Easy Call Transfer and Presence with the 3CX BLF Panel

BLF featured image FinalHow can you keep a close eye on the people you work with directly? How can you know whether they’re tied up or able to take a call or join a discussion?

Whether the company is big or small, we all work with a particular group of close collaborators – a relatively small number of people who have the most input on what we do.

The Busy Lamp Field (BLF) panel on your 3CX softphone enables you to stay in close touch with the people at work who matter most.

 What is the BLF panel?

The BLF panel on your 3CX softphone works just like the BLF panel on your IP Phone. A series of indicators tell you whether extensions are busy or not, and allows you to easily transfer calls.BLF inside image

Think of it like as your list of favorite and most used extensions: You can ask your administrator to configure the BLF extensions for the extensions that matter to you most.

Is your boss too busy to take a call?

Just check the BLF to see his or her status. A green light indicates that a person is available, but if it’s yellow, the line is busy; an orange one shows that the person is away; a red light means that person is on a business trip; if the indicator is light green, that person is out to lunch, Red with white line says ‘Do not disturb,’ and gray means that the extension is unregistered.

BLFs Save Time

The Presence information provided by the BLF panel helps you save time, because you know when or when not to call, and when to transfer a call. Are colleagues talking to each other? Then you know that you can transfer an important external call from a client.

Use the BLF panel to make or transfer a call with a click. A secretary needs to reach her boss? The panel shows he’s available; one click on his exension and the call is made. An important client is on the phone? One click sends the call to the person the client needs to speak to.

Want to learn more about saving time with BLFs? Look here.

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  1. Jamie

    Why is the DND BLF working on the softphone but not on an IP hardphone?
    We’ve tried with Yealink and Cisco phones (registered to a 3CX V14 Pro) but both of them do not show presence when DND is used.

    May 24, 2016 at 12:36 pm
  2. The blf keys on your phones only show call states of an other extension (idle, ringing, in call) but not the related presence state. This is done via sip subscribe and notify messages.

    the 3cxphone does uses this, it uses the MyPhone information via HTTP(s) and will show all relevant presence informations of all extensions you can see.

    in sort, the 3CXphone is the only “visual” representation of the profile/dnd state of an other extension.

    May 25, 2016 at 11:08 am