be put before normal inbound rules for more accurate matching.
    • Russian language updated  and Brazilian-Portuguese new language added.
  • Fixed
  • 3CX Management Console
    • Fix in phonebook directory files when adding/deleting extensions.
    • Removed generate phone book button page – now it is generated automatically with every change.
    • Added filter by DID name / number in the DID / DDI inbound rules page.
    • Fixed bug in LDAP (LDAP is used to download Active Users from Microsoft Exchange).
    • Missed call notification email shows personal phonebook caller information if entry is present and a match is found.
    • Ability to hide an extension from the company phonebook.
    • Matching of caller name when set to Last Name followed by the First Name.
  • 3CX MyPhone
    • Fixed exception causing an unknown error in 3CX MyPhone.
    • Bug fix when extension was a non-group member.
    • Fix when changing from Away to Available profiles.
    • Help and support has been refined in 3CX MyPhone.
  • 3CX Web Reports
    • Improved Outbound Calls by Type report.
    • Added logging of script performed for each report.
    • Advanced Call Reports are now available in all commercial editions of 3CX Phone System.
    • Improved layout for “Call costs by extension group and call type” report.
    • Billing Code reports now generate correctly.
    • Fixed exception when a recorded audio file is launched from the web report because file name contained apostrophe (‘) or underscore (_).
  • Known Issues of 3CX Phone System Release Candidate
  • Missed Call to a ring group does not generate a missed call notification in 3CX MyPhone, nor an email.
  • When a call is made from A to B, transferred to C and disconnected before C answers, a missed call will not be displayed on C.
  • Calls made from 3CX MyPhone are shown as answered even if call is not answered at the final destination.
  • The following sections are not available in the 3CX Management Console when accessed via Google Chrome Browser:
    • Edit Templates
    • Phone Provisioning templates (will be seen as grayed out).
  • If 3CX Phone System is installed on a computer that has Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 installed, 3CX MyPhone will not work.
  • 3CX Web Reports: When an external call is incoming to the PBX and forwarded to an extension that is away and forwarding to a mobile, the call will show the correct source and destination but the cost will be 0 for the outbound leg.
  • Incoming Faxes with Broadvox is not working. We have raised a support ticket with Broadvox for analysis.

Beta 2 – June 2012


  • General
    • 3CX Logo Provisioning for Cisco, Yealink, Grandstream (executive), and Snom phones.
  • 3CX Management Console
    • You can now apply rules so that voice mails are recorded only if they meet the minimum duration you set.
    • 3CX Backup and Restore checks the backup file after each backup for consistency to ensure a safe restore later.
    • Performance improvements in 3CX Backup and Restore. The restore procedure is 80% faster than the initial restore.
    • Languages have been updated in German, Spanish and Italian, plus numerous improvements have been made to the tool tips.
  • 3CX My Phone
    • Ability to clear all missed calls.
    • Added 3CX MyPhone Remote Presence information in bridges within the Small Business Edition.
    • 3CX MyPhone language updates in German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Chinese, Slovenian and Croatian.
    • Calls parked to Shared Parking Places are automatically parked to the first available slot.
  • 3CX Web Reports
    • New web call report to show outbound calls by type (International, Local, Mobile, National) and by extension group.
  • 3CX Support Information Package
    • Now contain Operating System information and Windows Event Logs.


  • General
    • Demo key now enables all web reports.
    • Demo key now enables 3CX MyPhone Remote Presence in bridges.
  • 3CX Management Console
    • Numerous validation issues in .
    • Bug in selection of US and Canada in the country code blocking feature.
    • Bug in emergency numbers causing an exception on saving.
    • Bugs in missed calls notification reporting missed calls when there were none.
    • Missed calls notifications had email subject and body messages reversed. For Beta 1 users go to Settings > Advanced  > Custom parameters and apply the following changes:
      • 1) Find parameter MAILSUBJMISSEDCALLS and change the value to: New missed call from: %from% at: %start_time%
      • 2) Find parameter MAILBODYMISSEDCALLS and change the value to: You have a new missed call. From: %from% at: %start_time%. Ringing time: %ring_time% to extension: %to%
    • Added 2 new parameters to normalize inconsistent audio files put by users to be played by the 3CX Audio Playlist service (Settings > Advanced > Custom parameters > AUDIO_PROVIDER_MAX_VOLUME and AUDIO_PROVIDER_ENABLE_AUTOGAIN).
    • Removed second outbound rule in bridges and presence section.
    • IP Address not updating for remote presence bridges.
    • Bug in 3CX Backup and Restore duplicating all provisioning files.
    • 3CX Backup and Restore was not saving 3CX company phonebook provisioning options (first name/last name).
    • 3CX Backup and Restore was not restoring Call Types configuration settings in 3CX Web Reports for International, National, Local and Mobile report filtering.
    • Voice mail menu bug playing incorrect prompt when last voice mail message is deleted.
    • Dial codes updating was resetting timezone configuration for phone provisioning.
    • Bug when enabling and disabling conference PIN.
    • Fax in Microsoft Server 2003 now works.
    • Fax configuration files do not need to be modified anymore. 3CX Fax (INCOMING) will work with PSTN gateways and VoIP Providers out of the box.
    • Changed PIN Protect feature making it standard depending on the extension number length selected for 3CX Phone System.
    • PIN Protect and Disable external calls cannot be enabled simultaneously.
    • Bug in Extension import function when creating an extension with ring my mobile simultaneously.
    • Calendar entry (.ics) attachment in conference is now compliant with Microsoft Exchange (using ; as a separator for email attendees).
  • 3CX Call Center Module
    • Updates when selecting Queue Managers.
    • Queue managers are allowed to delete abandoned calls for all queue agents.
    • Changed interface for 3CX external agents.
    • Incorrect queue status for external agents.
  • 3CX MyPhone
    • Speed has been vastly improved on PBXs that have over 500 extensions.
    • Call duration was not accurate.
    • Mouse selection now works.
    • Time stamp added when Agents logs out of a queue.
    • Bug in forward / divert of all calls.
    • Non-group members can see abandoned calls in 3CX MyPhone if they are part of a specific queue.
    • Bug in Auto login
    • Tool tips added in Queues tab to show what each column represents.
    • Stuck call in conference.
    • Conference calls showing correct status when ringing.
    • Conference calls used to show incorrect source and destination.
    • Routing calls via 3CX Remote Presence to mobile numbers is now fixed.
    • Fixed a bug when changing a profile.
  • 3CX Web Reports
    • New design of Extension Statistics report showing Inbound, Outbound and Answered calls.
    • Bug in Extension Statistics generating no data when call history is very large.
    • Exception when creating graph/chart reports.

Beta – May 2012


  • Native 64-bit support. On 32-bit systems, 3CX will install 32-bit components whilst on 64-bit architectures, 64-bit components are automatically installed. Only 1 installation package is required.
  • Native Video Call Support (Re-invites must be configured on each extension).
  • Ability to dial a dial code (default *5) to hide the outbound caller ID on an outgoing call.
  • Emergency numbers – Users can dial emergency numbers even if outbound calls are forbidden.
  • Receive email notifications of missed calls.
  • Country blocking feature with an email notification when a user attempts to dial a number to a country that has been blocked.
  • PIN Protect Feature – Require a PIN number to be entered before an outbound call can be made.
  • Faster re-registration on bridges and tunnel connections plus the ability to control outbound caller ID at the bridge level.
  • Two new provisioning modes to configure SIP Phones
    • Configure a SIP Phone as an EXTERNAL extension using STUN.
    • Configure a SIP Phone in Out of office mode using SIP PROXY MANAGER.
  • Distinctive ringing – Configure different ring tones for different types of call – from Queue, external, etc.
  • Automatic call unparking to the person that originally parked the call or a configured destination.
  • Ability to create a music on hold playlist, line in, and music on hold for parked calls.
  • Increased number of shared parking places from 10 to 50.
  • Ability to filter out voicemails that are less than a specified time duration in milliseconds. Currently controlled via a parameter in the custom parameter table (MINVOICEMAILDURATION).
  • Option to disable Voicemail PIN Authentication. Useful for 3CX Hotel Module integration.
  • Ability to configure different holiday prompts for different holidays, e.g. Christmas themed messages can be played on 25th December every year, etc.
  • Multiple access by allowed extensions to connect to the 3CX Management Console and 3CX Wallboard.
  • Parking and un-parking of calls is now controlled by rights in the 3CX Management Console Groups section.
  • Ability to hide queue statistics or queue caller ID information per group.
  • 3CX MyPhone Clients – a new node in the 3CX Management Console shows all current 3CX MyPhone connected users, IP addresses, registration times, whether using a browser or installed locally, and whether an update is required for 3CX Desktop Components.
  • Ability to modify custom 1 and custom 2 profiles. These are changed to Available 2 and Out of office 2. For example, out of office 2 can be modified to DND. This profile will be displayed on all 3CX MyPhone users after a re-login.
  • Improvements in ISDN signalling and caller name replacements.
  • If an unknown extension is dialed through an IVR, this call can be routed to a specific destination.
  • Support for Google Chrome.

Queue Features – 3CX Call Center Module

  • Priority Queues – Calls to priority queues are fast-tracked to the top of the queue.
  • Ability to configure a maximum number of callers in a Queue.
  • Wrap-up time persistent across all queues
  • External Queue Agents – Assign a queue extension to a mobile phone for roaming agents.
  • Ability for a caller to opt out of recording (Default key press 3).
  • Ability to reset Queue Statistics on a daily or weekly basis.

