Send Fax Calls Directly to a FAX Machine with Beronet Gateways


If your Beronet berofix contains an FXS module, which may be a stand alone module or a combo module (2xBRI plus 2xFXS), the Beronet getaway wizard will automatically extend its configuration to include the ability to redirect certain numbers (DIDs or MSNs) to the available FXS ports. This is a very easy and reliable way to connect legacy FAX devices or postage meters to your gateway.


The configuration wizard will be automatically extended to include the “PSTN to FXS Redirection (for example analog Fax devices)” section. In the above example, the device has two FXS Ports combined with two ISDN BRI ports. Enter the DID or MSN numbers which should NOT be sent to the 3CX Phone System but instead be redirected to FXS Port 1 (e.g. 22444033) and FXS Port 2 (e.g. 22444044). The gateways’s dial plan will now redirect calls to the configured numbers, to the corresponding FXS port.

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