How to Use Call Alert Popup on 3CXPhone for Windows

The Call Alert Popup notifies you of an incoming call without stealing focus and allows you to see who is calling. From the popup you can answer, decline or divert the call to voicemail.

Using the Call Alert Popup

To use the Call Alert Popup follow these steps:


  1. Minimize the 3CXPhone for Windows client to the notification area of the taskbar by clicking “X” on the upper right corner.  Important: Do not use  “_”  to minimize the 3CX Client since that will send it to the taskbar not the notification area.
    This image shows the 3CXPhone Client minimized to the notification area of the taskbar
  2. 3CXPhone for Windows will remain on the notification area until a new call comes in.
    This image shows the Call Alert Popup appearing during an incoming call
  3. When an incoming call is received the Call Alert Popup will appear on the lower right side of your screen showing the contact entry and number (if they are available) and offers you the following options to manage the incoming call :
    • Answer
    • Decline
    • Divert to Voicemail

    3CXPhone on call

  4. If you select “Answer” the 3CX Phone for Windows will come to the foreground, steal focus and you will be connected to the caller.
  5. If you select “Decline” or “Divert to voicemail”  the Call Alert Popup will be hidden and the call will be handled according to your forwarding rules. 3CXPhone Call alert Pop up will not steal focus.

If the client is minimised to the taskbar using “_” when a call is received then the client will blink in the taskbar.

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  1. Mahomed

    This is a good feature, but it needs some refinement. You should make it a user configurable option as to when the pop-up shows.

    I recommend something like:

    1) Only show when hidden to try (current method)
    2) Always show pop-up (initial behaviour before SP1)
    3) Never show pop-up (believe it or not, some people may actually not want the pop-up. Crazy huh?)

    Yes, I know about, but probably more chance of someone reading this comment :)

    May 8, 2014 at 12:03 pm
  2. Orlin Shopov

    It will be also very useful not to steal focus and show pop-up screens when network connectivity is lost, in many cases the machine could still have internet, but not possible to make either port 5000 http connection to 3CX server or even SIP registation fails.
    The behavior of 3CX phone is rather annoying, probably better approach is to change icon in system tray (like changing color to red or grey, or changing the shape, may be something like Skype client does in case of network problems, you don’t get pop-up screens).

    May 10, 2014 at 1:20 pm