3CX MyPhone

  • New skin for 3CX MyPhone.
  • Conference improvements, real time call status information and notification of failed conference calls.
  • Conference scheduling – Conference email sending with .ics files attached to easily update email calendars.
  • Ability to see and delete recordings (controlled by rights in the 3CX Management Console).
  • Tool tips displayed on hover.
  • Ability to transfer a call to another users’ voicemail.
  • Ability to enter presence information in 3CX MyPhone. For example ,”Out of office – Business trip”.
  • Chat indicator to show that a person is available or not available for chat.
  • Chat indication that a user is typing in a chat box and the ability to configure a different incoming chat sound notification.
  • Saving of layout, re-sizing of extension group boxes.
  • Abandoned queue calls and the ability to mark abandoned queue calls as dealt with, not dealt with or dealing with.
    • 3CX Call Center Module only.
  • When a caller has been waiting in the queue for longer than the configured SLA time (service level agreement), a notification is displayed in 3CX MyPhone and a sound notification is also played to attract the agents attention.
    • 3CX Call Center Module only.
  • Microsoft Outlook contact information can be triggered on ringing stage or connected stage.
  • Ability to park calls in 3CX MyPhone to the 3CX Shared Parking Places (Configurable in Settings).
  • Remote 3CX PBX presence support (Available only in the 3CX Pro and Enterprise licenses).
  • Automatic re-connection and sign-in if the 3CX MyPhone app is disconnected or web services are restarted.
  • 3CX MyPhone will automatically connect to local (LAN) or external (WAN) networks. Public IP must be configured in the 3CX Management Console and port 5000 TCP must be opened on your firewall.

3CX Web Reports

  • Web reports – A new web application for creating reports is available and can be accessed by typing into your browser: http://3CXIPADDRESS:5000/reports
  • Multiple extensions can be configured to allow 3CX Web reports access. Login is made by entering extension number and PIN.
  • Filter by billing code.
  • 2 new reports have been added to the 3CX Web Reporter – Ability to generate a report by call type (example national, international, mobile, etc.) and ability to generate a report for outbound calls per group. These 2 reports are available in the Pro and Enterprise versions of 3CX Phone System.
  • Numerous bug fixes in totals and percentages, and reporting functionality shows more information for transfered and queue calls.

Limitations of BETA

  • Missed Call to a ring group does not generate a missed call notification in 3CX MyPhone, nor an email.
  • When a call is made from A to B, transferred to C and disconnected before C answers, a missed call will not be displayed on C.
  • Calls made from 3CX MyPhone are shown as answered even if call is not answered at the final destination.
  • The following sections are not available in the 3CX Management Console when accessed via Google Chrome Browser: Edit Templates, Phone Provisioning templates. They will be seen as grayed out.
  • If 3CX Phone System is installed on a computer that has Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 installed, 3CX MyPhone will not work.
  • 3CX Web Reports: When an external call is incoming to the PBX and forwarded to an extension that is away and forwarding to a mobile, the call will show the correct source and destination but the cost will be 0 for the outbound leg.
  • Incoming Faxes with Broadvox is not working. We have raised a support ticket with Broadvox for analysis.
  • 3CX Phone System Version 10

Build Version 10.24018 – Service Pack 6 – February 2012


  • 3CX Wallboard has now been updated to work with the latest version of Google Chrome.
  • The 3CX Tunnel can now traverse more NAT networks & firewalls, reducing the number of one way audio connections (3CX SIP Proxy Manager must be updated if in use).
  • Grandstream and Cisco Phone template updates.
  • In some rare cases, queue calls coming via PSTN gateway could result in one way audio issues.
  • Correct updating in ports, trunks and inbound rules pages when forwarded to extensions set to DEFLECT (302 diversion header).


  • Ability to round up call costs to any specified value in minutes. The parameter is named “BILLFREQUENCY” and available in Settings > Advanced > custom parameter table.
  • SIP phone provisioning templates for Yealink T32 and T38.

Build Version 10.22686 – Service Pack 5 – December 2011


  • The ability to hide caller ID information for external calls in 3CX MyPhone (Incoming and Outgoing). Calls made or received from these extensions will show ‘Private Number’ on other users’ 3CX MyPhone. To enable this feature, click on Extensions, Edit extensions, Options, and enable the option “Hide CID Information in 3CX MyPhone”


  • 3CX Wallboard – Abandoned call statistics now show total abandoned/failed queue calls.
  • 3CX Wallboard – Callback calls were not added to total calls. Failed callbacks were not adding up properly.
  • 3CX Wallboard – Windows firewall exception for Abyss installations was not implemented (port 4516 TCP) – requires full installation. (You can do this manually from Control Panel/Windows Firewall/Allowed programs/Add port 4516 TCP.
  • Statistics were not being displayed in 3CX Wallboard.
  • Call Reporter – Call records for the Russian timezone are now displayed correctly
  • Issue in 3CX Updater not able to update because of zlib1.dll
  • Validation in Dial Codes page – Dial Codes cannot contain the # sign. Only * and numbers are allowed. Dial codes have to be unique.
  • Desktop components installation clean-up of My Documents folder on un-installation.
  • 3CX MyPhone – Sometimes agents in queues were being displayed with incorrect logged in or logged out status.
  • Answered calls in 3CX MyPhone Queues Tab were not counted correctly for certain calls.
  • Missed, dialed and received calls in the 3CX MyPhone Call History tab were displayed with incorrect time details.
  • Bug in Caller ID for external calls via VoIP Provider/PSTN Gateways that forward to an internal extension with ‘Ring My Mobile Simultaneously’.
  • Variables in outbound parameters for $OutboundCallerID and $OriginatorCallerID are now respected in ‘Ring my Mobile’ calls and ‘Rebound’ calls
  • Select a multiple number of extensions and apply BLF key configurations to all selected extensions. Respective provisioning files are now updated.


  • Cisco SPA phone provisioning template – Set “Referrer Bye Delay” = 0. After a failed blind transfer, the first 4 seconds of audio were missing and after a successful blind transfer, the transferrer remained connected for 4 seconds.

Build Version 10.22052 –  Service Pack 4 – November 2011


  • New: 3CX Wallboard for Call Center Module. Note: Users that want 3CX Wallboard need to uninstall, and re-install the whole 3CX Installation. 3CX Wallboard will not be functional by updating via service pack updates. For more information click here
  • 3CX Multi Tenant edition for Version 10. Install 3CX Phone System multiple times on the same computer


  • New feature in 3CX Call Reporter – the “call logs report” can now generate a report to a destination of numbers that start with a specific number, e.g. 0044. This will display all calls made to UK numbers
  • Block outbound calls in outbound rules section. Setting an outbound rule to BLOCK CALLS will block all calls that match that outbound rule
  • Option in 3CX Phone System uninstallation to keep/delete voicemails, recordings and IVR prompts
  • Message in web to inform user that service pack updates cannot be made from web
  • Patton Gateway templates for  new Smart Node ISDN T1/E1 devices – SN4940 and SN4950


  • Conference place prompt path was pointing to an incorrect default path
  • Bug in UK Prompt set when Call By Name is triggered
  • Silverlight crash upon 3CX MyPhone exit when there is no network connection to 3CX Phone System
  • Email notification subject titles have more information, not just the event ID
  • Strip spaces in the beginning of the external number in Forwarding rules. (Happens when the number is copied from Skype)
  • Bug in Queue with Call back enabled leaving  stuck calls in the 3CX Management Console
  • Bug in queue calls when agent rejects call
  • Issue in 302 diversion header where contact must be populated with remote IP address of the VoIP Provider
  • Fax time is now correct to the time it was actually delivered. Previously, it was in UTC Time
  • Inverted source and destination when incoming call hits Digital Receptionist and gets transferred
  • Dialing rules in 3CX MyPhone are now loaded when a call is made from Outlook (Make call)
  • Listen in to a call then reject will drop your leg of the listen in action call not the whole call
  • Better and quicker detection of 3CX MyPhone when network is disconnected
  • Bug in Forwarding rules when mobile number is changed
  • Bug in 3CX MyPhone when Extension details and Forwarding rules are hidden
  • Bug in Dial Pad of 3CX MyPhone
  • 3CX MyPhone Clients no longer log out after a period of time
  • Numerous bugs in notification popup of 3CX MyPhone
  • Queue manager not starting on Turkish Installation Language – Culture problem
  • Media Server crash in scenarios where G729 Packetization is set to non standard high amounts
  • Bug in VoIP Providers showing RED in the 3CX Management Console, however they are still registered and working
  • Bug in Yealink template to re-provision. For this you will need to log in to the Yealink phone web interface only once; go to Upgrade, Advanced and set the option “Check New Config” to POWER ON
  • Sangoma provisioning templates for BRI cards have PCMA as first priority to improve audio quality
  • Disabled weather, stock and currency updates on Grandstream executive phones for better phone operation – Grandstream phones work much faster without these features enabled. We will enable these features at a later stage
  • Increased the number of allowed DID/DDI to 4000 Per Port/gateway
  • Optimized rules for DID with CID – now in CID Masks only 1 rule is created
  • Apostrophe in an extension name was breaking voicemail access, for example, Mc’donald
  • Time format in 3CX MyPhone is displayed correctly for Swedish OS. Time format is correctly taken from OS settings
  • Bug in outgoing calls via a VoIP Provider SiP trunk with specified IP Address in contact had incorrect SDP. Now, SDP contains proper IP Address
  • Bug in reject of external outgoing calls using 3CX MyPhone
  • Stuck calls when calls were terminated using Outlook via TAPI
  • Queue notifications when mail server port is not on default port (i.e. 25)
  • Launch external program in all cases (ring group, queue and direct calls) will obey the settings in the preferences section of the 3CX MyPhone to either launch the external application “on Ringing” or “on Answer”
  • Numerous issues in Shared Parking Places and BLF for Shared Parking now updates correctly
  • Call history not showing in 3CX MyPhone when call is made via Hotkey or Dial Pad
  • An issue in the Outlook addin not loading on certain computers

