How to Make a Conference Call Using Snom 760/720

conference snom 760 720In this example we will demonstrate how to make a conference call using a Snom 760/720.







Conference Call

  • Make or Answer a call.

conference snom 760 720

  • While on call, press “Line 2” to initiate a new call. This will automatically put the caller on “Line 1” on hold.
  • When the caller on “Line 2” answers, press the “Conferencesnom conference key soft key (“Cnf.On” for Snom 720). The calls will be merged, and you should see “700***<your extension number>” on your pphone’s screen.
  • To leave the conferece press the “X” button.

A conference with up to three participants (yourself and two others) can be made using this procedure.

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