How Unified Communications Can Provide Better Work-Life Balance

Striking a solid work-life balance can be tricky, so much so that CEOs of billion-dollar companies employ coaches to help them do it. One of the most critical factors in creating that balance is having the mental flexibility to leave the office to spend time with family and friends without feeling like you could be missing a crucial communication from a client or colleague.

Years ago that concept was nothing more than a dream, because leaving the office meant saying goodbye to your company phone number, fax machine and email address. But today, with unified communications (UC) solutions, you can put all of that in your pocket and take it anywhere you need to go.

UC vendors provide features that make it simple to work from home or stay connected while you travel. For instance, the technology allows you to take your company extension on the road so if an important call comes into your office, your mobile phone rings and you can handle business in near real-time, no matter your location. If you should happen to miss a call because you’re at the doctor or out to dinner, you’ll receive a notification in your email inbox and can retrieve the message quickly without dialing into a multi-layered company phone system. Among a wide array of other benefits and features, best-in-class UC vendors offer:

  • The ability to see presence of colleagues at all times
  • Faxes converted to PDFs and delivered to your email inbox
  • Instant messaging from your mobile phone without a third-party system

Generally speaking, companies with happy employees are financially successful—did you know that last year revenues increased by an average of 22.2 percent for the 2014 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For?—so providing workers with communications features that help them balance work and life should be top-of-mind for executives. With a vendor that delivers UC right out of the box, your employees will have all the tools they need to do just that.




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