Build Version 10.21197 –  Service Pack 3 – September 2011


  • Automatic switching of profiles or log in/out of queues when 3CX MyPhone is idle (no keyboard/mouse interaction) after a specified amount of time. Upon keyboard detection, the profile will be changed back to Available
  • The ability to call back the person who left you a voicemail with a simple click or press of a button. Right click on the Voicemail and Call, Edit or Add the number to your phonebook
  • Option in 3CX MyPhone to launch external programs either on ringing (default) or on answer
  • Ability to specify a different music on hold file for conference participants waiting to join a conference


  • Numerous exceptions in 3CX MyPhone
  • Bug in importing 3CX MyPhone Phonebook
  • Bug in 3CX MyPhone when net TCP connection is not available – automatic fallback to HTTP
  • Multiple select bug in instant messaging when releasing CTRL key before instant message is sent
  • 3CX MyPhone exception when logging in with “Remember Me” option enabled and 3CX MyPhone is disabled from the 3CX Management Console
  • CCM reports for queues were showing polling calls as lost calls. This has been changed and polling legs are not treated as calls
  • Prefix in 3CX MyPhone for outgoing conference calls is now applied
  • Extensions/users that are blocked from chat will receive a message that informs them that they cannot chat with this extension
  • Show passwords in Phones page with a PBX of over 500 extensions will take a while to perform in Internet Explorer 8. It is instantaneous in Firefox and WinForms Management Console
  • Incorrect firmware and model column in Phones Page
  • Exception in 3CX MyPhone when logging in and out on slow and remote machines
  • Queue manager unable to stop or start when system has a lot of queues – over 150 queues
  • Bug causing queues to unregister
  • Bug in queue when 1 or more queues are deleted from the system
  • 3CX MyPhone application crash when installed on XP operating systems with Microsoft Outlook installed (Update of desktop components is required)
  • Sorting of Names in 3CX MyPhone
  • Phonebook numbers with spaces and characters are edited to avoid incorrect dialing issues
  • Chats in 3CX MyPhone being sent twice
  • Forward to voicemail on ringing is now sending the voicemail to the correct party
  • Bug in disconnection of a conference call in 3CX MyPhone
  • Bug when extension is hidden in 3CX MyPhone
  • Minimize (_)will go to taskbar and system tray and Close (X) will go only to the system tray
  • Bug in statistics for Longest Waiting Queue Strategies
  • User rights – unless specified, users cannot log out other agents from the queue
  • Bug in 3CX MyPhone disconnecting all calls in a transfer when the final destination rejects the call
  • Recording path is written correctly in database UNC paths ComputerNameSharedFolderResource – Important – the path MUST NOT contain characters, such as apostrophes ( ‘ )
  • Bug in 3CX MyPhone related to Steal Focus and Bring to Front when minimized
  • Duplicate calls made when dialing from 3CX MyPhone using HTTP URLs (Phone must have HTTP CTI support)
  • Caller ID information in an incoming external call through a ring group in 3CX MyPhone
  • Call from A to B via 3CX MyPhone – transfer to C, rejected by C used to drop call. Now it does not and 3CX regains control of call between A and B (the original parties)


  • Increased server activity log with 500 lines plus made a direct download link to the log file for easier access
  • Date and time stamp in Chat History
  • Ability to disable popup notification window when incoming call comes in
  • Event notification when HDD is at or near capacity. Email notification is sent only in Windows Server operating systems (2003, 2008)
  • Russian language file updates and updated Russian System Prompts
  • Danish language file for 3CX MyPhone and Management Console
  • Ability to specify multiple queue manager email addresses for queue notifications
  • Exit command available in 3CX MyPhone taskbar icon when 3CX MyPhone is minimized to taskbar
  • Time filter for seconds in the CCM answered calls waiting time report to enable SLA queries of less than a minute
  • Cut and paste in chat windows – available only in 3CX MyPhone out of browser
  • Enabled operations Call, Call Mobile and Chat on a currently ringing or connected extension. Note: Requires that your extension’s Busy Status is configured to use “Phone Status”
  • Ability to provision an extension to another model on the fly in case you change the phone for a particular user or extension
  • Better integration between 3CX MyPhone and 3CXPhone (Latest 3CXPhone for Windows is required). Download it from here http://www.3cx.com/downloads/3CXPhone6.msi. When the integration is on, you will see a PICKUP button in the notification popup. 3CXPhone will  run completely in the background. 3CXPhone notifications will be completely suppressed
  • Standard letters in the 3CX MyPhone Dialpad
  • Help explanation on the status colors in 3CX MyPhone in Extensions and Phonebook sections only
  • Added Labels to BLF keys so when these are provisioned and you have an LCD sidecar, you will see more information on what each key represents. For example,  for Shared Parking you will see “SP0″


Build Version 10.20401 –  Service Pack 2 – July 2011


  • Individual Log in and Log out of Queues (Call Center Module)
  • 20 new Call Center Reports including 3 reports with Graphs (Call Center Module)
  • Caller ID, Caller name and Phonebook resolution in MyPhone
  • Ability to minimize MyPhone to system tray
  • Timestamps in chat messages in 3CX MyPhone
  • Better detection that a new version of 3CX Desktop Components is available: When a new update of 3CX Desktop components is available, an icon will blink on the top right corner of 3CX MyPhone
  • Ability to delete missed calls from MyPhone Call History Tab
  • Chat messages sent to a user who is offline will be received upon the users next successful login
  • Instant Message to multiple extensions – Select Multiple Extensions, right click and click on “Instant Message”
  • Sangoma Templates for Netborder Express Version 4.1.4
  • Instant Message to Queue. Click on the queues tab and right click “Instant Message” This will send a message to all available members in that queue
  • Add Phonebook entry from Call History Tab. When you have a missed call which was unmatched, you can easily add this entry to your phonebook
  • Chat history – you can show chat history and delete it
  • Pickup is available in Queue calls. When a queue call comes in and members are ringing, any other phone can dial *20*[ringing phone extension]
  • Email notification when a lost call occurs in the queue
  • Implemented better Caller ID Functionality in Queue calls. Now you will see the Queue name followed by the DID/DDI name followed by the Caller ID/phonebook replaced caller id (if present in the phonebook). This will give the full call details of where the incoming call originated
  • Dial Skype numbers from 3CX MyPhone by adding “skype:” followed by the Skype ID you want to call


  • Status column in MyPhone shows number of calls waiting in queue/number of calls connected to a queue member
  • Bug in Tapi crashing when MyPhone is loading
  • Bug in 3CX Outlook plugin caused by non US cultures
  • Crash in Silverlight when Outlook and MyPhone are launched simultaneously on startup
  • Phonebook Validation; Numbers with –  or () cannot be saved
  • Phonebook entries starting with ‘+’ are now matched
  • Phone book entries match not only start of numbers but also check for a match inside the number string
  • Phone book entries can be added with same name and surname if required but must contain different numbers
  • MyPhone Application is set to automatically start with Windows by default
  • Credentials saved in login screen when remember me is enabled
  • Fix in Outbound Rules when transfer is made from MyPhone to an external number passing through an outbound rule that has a Group+Range of extensions.
  • When dialing options are set to use 3CX Phone for Windows 6 and Use Intercom, the call is now made in intercom mode correctly.
  • Caller name and destination of remote PBX is correct on incoming calls Via 3CX Connected bridges or Tunnels in MyPhone. This will be seen as follows: ID of Bridge + [ First Name + Last Name] of the user calling.
  • Incoming ring group calls in Ring all strategy show the ring group name instead of the last member phone
  • Outbound calls showing in MyPhone when calls are made via Make call
  • Caller name and number are split in MyPhone Call History Section
  • Blocking a range of extensions from chatting with you is now working. (- , and ; are accepted.)
  • %callid% from Queue calls shows the correct actual caller ID number not the queue extension number
  • Incoming calls from DID -> Ring groups or DID –> Queues, now display [DID]+[QUEUE/RG NAME]+CID in MyPhone. In ringing stage the call status will show the name of the queue and its extension number. When an agent has answered the call status will change to show the extension number + the name of the extension currently servicing the call.
  • Stuck calls in MyPhone after windows recovers from sleep mode. (Still some issues on hibernate)
  • Bug in blacklist of specific IP Addresses in XP and 2003 operating systems
  • Fix in webserver to control memory usage when a generate support information is performed
  • Delete Plug and Play broadcasts after successful registration to avoid old broadcasts on the system
  • Fix in Backup and restore procedure caused by an old bug in the system related to the Default Tenant. This caused the blacklist of phonebook and billing entries to stop working
  • Ability to remove Music on hold Files with a delete button option
  • 1 way audio issue for calls originating from a remote 3CX PBX (bridge/tunnel) target an extension, (on busy) had a forwarding to a ring all group. When Ring group members answered the call, there used to be 1 way audio
  • Direct SiP Calls reporting unregistered


  • Polish translation file in MyPhone
  • Dutch translation file in MyPhone
  • French translation file in MyPhone


  • Queue statistics information
  • Improved phonebook and dial search boxes putting the best match at the top of the list
  • Numerous improvements in detection of missed calls and notifications in MyPhone
  • When a new Chat message arrives, the 3CX MyPhone icon in the taskbar will blink
  • Active directory LDAP import randomizing pin and password and adding mobile number field

