List of Events Generated by 3CX Phone System

List of Events Generated by 3CX Phone System3CX Phone System will log certain events in the Windows Event Log and in the 3CX Server Event Log within the 3CX Phone System Management Console. Together with the 3CX Server Activity Log, this information can be used to troubleshoot and verify the performance of 3CX Phone System.

The following is a list of events that can be generated and logged by 3CX Phone System.

Event IDEvent LoggedComments
102One of the queues has initiated a callback
2013The disk is at or near capacity (Windows Server OS Only)
4097Service startedService has been started
4098Service got signal to stop: %1Service is about to stop
4099Emergency number (%1) is dialed from %2An emergency number was dialed
4100Trunk %1 has changed status to %2The status of a trunk has changed
4101Extension %1 is %2%3The registration status of an extension has changed
8193License limit is reached, active calls: %1 A call request was received in excess of the License Key limit of simultaneous calls
12289Device %1 had no available outgoing trunk(s) for Call(%2)An outbound call request over a trunk failed because over the maximum number of calls available through that trunk
12290The IP %1 has been blacklisted for %2 sec. Reason: %3An IP Address has been blacklisted
12291SIP request (%1) from %2 was rejected. Reason: %3. Message: %4
12292The IP %1 has been blacklisted for %2 sec. Reason: requests rate is too high!A request was rejected/blocked by the Anti-Hacking module - security breach detected
12293Registration at %1 has failed. Destination (%2) is not reachable, DNS error resolving FQDN, or service is not available. DNS resolution failed or cannot reach remote VoIP Provider
12294Call to %1 has failed. %2 replied: %3Destination responded with an error code (eg. service unavailable, user not found, insufficient credit, account disabled) - contact trunk provider
12295STUN server %1:%2 could not be reached%3 It could be that the STUN server you are using is down or a network problem is preventing STUN resolutions. This might cause problems if you use VoIP Providers.STUN resolution has failed, timed out, or no backup STUN servers could resolve
12296Call from [%2] to [%1] has been rejected by the 3CX Country Blocking Feature [%3]. Reason: %2 contains Prefix %3. Calls to %3 are not allowed by system. Resolution: To allow this call access the 3CX Management Console, Settings, General, and enable the country or continent that matches this prefix. Outbound call has been rejected because its country code is not on the Allowed Country Codes