How do I Connect A SmartNode to the Network and import the configuration?

This FAQ explains how to configure your Patton Gateway for the first time by connecting it to the network, discovering it’s IP Address and then configuring the network settings. You will then be able to import the configuration to it. There are 2 ways to log into a Patton Device.

Connecting a Patton to the network using the Patton SmartNode Discovery Tool

Step 1: Connect the device to the network.

Plug in the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port (ETH 0/0).

If you are using a Patton Smartnode that has 2 Ethernet ports (ETH 0/0 and ETH 0/1) be sure to use ETH 0/0 AND NOT ETH 0/1 for configuration. For example, the Patton Smartnode 4960 and 4638 have 2 Ethernet ports. AFTER discovery the device and import of the configuration you will need to switch the cable to ETH 0/1

Step 2: Discover the device

Screenshot1 – The Patton discovery tool

Now download the Patton SmartNode Discovery Tool here.
Copy this to your computer and run it. The tool will detect the Patton SmartNode Gateway on your network and display a window similar to the screenshot above and show device model, IP, Mac address, Build and firmware revision numbers.

Step 3 – Configure the Patton Gateway in 3CX Phone System

At this stage you can configure the Patton Gateway in 3CX Phone System. When requested use the IP address provided by the Patton SmartNode Discover Tool.

Step 4 – Import the 3CX Template into the SmartNode

1. After configuring the Patton SmartNode Gateway in 3CX, double-click on the discovered SmartNode to open its configuration in your browser. Use the default authentication credentials to login

  • Username: administrator
  • Password: blank

You will be taken to the Patton configuration home page.

2. Click on the Import / Export link from the side bar.

Screenshot 2 – Patton Configuration Home Page

3. Now you can proceed to import the template:

Screenshot 3 – The import configuration page

Click on the “Import/Export” Link and then on the click the “Import Configuration” tab. Now click the “Browse…” button to choose the configuration file you created from the 3CX PBX. Then click the “Import” button.

Screenshot 4 – Click on Reload

4. Now you will need to “Reload” the device. Click the “Reload” button to apply the uploaded configuration to the Patton Smartnode and restart the device.

IMPORTANT If you have a Patton Smartnode with multiple ETH ports (Eg 4638 and 4960), then – after the reload – unplug the cable from the ETH 0/0 port and connect it to the ETH 0/1 port. This is required since the template applied assumes that you will connect the Patton to the network via Port ETH 0/1. You must switch the Ethernet cable from ETH 0/0 to ETH 0/1 for it to work.

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