Build Version 10.19547 – Service Pack 1 – May 2011


  • Extension import using CSV
  • Stuck calls caused by bug in Drag and Drop operations
  • Grandstream template updates to enable LCD language changes in Polish, Russian and more
  • Provisioning IP address is updated in case server IP address changes
  • Updating and changing of profiles
  • Update of control operations in 3CX MyPhone
  • Transfer and divert to shared parking places (SP)
  • Bug in Log in and Log out of Queue
  • Queue statistics issue in abandoned calls
  • Exception and crash in Call History tab (3CX MyPhone)
  • Making calls or outgoing calls from Outlook now make a single request. Requires Desktop Components update
  • Validation checks when user selects specific office hours
  • Exception and improved creation/delete of company phonebook entries
  • Bug in caller ID reformatting for incoming caller ID with + sign
  • Fixed multiple outgoing calls in queues
  • Numerous issues in Forwarding Rules and contacting of external numbers from Ring Groups and Queues
  • Bug in Ring Groups breaking flow when extension is configured to not make outbound calls
  • Transfer issue when transferring to voicemail from IVR
  • Longest Waiting Queue Strategy not targeting longest waiting agent after some time of operation (Call Center Module)
  • Bug in Call Back ringing in the Queue and disconnecting (Call Center Module)
  • Bug in Hunt by Three’s Strategy not targeting correct extensions
  • TERMINAL SERVICES ONLY: 3CX Desktop components TAPI will not be installed


  • Columns in 3CX MyPhone making use of all the space available on screen
  • Authentication details in the 3CX Welcome Email
  • Increased tool-tip time out issue – Tool-tip will be triggered when hovered over. The description will be removed when the mouse ceases to hover over it
  • Stripping of non-numeric characters when dialing out from 3CX MyPhone
  • When Extension Group has no members, it will not be shown in 3CX MyPhone
  • Increased active calls section to show more active calls
  • Enabled pickup of calls from 3CX MyPhone on an IVR call


  • Queue Manager and handling of calls
  • Numerous fixes in Queue tab in 3CX MyPhone, showing queue agent status in both the Call Center Module and non Call Center Module licensing

Build Version 10.19117 – March 2011


  • 3CX MyPhone – Implemented ranges in 3CX MyPhone outbound rules dialing.
  • 3CX MyPhone – Improved transfer, divert, pickup, parking functionality.
  • 3CX MyPhone – Added extension status and current forwarding rules in dial pad, transfer and divert dialogs so you can see the status of the extension on the fly before calling.
  • 3CX MyPhone – language files for Italian, German and Russian. More coming soon.
  • 3CX Phone System – Improved queue performance, prompt playing.
  • 3CX Phone System – Management console displays a normal DID/DDI and a CID DID/DDI differently.
  • 3CX Phone System – Support for audio prompt files in .raw format – improves global performance for 3CX Media Server and 3CX IVR.
  • Call Center Edition – Added email address field in queues to inform the Queue Supervisor/Manager of status notifications (CCE).
  • Call Center Edition – SLA Email notifications in Queues (CCE).
  • Call Center Edition – Notifications of callbacks made in the system and those callbacks that failed (CCE).
  • Outlook Add-In: Ability to switch off the new contact outlook record in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Outlook Add-In: Ability to select a contact folder in Microsoft Outlook to save a new contact.


  • Transfers and display of call information when calls are parked/picked up from 3CX MyPhone.
  • Outbound rule dialing fix – calls from extensions and groups are supported.
  • Creating of conferences provides correct call information.
  • Fixed bug in external calls in conference.
  • Fixed CID exceptions in forwarding rules.
  • Timing of calls in the 3CX MyPhone is correct within different browser sessions.
  • Fixed multiple calls from outbound calls through Microsoft Outlook.
  • Added http click on link support and copy and paste functionality in 3CX MyPhone chat.
  • Deleting of Voice mails updates voice-mail indicator icon.
  • Automatically start 3CX MyPhone with Windows and option to remove this behaviour.
  • Connected agent in queue shows as connected instead of waiting.
  • Personal and  company phone book saving procedure.
  • Rights and operations for extension groups.
  • Bugs in colour coding of calls representing correct call status fixed.
  • Fixed bug in fewest answered queue strategies and escalated calls from a queue.
  • Issues in callback fixed.
  • Provisioning url on a machine with 2 network interfaces fixed.
  • Microsoft Outlook Journaling issues fixed.
  • Fix in 3CX Desktop Components installation for Microsoft Outlook 32 installed on 64 bit OS.
  • Yealink Plug and Play detection of phone model now selects proper template.
  • 3CX Phone System Version 9

Build Version 9.14901  Service Pack 4


  • Updated new Phone XML Templates for easier and faster configuration of your phones through provisioning
  • Added Phone Provisioning node which contains Editing of Phone Templates from within the Management console, Time Zone and Daylight savings time interface and Firmware upload section
  • Changing of language (LCD and Web) on phones
  • Firmware updating of phones
  • Timezone and DST interface per model
  • Voiptalk VoIP Provider UK
  • 3stars VoIP Provider Belgium


  • Mobile number saved correctly in Myphone portal
  • Ring my mobile simultaneously when line is unregistered, busy or unavailable
  • Issue in Queue manager when queue calls an extension with “ring my mobile simultaneously” causing the call to have 1 way audio or disconnect on answer
  • Bug in shared parking call after a transfer involving IVR and queues
  • Bug when call is parked and un-parked multiple times on same or different parking slots
  • Make call and call ext and mobile simultaneously bug causing call disconnect
  • Re-registration of VoIP providers when STUN resolved address has changed
  • Fixed Fax email sending when mail server is listening on non default port


  • 3CX Tunnel optimized to save bandwidth
  • Template and provisioning functions and re-generation of temlates
  • Added support to re-provision registered and provisioned phones in bulk generating latest template and forcing the phone to sync
  • Added ability to backup firmware folder contents in Backup and Restore

Build Version 9.14507  Service Pack 3


  • Originator and Main Line Caller ID delivery
  • Implemented support of tcp transport for external lines


  • Call reporter data representation in Queue calls
  • Abandoned calls reports
  • Call reporter data representation in ring group calls
  • Crash in Call Statistics report and added new parameter REP_CMDTIMEOUT for 3CX Phone systems with +500 extensions
  • Bug when Dash is in mobile number field
  • External Queue call forwarding
  • Loosing user part of contact after device host/port has changed
  • Issue in profile updating
  • Bug in recording not being saved in proper folder
  • vmails removed after 24 hours
  • Issue in Winforms console window launch
  • Forwarding from external number allowed in outbound rules


  • Configurable Welcome Email Subject
  • Keep backup option in interface to backup log files (consumes hdd space)
  • 2 new parameters in the welcome email to generate external public Assistant and 3CXPhone provisioning links – more details access help file in MailTemplate folder
  • Automatically disable external calls when Out of office
  • Support for disabling external calls
  • Profile changes automated custom 1 -> Away -> Custom 1 and custom 1 -> Custom 2 -> Custom 1
  • Generating PSTN gateway secure passwords upon creation


  • Sangoma Outbound calls to Sangoma Cards fail if there is no From::DisplayName Nicky
  • Patton templates to remove dashes in FROM field and improvements to 4638 template
  • Security Update Version 9.13967 – 3rd September 2010
  • New
  • Random generation of system extension passwords
  • Random generation of 3CX Fax Extension and Fax extensions
  • Re-generate Password function (Automatic re-provisioning and sending of welcome email)
  • SIP ID security checking
  • Updated Weak Password detection function and set it on by default
  • Support for customizing Welcome Email subject in language file (extmailSubj=)
  • Fixed
    • Error in IVR Server when audio file contains ‘ (apostrophe) in file name
    • Error when Microsoft Exchange port is not specified
    • Bug in Microsoft Exchange when call is transfered
    • Bug in specific hours including holidays
    • Bug in forwarding rules not updating properly
    • Call reporter fixes for calls coming to queue from Digital receptionist
    • Call reporter fixes for calls to ring groups appearing as unanswered
    • Call reporter fixes in Date and time ordering
    • Missed calls in Myphone
    • No re-poll in queues if transfer to destination no answer has failed
    • Removed prompt “no agents available” in queue when agents are logged out or unregistered. This prompt will play only when end destination is End Call

.Build Version 9.13763 Service Pack 1 July 2010


  • Ability to configure that a desk phone AND mobile number can be rung simultaneously.
  • Backup and restore automatic migration when a backup is restored on a machine which has a different IP address/network topology. Components like 3CX Tunnel, Secure SiP, Fax, Provisioning files and Outgoing default local address parameters are updated automatically
  • Android Provisioning – a new Android device can now be provioned with a new OR an existing extension (i.e. to do SIP forking)
  • Database updater can now seamlessly update all the components in the 3CX Phone System without uninstall/reinstall
  • Ability to Send call to Voicemail of another extension. Voicemail boxes will be seen in the dropdown
  • When option “Automatically log me in/out of queues” is checked in extension settings, a change in profile to away and out of office will update the profile  and also log out the extension from the queues. Even if the profile change is made from the 3CX Assistant
  • Template for UKRtelecom – VoIP Provider in the Ukraine


  • Ability to change SMTP port for sending of voicemail
  • Server core Line ID not properly generated in multiple contacts
  • Issues in Call History when call is not answered or destination is busy
  • Manual link in management console
  • Delay in connections using tunnel and one of the bridges is down
  • Cache timeout increase in Abyss webserver configurations to reduce delay in first IVR call
  • Rebound feature showing original caller caller id. (if Voip Provider or gateway supports this)
  • Caller ID from External number to a queue is now showing correctly
  • DTMF problem in Rebound not playing call screening or disconnecting when pressing # or invalid dtmf presses
  • IP addresses starting with 169 are now showing however they will show at the end of the list because they might be AIPPA addresses
  • Issues in recording
  • Issue in special reports with answer time
  • Issue when updating destinations of forwarding rules in all profiles
  • BLF bug in blind transfer
  • Unterminated call after transfers in some scenarios
  • Issue in service starter taking long to start the services. (Fix will be applied on the next update)
  • Several issues related to Call Reporter, call history updating and query functions in the database.
  • Generation of reports when reports have over 500,000 calls. Reports with over 5000 pages will be slower but will also work
  • Active directory import users function when Caller ID is blank and other issues related to winforms
  • Database caching size to optimize speed of queries

Known issues

  1. Call reporter might show time durations with a negative sign. This is a known issue caused by a bug in Version 8 and has been fixed in version 9. Unfortunately for the backups taken from version 8 we cannot fix this completely on restore because the data is already affected.
  2. Call Reporter might remain for some time showing a message “Accessing Data” or “not responding”. This is because there are a lot of records and the database is busy with queries.  If you query a report with a lot of records (over 5000 pages) it is advisable to take a backup of these records by generating a report in csv or pdf format and delete the old records to clean up the database. The reports that are affected by this behaviour are “Call Logs Report” and “Call Statistics”. Eventually the report will be generated however.

