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3CX MyPhone User Manual

3CX MyPhone ScreenshotThis user manual explains how you can take advantage of your 3CX Phone System Extension.

3CX Phone System is a new VoIP PBX that offers you many more benefits then a traditional PBX. You can read more about 3CX Phone System here.

3CX MyPhone

3CX MyPhone is a web based utility that allows you to manage your extension with a few mouse clicks – rather than via a cryptic and limited phone interface.

3CX MyPhone Basics

3CX MyPhone Features

3CX MyPhone Settings

Voice Mail

If you are on the phone, 3CX can record voice mail for you. You can retrieve your voice mail via the phone (default vmail extension is 999) or via e-mail or from your web browser using 3CX MyPhone. Read about the voice mail functions here.

3CXPhone for Windows, iPhone and Android

3CX also includes a softphone, which allows you to use your extension from home or in tandem with 3CX MyPhone and/or your IP Phone. For information about 3CXPhone, click here.

Using Your IP Phone

3CX works with popular IP Phones. Each IP phone has a different way of performing blind or attended transfers. Below you will find detailed guides with photos showing how to perform a blind or attended transfer. Note that this information is subject to change.

3CX MyPhone Manual In Other Languages

Download 3CX Phone System 12 and start using 3CX WebMeeting a web conferencing solution and take advantage of all its features including its online whiteboard.