3CX Phone System Version 8

  • Component update “3CX Fax Server Version 11344” available online 24 March 2010
  • This update can be triggered from the Management console under 3CX Phone System Updates / 3CX Service Packs/Updates
    • Updates to the fax service component which improve compatability and stability
    • Fixed: Buffer size issues from PSTN Gateways
    • Fixed: Log file size causing a busy tone
    • Added: Functionality for some VoIP Providers (that can do this) to work without NAT settings configured
    Build Version 8.0.10824  29 January 2010
    • Improved: Ultidev Cassini Webserver Installation – webserver is now more performant and reliable
    • Added: Ability to download Service packs and Component Updates for 3CX Phone System – without needing to uninstall and re-install 3CX Phone System.
    • Added: Voicemail Message includes FROM CALLER ID in email notification
    • Added: Trace message in Server Activity log showing number of active calls in the system
    • Added: Parameter to disable outgoing calls from the Voicemail menu – By default it is OFF for security reasons
    • Added: Spitfire Voip Provider Template
    • Added: Schoenland VoIP Provider Templates
    • Added: Yealink provisioning Templates with Timezone Provisioning
    • Added: Import of users from Active Directory is now separated by First Name and last name
    • Added: Recovery options for Ultidev Cassini Web server
    • Added: Ability to reboot Yealink phones remotely
    • Added: Call Assistant Client Patch to automatically update from 8.0.9924 to 8.0.10820
    • Added: Chinese language file updates
    • Added: Ability to localize 3CX Phone System on the fly.
    • Added: Support for Microsoft Exchange server 2010
    • Added: Ability to control the invite sent to Exchange server via the MSEXCH_SPECIALMENU Parameter. Can be configurable to ‘MNU’ for exchange 2007 support. Value is a string. Default value is Blank which defaults to 999
    • Added: ALLOWSOURCEASOUTBOUND Parameter for Voip Providers. If ON, then PBX saves the source IP:port of last successful OK to REGISTER message (in case of client registrations), and than force target of all outgoing requests to that saved IP:port. Except those that originally have FQDN as target. If it is off, ACK will be sent to IP:port specified in Contact header of 200/INV. This option was implemented as a countermeasure for incorrectly operating NATs/Routers with incorrect SIP ALG implementations.
    • Fixed: Make Call routing loop creating CPU Load
    • Fixed: License limit reached message triggered on rare types of PSTN calls
    • Fixed: SIP Bye and Cancel behaviour in VoIP provider communication
    • Fixed: Paging Group Name shows in Paging Group Call
    • Fixed: Generation of 3CX Support Information
    • Fixed: Selection in Winforms management console
    • Fixed: Backup and restore for call history timings
    • Fixed: Network interfaces not showing on computers with multiple network interfaces
    • Fixed: Order of playing of voicemails when deleting a voicemail that is not first nor last
    • Fixed: Tunnel and Cancel – cancelling a non established call was destroying session
    • Fixed: Fax interface network interface selection
    • Fixed: Fax interface exception when saving configuration on machine with multiple network interfaces
    • Fixed: 3CX service starter which was starting 2 processes and generating exceptions in cassini.
    • Fixed: Crash handler ntdll.dll fixed when triggering a backup or restore in some situations

    Build Version 8.0.10116 26 November 2009

    • Fixed: Call Assistant Server performance problem
    • Fixed: Internal lock in service
    • Fixed: Devices / phones recognition (devices.xml)
    • Fixed: CDR output showing incorrect date format
    • Fixed: CDR output showing incorrect date format
    • Fixed: CDR Missing calls
    • Added: CBeyond template
    • Added: Outbound rule match with no prefix and range of extensions (Example 100-999)
    • Added: Backup check in Backup and restore

    Build Version 8.0.9908 11 November 2009

    • Fixed: Billing rate matching country code
    • Fixed: Bug in BLF showing as stuck when you pickup calls with *20* dial code
    • Fixed: Ring all groups when 1 member presses reject – the others will still continue ringing
    • Fixed: Bug in Ring groups fixed when you have 1 ring group forwarding to an other ring group with common members in both
    • Fixed: Parsing error when display name has series of invalid symbols
    • Fixed: Myphone web-interface descriptions
    • Fixed: Extensions with blank name and surname are not provisioned
    • Fixed: Delete personal phonebook entries for Polycom provisioning file
    • Fixed: Simple rules configuration bug (missing voice-mail rule)
    • Fixed: Bug in edit provisioning templates
    • Fixed: Bug in date / Holidays section
    • Fixed: Patton template for point to multipoint configurations
    • Fixed: Portech template for CID
    • Fixed: DST Time server provisioning in Linksys and Cisco phones
    • Fixed: Sip port provisioning when 3CX pbx sip port is not default (5060)
    • Added: New Tunnel with less bandwidth usage
    • Added: Busy prompts controlled on or off by global option. Standard Busy tone is on by default
    • Added: More BLF provisioning for grandstream phones (MAX 16)
    • Added: Voztelecom template
    • Added: Cisco SPA525G template
    • Added: Cisco SPA5XXG + SPA500S Sidecar.
    • Added: Ability to delete Call History from the Call Reporter (Either the whole Call History date or from/to a specific date)

    Build Version 8.0.9532 9 October 2009

    • Fixed record route transport which affected Sipgate
    • Transfers showing correct information in Management Console Extension port status
    • Added option for Polycom Phones to exclude company directory from Personal Phonebook
    • Quick search options added in Billing, Custom Parameters and System Prompts
    • Import and Export of Billing Information
    • Fixed stuck BLF lamp caused by incorrect transfers
    • Added FAX NAT changes to be backed up and restored

    Build Version 8.0.9414 2 October 2009

    • FAX SERVER FIX for crash on numerous incoming faxes
    • Restore procedure for prompts
    • Fax configuration of files form the edit templates – fax over poroviders with Nat support
    • Myphone bug in forwarding rules not showing.
    • Improved call assistant Speed, performance, freezing issues fixed
    • Fixed Install bug in Voip phone dll
    • Italian prompt sets NEW
    • Added VAD server components to the build
    • Fix in call reporter and sql queries
    • Voip providers added – G711 IE and voip voice IT

    Build Version 8.0.9342 (RC2) 25 September 2009


    • Ability to specify a P asserted identity variable
    • Ability to run Winform console & Backup and restore when UAC is on
    • Ability to view MyPhone in Russian
    • Import extensions could not import the PIN number
    • Show IVR name in tree as opposed to extension number
    • Renamed Boomerang TM feature (Fonality Trademark) to “Forward using
    • option to reject to voice mail”
    • Busy prompt is triggered when a call is rejected
    • Fixed Dial by name
    • Numerous improvements to the call reporter
    • Deleting an extension which is a member of a digital receptionist now
    • puts the DR entry to END CALL
    • Recording location links now work when record location is not default


    • Polycom Personal Directories are now provisioned.
    • Improved Myphone interface
    • Ability to trigger a call from the Extension status page in MyPhone
    • Removed SIP AUTHENTICATION tab in the MyPhone page – Can be enabled
    • from the global parameters page MYPHONESIPAUTH
    • Phone book directories are now updated automatically each time an
    • extension is added, Reeboot using SIP notify is possible for Snom,
    • Linksys by commenting out reboot link in template
    • Added support for G7Eleven VoIP provider
    • Improved Inphonex and Voip Unlimited templates
    • Faxes can now be received from VoIP providers that correctly support
    • T38 fax. (BroadVox for now)
    • Faxes can now be received behind NAT (documentation to be provided)
    New features Version V8.9149 16 September 2009
    • Added Polycom BLF support for phones running Polycom firmware 3.2 or higher
    • Added Polycom side-car support
    • Increased maximum simultaneous calls to IVR service to 128 sim calls by default (depending on license limit
    • Added ability to update call assistants network wide from the management console
    • Added Caller ID Variables to Inbound and outbound parameters for gateways and voip providers to give full caller ID flexibility
    • Added ability to run the winforms management console on terminal services
    • New templates for phone provisioning – Linksys sidecar
    • New template for provisioning BLF on Polycom, including sidecar
    • Added support (including provisioning) for new Cisco 5XX phones
    • Added support for Berofix cards
    • Fixed disconnections bug in sip forked id mde
    • Fixed disconnections fixed in remote extensions
    • Fixed IVR service not forwarding calls correctly to the queue.
    • Fixed: Caller ID in transfers was failing after a failed transfer.  It was showing the failed transfer caller ID.  now it shows the proper caller id,.
    • Fixed: Total costs and total calls in the call reporter
    • Fixed busy mechanism when phones are set to phone status and incoming calls are coming from queues.
    • Fixed Caller ID in phone to phone transfers
    • Calls launched via 3CX Assistant now have a valid caller ID
  • New Features V8.8637 31 July 2009PBX
  • Ability to barge in to a call as supervisor or manager
  • Added 3 types of Queues (hunt random start, Ring all, Hunt)
    • Hunt random start (Chooses random extension from list)
    • Ring All (Rings all extensions simultaneously)
    • Hunt (Will connect to extensions as ordered in the interface)
  • Boomerang feature to allow Call Redirection to a mobile and forwarding to company voice mail if no answer or call is rejected.
  • Added Secure RTP support, can be configured globally or per phone
  • Added ability for users to record a voice mail and send this to another user on the system
  • Added ability to forward a voice mail to another user
  • Added ability to call back the person who left a voice mail
  • Added ability to receive faxes from VoIP providers. Note that no interop testing has been performed with VoIP providers and mileage will be depend on fax implementation of provider
  • Add security lock out: if user enters the PIN wrongly more then 3 times when accessing voice mail, call is disconnected.
  • Added support for the Beronet BRI and E1 gateway cards
  • Ability to pass Caller ID via the P asserted id SIP parameter
  • Paging performance was increased by 400% – it can now more quickly setup a page to a larger number of phones.
  • Added a beep to a page, so that the person making the page knows when to start speaking.
  • Removed the prompt ‘Your call is being transferred’ when setting up a call via the Assistant or Outlook. Makes call setup much faster.
  • Improved overall registration process – it is now faster
  • Added Multicast paging – which allows for a media stream to be simultaneously sent to many phones at the same time for emergency paging and so on. For very large installations this more efficient, however requires multicast support by phone. (not all supported phones do this)
  • If an extension is part of a ring group or has 2 IP phones registered to same extension, the other phone will not log a missed call if the phone is answered by the other phone. Requires IP phone to support this.
  • Added ability to configure identification in method/logic for when gateway reports 486 busy as opposed to 503 service unavailable.
  • Ability to configure whether the Queue or Ring group name are pre-pended or appended to the Caller ID
  • Added prompt to inform caller when service is not available (i.e. gateway is busy and no backup routes available OR LICENSE LIMIT IS EXCEEDED)
  • Caller ID is now shown in calls over a bridge
  • Improved caller feedback for dial codes and system states using prompts
  • Management Interface
    • Added a new node ‘phones’ which lists all IP phones registered with the system and their Mac and IP. Allows ability to reboot multiple phones and re-provision them automatically. Also allows one click launching of the phone admin interface.
    • Auto configuring of new phones: Phones that are connected to the network will show up in the phones node as new and administrator will be able to create an extension for that phone.
    • Remotely reboot one or more IP phones
    • One click launching of admin interface of an IP phone
    • Re-provision one or more phones
    • Added Windows Management interface (not web based)
    • Added System extensions page to show status of system services such as conferencing, parking and so on.
    • Ability to configure a DID for multiple ports in one go, eliminating the need to do them for each port
    • New company phonebook node with import facility.
    • Deploy/Provision FXS gateways – makes it easy to configure extensions for a 24 port FXS gateway
    • Ability to edit XML phone provisioning templates with custom options for phone and re-provision all phones in one go.
    • Ability to edit provisioning files for gateways and VoIP providers
    • Management console and MyPhone interface now support Google Chrome and Internet Explorer v8
    • Added simple Call Forwarding / Redirection page to make setup easier of call forwarding rules easier.
    • Added ability to import extensions from Active Directory or any LDAP directory
    • Improved provisioning templates for Aastra and Linksys including reboot links and Voicemail number
    • Improved provisioning template for SNOM to allow BLF and Pickup on one button
    • Add toggle to Extensions page to show PIN codes and Auth passwords so administrators can check they are sage.
    • Ability to specify the path to call recordings and store them directly to a storage drive.
    • Add SIP notify to reboot phones that can only be rebooted via SIP notify.

    3CX Assistant features

    • Text Chat feature allows messaging colleagues
    • Better Integration with 3CXPhone – 3CX Phone can now be installed by 3CX Assistant and used to launch calls. Upon an inbound call, 3CXPhone can be triggered automatically without the second popup of the 3CX Phone.
    • Launch calls directly on VoIP Phone or IP phone by specifying direct URL. This makes launching calls quicker
    • Ability to trigger recording of a call from the assistant
    • Select a number in a web page or document and trigger a call using a hotkey
    • Ability for 3CX Assistant to operate over the tunnel from a remote location
    • Network wide updating of 3CX Assistant – placing the 3CX Assistant in a directory on the phone system server will automatically update all 3CX Assistant installs network wide.
    • Ability to trigger a call from a contact in the Company or Personal phonebook, featuring Gmail like contact resolving. Company phone book is maintained by administrator, personal phonebook can be maintained in the MyPhone page
    • Ability to launch the MyPhone page from the Assistant and use the existing tunnel (no additional port required)
    • Ability to login to the MyPhone page without needing to re-authenticate
    • Ability to see server based recent calls list, i.e. outbound, inbound and missed calls (even when 3CXAssistant was off)


    • Ability to switch off MyPhone per user
    • Added simple Call Forwarding / Redirection page to make setup easier of call forwarding rules easier.
    • Added Personal phone book / Speed dial list
    • Added tabs for Inbound, Outbound and Missed calls (Recents)
    • Ability to black list certain caller IDs – these calls will be dropped automatically.

    Installation & Setup

    • Setup wizard now allows setup of VoIP provider
    • Setup wizard asks user for extension to use for the voice mail menu (Default 999)
    • Setup now includes latest Postgress database version 8
    • Removed Postgress user account.
    • Removed 3CXPhonesystem user that was being created – no longer needed
    • Fixed an issue in system paths when installing on a Czech operating system


    • Improved call reporter with report designer and new reports
    • Added page numbers to Call reports and improved formatting


    • Time control fixed in my phone interface
    • Ring group hunt and ring all are now always shown as registered in system extensions
    • Progress bar added in restoring of the call history in backup and restore
    • Addition of rules in forwarding rules for extensions fixed.
    • Fix in firewall when it is not loaded on Winforms and management console.
    • When you make an update in MyPhone, the provisioning file gets updated
    • Improved call routing logic
    • Added additional configuration parameters to parameter table to increase flexibility and control of services (port of conference place and IVR service)
    • Changed SQL date format to enable compatibility between Postgress version 7 and 8
    • Hotel application fixes in exception in view calls
    • Polish and regional fixes in call history and hotel application

    Build Version 7.1.7139 22 May 2009

    Note on upgrading:

    If you are uninstalling 3CX Phone System version v7.1 6589 and you make heavy use of the 3CX Tunnel Service, it may happen that the 3CX
    Phone System service will not stop in a timely fashion. To proceed with the installation open Task manager (right click on the task bar, Task Manager), right click on the 3CXPhoneSystem.exe process, and Click End Process. The installation will then proceed automatically as usual.

    • Added: Template of actio.pl – Polish provider
    • Added: Snom 820 template for provisioning
    • Added: Parameter to enable / disable VmAIL pin VMPINREQUIRED 1= ON , 0=OFF
    • Fixed: Improved logging notifications in PBX Logs
    • Fixed: Added a cache limit in Tunnel to reduce memory usage in largerenvironments
    • Fixed: Tunnel not starting when port is in use
    • Fixed: Stuck calls in call assistant server in particular situations
    • Fixed: Permissions in the viewing of extensions in different membergroups has been improved
    • Fixed: Buffer UDP FAX Outgoing Faxes over Patton gateways ISDN 4960
    • Fixed: Control size of Fax Log file
    • Fixed: Parameter Table Validation for duplicate parameters
    • Fixed: Removed excessive Make call registrations  in server status log
    • Fixed: Call History Service handling of unterminated calls
    • Fixed: Call History Service handling of Call repostings file
    • Fixed: Backup and restore of Call logs for Netherlands entry (relatedto formatting of country name)
    • Fixed: Management Console: Stuck calls in Management console in Ringing State
    • Fixed: Management console translation file for SIP FIELD.
    • Fixed: Management console – removed unnecessary updates in active calls page
    • Fixed: Management console download link for PBX manual 7.1
    • Fixed: Voip Providers -> TCP transport for Broadvox
    • Fixed: Voip Providers Added parameter for Voip Providers remote partyid : Calling party : user part == Caller Name
    • Fixed: Date and Time Conversion in Voicemail.

    Build Version 7.1.6589 17 April 2009

    • Updated License activation module – required for activation of license keys
    • Added: Wrapping of text in Exchange page of management console
    • Added: DORO phone template
    • Added: Call Reporter now shows costs for each call made rounded to 2 Decimal Places
    • Fixed: Improved Patton FXO templates – Added hunting options and improved call end detection (resolves completely stuck call issues)
    • Fixed: Billing rate not applied for calls that are not answered (depending on whether gateway has early media enabled)
    • fixed: Fix in Backup and restore to remove billing entries in Database that were unnecessary
    • Fixed: Bug in Default billing code – new rate was not applied correctly
    • Fixed: A situation could occur that when deleting a DID, other DIDs could be effected
    • Fixed: Call Assistant Server would sometimes continue displaying calls that had been ended
    • KNOWN ISSUE: Costs apportioned to calls made on previous versions may not be accurate
    • KNOWN ISSUE: DID problem may persist after backup and restore of a version with effected DIDs – in this case just go to port to which the DID applies and click Apply
  • Build Version 7.1.6391 3 April 2009 (RC3)
    • Fixed: Caller ID is displayed when doing an attended tranfers (SNOM only)
    • Fixed: Improved validation when creating Voip Providers
    • Fixed: Time and date filtering in the call reporter
    • Fixed: Rotation of tunnel log could cause a crash on Windows Server 2008
    • Fixed: Patton 4554 reject from mobile now disconnects and does not retry
    • Fixed: Deleting of voice mails
    • Fixed: Improperly configured FXO gateway which does not send BYE would cause calls to voice mail to remain as stuck calls
    • Fixed: Display problems in Japanese, Greek and Polish translations
    • Fixed: Ability to filter out make calls in the call reporter
    • Fixed: Ability to filter out calls with billing code
    • Fixed: Removed registry Key from Windows XP
    • Fixed: Sip proxy manager fixes for Windows Server 2008
    • Added: Template for Polish Voip Provider, Actio.pl
    • Added: Update to the Nettel template
    • Added: Template for Sotel SIP trunk service

    Build Version 7.1.6278 24 March 2009 (RC2)

    • Added: Much improved tunnel that can also support UDP (if available) for better audio quality
    • Added: Skype Gateway – 3CX Gateway for SKYPE
    • Added: Improved Cassini support – Now a recommended web server
    • Added: Sangoma A200 FXO PCI card (BETA – North America only)
    • Added: Portech MV372 GSM gateway template
    • Added: Actio.pl VoIP provider (Poland) template Added check for deleting of the operator extension. Extension cannot be removed unless modified to something else.
    • Added: Added the ability to restore Call History logs
    • Added: Detailed backup and restore logs during database operations
    • Fixed: Polish Prompts
    • Fixed: RTP Port leaks in tunnel
    • Fixed: Exception on 2 Slave configuration
    • Fixed: Faster reconnect  of tunnel when connection is lost.
    • Fixed: Source ID reorganization and changes to the Database.  Easier to Add Source ID rules now./  Removed the need to type them in twice.
    • Fixed: Invalid Time Interval in “In Office Hour” Selection. 00:00 is invalid as to range.
    • Fixed: Exception in some rare configuration instances
    • Fixed: In some instances a thread would not stop in the wizard
    • Fixed: Removed ability to enter a blank source identification value.
    • Fixed: Restore of a file without an extension (provisioning) was failing.
    • Fixed: IVR redirection when voice mail is disabled. When VM is disabled you get the correct prompt
    • Call Reporter: Importing of new calls after Call History Import
    • Call Reporter: Fixed interpretation of Make call calls in the call reporter
    • Call Reporter: Fixed interpretation of Sip Forked ID extensions.

    Build Version 7.1.6064 10 March 2009 (RC1)

    3CX Phone System v7.1 is nearing release – we have ironed out pretty much all remaining issues and we recommend this build. Here is the change log:

    • Added: Japanese Language files
    • Added: Gateway for the Linksys 3102 gateway with tone sets added for various countries
    • Added: New startup page for the Call Reporter
    • Added: Two additional reports – Call Statistics and Agent Statistics
    • Added: Call Assistant and Call History service to services page
    • Added: Better ring group validation
    • Added: Adjusted validation to allow entry of SKYPE addresses
    • Added: Management console will logout after 10 minutes of inactivity
    • Fixed: Transfers and Attended transfers to extensions on the same PBX or to extensions on the remote PBX through bridges and tunneled connections.
    • Fixed: RTP port leaks in Tunnel Functionality -RTP ports were being left open on the system.
    • Fixed: It is now possible to specify a hostname in the tunnel configuration.
    • Fixed: An exception could be shown when adding a VoIP provider.
    • Fixed: Shortcuts in program group when selecting Cassini as the web server.
    • Fixed: MyPhone Login Page closes after timeout of 10 minutes.
    • Fixed: Myphone Busy timeout bug.
    • Fixed: Call Reporter now saves Header and Footer of reports.
    • Fixed: File not found problem in Call Reporter fixed when reports.dsn file is not written.
    • Fixed: Call Reporter now uses Date-Month-Year setting of local machine.
    • Fixed: Default port for fax sending module was not correct. Has now been changed to 5487.
    • Fixed: Call History Service is now restarted automatically after license activation.
    • Fixed: Bug in Conference Place extension configuration.
    • Fixed: IVR transfer when sip port is not equal to 5060.
    • Fixed: Wasted call license when assigning calls to an agent.
    • Fixed: Cache of non existent calls.
    • Fixed: Forwarding rules on extension would conflict with system wide Holiday settings.

    Build Version 7.0.4744 13 January 2009

    • Added: Ability to restore database immediately from the wizard
    • Added: Ability to Group extensions and edit them
    • Added: Ability to Edit extension properties in bulk via multiple select
    • Added: Ability to specify a DID name and have it displayed in caller ID to identify number that was called on
    • Fixed: Exchange 2007 integration was not working in installs with complex/incorrectly configured routing options
    • Fixed: Performance Counter on 64 bit installs
    • Fixed: Firewall checker on 64 bit installs
    • Fixed: Bug in Wizard after a restore is performed – Now Stops after restore
    • Fixed: Upon un-installation of 3CX, certain IIS settings were altered on some installs
    • Fixed: IVR and IVR transfers PBX setup with 2, 4 and 5 digit extension lengths
    • Fixed: Voicemail transfer and logon in a PBX setup with 2, 4 and 5 digit extension lengths
    • Fixed: Operator extension was not being saved
    • Fixed: User agent string of phones is matches via substring only for better phone recognition
    • Fixed: Improved HTTP MAKE CALL notification in free version
    • Fixed: Status in registration for Trunks / VoIP Providers
    • Fixed: Voip trunk validation on password authentication ( no password is required )
    • Fixed: Services Page/Restart All to synchronise depending on service state
    • Fixed: Active calls page – Correct updating in transfers and call duration.
    • Fixed: Tunnel connection setup problems
    • Fixed: Aastra phones would reboot over a particular SIP message. This message has been removed
    • Fixed: Bugs Holidays and specific hours configuration
    • Fixed: Restore issue when Configuration port is not default port
    • Added: Index entries for Snom Phonebooks (these were required)
    • Added: Exit argument (/exit) in Backup and Restore for scheduled tasks
    • Added: Changes to gateway/voip provider templates with modifications
    • Added: h3 argument in call history updater by default v7 to support new call log database format
    • Added: Reduced Linksys re-provisioning to 24 hours 86400 seconds, since re-provisioning forces a reboot
    • Added: Improved validation in PBX setups that are 2,4 and 5 digits long
    • Added: Better handling for removal in GAC
    • Added: Better representation of data when reloading in myphone
    • Added: German language file
    • Added: Greek language file
    • Added: Portuguese language file

    Build Version 7.0.4249 4 December 2008

    • Added: Support for provisioning of Polycom phones
    • Added: Significantly improved audio quality of tunnel by binding it to media server
    • Added: Ability to select audio codec in Bridge and Tunnel connections
    • Added: Italian translation
    • Added: Spanish translation
    • Added: Russian translation
    • Added: French translation (Wizard and Myphone only)
    • Added: Simplified Chinese (Myphone only)

    • Fixed: On the login pages, clicks on the OK button where sometimes ignored
    • Fixed: Improved response of interface for OK and Apply. Note: when busy (progress circle at right hand side is turning), clicks will be ignored
    • Fixed: Improved Call History Importer functions

    Build Version 7.0.4056 (RC2) 28 November 2008

    • Added: Provisioning of Linksys phones via option 66
    • Added: Provisioning of Polycom phones
    • Added: Ability to clear server status log
    • Added: Moved IVR to separate port for IIS installs on Windows 2003/2008/Vista
    • Added: Email notification text can now be configured from the interface
    • Added: Configuration file for Audiocodes gateways MP114, MP114 2fxo 2 fxs can now be created
    • Added: Aastra is provisioned with Back light going off to save energy
    • Fixed: Improvements to tunnel – default port 5080 is now used for external extensions
    • Fixed: Spelling mistakes in the interface
    • Fixed: Myphone now uses extension number and voicemail PIN for authentication
    • Fixed: Bridge now uses authentication ID rather then virtual extension number for validation
    • Fixed: Problems with provisioning when using IIS
    • Fixed: Installer would modify application pool of an already configured website
    • Fixed: Increased time out for establishing database connection for slow machines
    • Fixed: Many improvemenst to the restore process from V6.1
    • Fixed: Some options were not shown in the free edition
    • Fixed: Forwarding rules using specific office hours including holidays can be viewed.
    • Fixed: Pickup can allow any pickup and pickup by specifying extension number
    • Fixed: Sorting of DID’s – by numeric order and line they are associated with
    • Fixed: Faxes are no longer limited to 20 pages

    Note: Bridge connections must be recreated

    Build Version 7.0.3775 (RC) 17 November 2008
    Note: IIS is now the recommended web server – its faster and more stable then Cassini

    • Added: IIS support for Windows XP PRO. XP users no longer have to use Cassini
    • Added: Ability to make external calls out of the personal voice mail menu
    • Added: Systems prompts page redesign
    • Added: Improved error messages
    • Added: If using IIS all web applications reside on a single port
    • Added: Option to send ‘Keep Alives’ to a VoIP provider so that firewall will keep port mapping alive. This allows dynamic port mapping for VoIP providers
    • Added: Secure SIP – tested only with SNOM so far
    • Added: Improved validation
    • Added: Port status page now shows multiple calls on ports that can handle more then 1 simultaneous call
    • Added Vegastream FXO/FXS template
    • Added: Ability to specify MAC address and phone model in the wizard so as to allow auto provisioning
    • Added: Removed transfer announcement in a nested DR
    • Added: Forwarding options in DR will now show the destinations Number and Name.
    • Added Support for ranges starting with 0 in outbound rules example 01,02,03 etc
    • Added Caller ID in the Call History Log file and type of call Voice/Fax
    • Added: Phone provisioning files, gateway and VoIP provider templates are now backed up and restored
    • Added: New H3 parameter in callhistory will create new call history table with more information including caller ID
    • Changed: If using IIS, URL for management console is <IP>/Management
    • Changed: If using IIS, URL for user portal is <IP>/Myphone
    • Changed: If using IIS, URL for provisioning is <IP>/Management/Provisioning
    • Changed: Templates and parser for Phone identification and provisioning
    • Fixed: Bug in Voicemail not reading the time a message was left
    • Fixed: Bug in Timezone conversion in the CallHistory Backup Procedure
    • Fixed: Unknown in Gateways and VoIP Providers. backups from 6.1 only. Alpha and beta versions not supported.
    • Fixed: Problems with outbound and inbound parameters in Patton gateways
    • Fixed: Problem in hunting of calls on Patton when 1 port only is connected
    • Fixed authentication in Bridges and Tunnel
    • Fixed Restore bug restoring standard English prompt sets

    Build Version 7.0.3406 (Beta) 30 October 2008

    Note: Close the management console BEFORE making a restore.
    After a restore you need to restart the application pool in IIS (Run Inetmgr, and restart 3CX application pool)

    • Fixed: My phone website not found after backup and restore from 6 to 7
    • Fixed: DID range creation and updating in Inbound rules page
    • Fixed: Firefox 3 browser is now able to upload files
    • Fixed: Bug in Append ring group/Queue name
    • Fixed: Incorrect notification in Http API for call recording
    • Fixed: Problem with using external numbers in Ring Groups
    • Fixed: Paths for IVR and Prompts after a restore from Version 6
    • Fixed: You can add DID’s with 3 digits using masks
    • Fixed: Generic Trunks set not to register would register anyway
    • Fixed: Bug in Specific and Out of Specific Hours
    • Fixed: Bug in Restart All services
    • Fixed: Download and selection of prompts from the systems prompts.
    • Fixed: Session ID was being shared between the Myphone and Management console
    • Added: Implemented checking for Configuration service port 5485
    • Added: Ability to change port of configuration server from ini file
    • Added: New section – Global options
    • Added: Ability to append Call Queue or Ring Group name after caller ID
    • Added: Re-arranged Admin Credential Page
    • Added: Source identification by DID
    • Added: Mask matching for DID’s (exact, start and end)
    • Added: Source identification for gateways in ‘to’ field by default
    • Added: Generate support info in Backup and restore tool and in Help interface.
    • Added: changes to Phone functionality in templates
    • Removed: DID importing from Version 6 to 7. These need to be recreated

    Build Version 7.0.3190 (Alpha 2) 21 October 2008

    • Fixed IIS issues on Windows server 2003, Server 2008, both including MyPhone Web interface, and IVR.
    • Improved version of My Phone (Voicemail section not implemented).
    • Ability to select multiple downloaded Prompt Sets in the System Prompts Page.
    • Backup and restore v7 to v7 completed.
    • Backup and restore 6 to 7 completed with known issues – Please refer to separate post called BKP 6 to 7.
    • Fixes in Outbound rules logic and interface elements.
    • Fixed Firewall checker on 64 bit OS.
    • Make Call / HTTP API is finalized – Please refer to FAQ (under construction).
    • Added provisioning for Grandstream GXP2010 + Changes to Linksys Phone provisioning.
    • Added Outbound Caller ID display in the Extension and port/trunk status.
    • Ability for member in RingGroup/Queue to contact external number based on Forward all condition and correct Gateway Config.
    • NEW! Added DID or Line inbound routing to Conference Extensions.
    • NEW! Added UK System Prompts.

    Build Version 7.0.2993 (Alpha) 14 October 2008

    • Completely revamped interface, with many usability improvements.
    • Ability to set advanced forwarding rules per extension based on caller ID, time received and whether its an internal or an external call.
    • Apache was replaced by a Microsoft Web Server, Cassini, which is more windows friendly, or optionally IIS can be used.
    • Added support for running as a virtual instance in Hyper V.
    • New configuration wizard which makes first setup easier.
    • Improved performance of system.
    • MyPhone User portal is now also available on the free edition.
    • Ability to offer callers a way to exit out of the queue and leave a message instead of waiting.
    • Ability to have callers go straight to voice mail if no one is manning the queue.
    • Support for using Sangoma cards as VoIP Gateways, either installed on the same machine or on a remote machine.

    Build Version 6.1.1793 12 September 2008

    • Intermediate call logs are now written to a text file called “callhistory.log” rather than to the database directly to improve database performance.  (Note: an update to the 3CX Call Reporter utility will follow soon to export call log events to the call account database)
    • Fixed: Memory leak in media server when processing a large number of simultaneous calls.
    • Fixed: Postgress issue rising to 50% CPU usage.
    • Improved PBX performance in regards to the processing of short or frequent TTL for registrations.
    • Stability improvements – the system has now been tested to be able to process in excess of 6000 calls PER HOUR.
    • Included Watchdog thread which provides statistics on the threads of the system.
    • Warning: Using Ring Groups with the “Continue ringing” option set is no longer supported.  Use a Call Queue instead.
    • Warning: After a phone system restart, Queues will re-register within 5 minutes.
  • Build Version 6.0.806 24 July 2008

    • Improved Dialog-info messages (BLF), including several fixes for Snom BLF.
    • Fixed: Delay in initialization of audio when call is transferred from digital receptionist.
    • Fixed: To pickup a call from ring group, user needed to dial ring group virtual extension number instead of ringing extension number.

    Build Version 6.0.664 7 July 2008

    • Improved Dialog-info messages (BLF)
    • Added: BLF support for Linksys 932 IP Phone.
    • Added: Logging during installation. If the installation fails, logs are generated in user’s temp location.
    • Fixed: Generate support info was not including the installation ini files.
    • Fixed: PBX only handled 1 RPID header per message.
    • Fixed: PBX unpredictable behavior when inbound parameters are overridden.
    • Fixed: Wrong fall back forwarding from Ring Group after settings has been changed from the UI.
    • Fixed: From was used during device creation instead of User part of Contact.
    • Fixed: Tunnel does not disconnect if slave is removed.

    Build Version 6.0.612 23 June 2008

  • Added: Snom centralized phone book generation.
  • Added: Support for Vegastream 50 Europa 2 BRI PSTN gateway.
  • Added: Snom Phones Firmware Version 7 provisioning templates including retrieving of centralized phone book.
  • Added: Default dial plan for all Linksys phones is now set automatically via provisioning templates.
  • Fixed: Caller ID of caller in queue not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: Incorrect missed call display number of missed calls which are forwarded from IVR.
  • Fixed: Call to voice mail special menu with exchange integration on not being redirected properly.
  • Build Version 6.0.570 (RC 1) 12 June 2008
  • Fixed: Problem in redirecting voice mail menu to Exchange when Exchange Server integration is enabled.
  • Fixed: Fax server would consume too much processor time if faxes had been received from particular incompatible fax devices.
  • Build version 6.0.546 (RC 1) 10 June 2008
  • Added: Ability to allow all network users to send out faxes via Microsoft Fax
  • Added: Patton PSTN gateway templates for Firmware version 5.1.
  • Added: Call pickup uses INVITE/Replaces.
  • Added: Notifications when tunnel is disconnected.
  • Added: IVR delivers From field with original display name.
  • Fixed: incorrect presence of parking orbits.
  • Fixed: Call by Name dialog is set to 5 seconds instead of 2 seconds.
  • Fixed: Proper handling of empty parking codes.
  • Fixed: Outbound proxy now overrides DNS SRV records.
  • Fixed: Expiration check in registrar problem.
  • Fixed: IVR transfers calls using original SIP ID to form the From header.
  • Fixed: Extension status disabled/away overrided each other.
  • Fixed: Make call module uses Display Name.
  • Build version 6.0.366 (Beta 1) 21 May 2008
  • All versions
  • Improved IVR – Its no longer necessary to specify extension number when you are picking up your voice mail from your extension. It is also possible to listen to own voice mail greeting from the personal voice mail menu.
  • Active calls page allows admins to see all active calls in the system and optionally disconnect them.
  • Improved backup and restore process which is much faster then previous versions
  • Ability to associate DID numbers with VOIP providers
  • Ability to trigger backup and restore from the command line, allowing for scheduled backups.
  • Greatly improved SIP interoperability
  • Windows 2008 support.
  • Sip ping feature which can detect calls that have not been terminated properly by the endpoints. (To switch this feature on, add this section to the 3CXPhoneSystem.ini file sipPingPeriod = <interval in seconds>)
  • Support for Patton gateways with firmware version 5.1, and support for more country tone sets. (available in next beta)
  • Support for Vegastream gateways (available in next beta)
  • Small Business, Pro and Enterprise editions
  • Call conference service – allows you to create conferences with up to 32 participants (license permitting)
  • Intercom – ability to call an extension and force immediate pickup (phone will automatically go to speaker phone). This can be used as intercom at doors, or by managers. Audio will be 2 way. SNOM, Aastra and Linksys phones are supported.
  • Paging – ability to setup a ring group that allows one extension to page many extensions at one go and broad cast a message. SNOM, Aastra and Linksys phones are supported.
  • Support for BLF provisioning – BLF lights indicating extension status on phones can now be provisioned automatically. SNOM, Aastra, Grandstream and Linksys phones are supported.
  • Improved Call Queue performance.
  • Call Queueing status – Ability to view all queues, which extensions are logged in as agents, as well as a list of callers waiting in the queue.
  • Ability to provision phonebooks to Aastra, Grandstream, Linksys and SNOM phones. All extensions will be listed, as well as the ability to add custom entries
  • Ability to record all calls from a particular extension
  • Extended HTTP API
  • Ability to switch recording on / off per extension
  • Ability to disable an extension
  • Ability to disable outbound calls for an extension
  • Ability to set away/available status