Call Center features with 3CX Phone System for improved Customer Service

3CX Phone System adds call center features at a fraction of the costIn today’s cut throat market, businesses of all sizes must be seen to be providing superior customer service to their existing and potential customers.

Traditional proprietary PBX’s with call centre functionality have proven to be either too expensive or difficult to set up. 3CX changes this as it provides professional call center features within the 3CX Phone System Professional edition at an affordable price, allowing your business to focus on providing the best possible customer service.

Key 3CX Call Center Features:

  • Advanced Real time Queue Statistics
    • Monitor queue status
    • Review the number of callers in a queue
  • Log agents in and out of queues
  • Advanced Agent Statistics
    • Total Time an agent is logged in/out of the queue
    • Review the number of answered/unanswered calls
    • Average and longest wait time and more
    • Wallboards
  • Call Back Feature
    • Allow your customers to hang up and retain their position in the queue
    • The customer is called back when an agent becomes available
    • Call back notification emails are sent to the supervisor
  • Additional Queue Strategies
    • Round Robin
    • Longest Waiting
    • Least Talk Time
    • Fewest Answered
    • Hunt By Threes – Random
    • Hunt By Threes – Prioritized
  • SLA Alerts
    • Supervisors and managers can be notified when callers have to wait beyond a configurable amount of time
    • Events are logged in order to meet customer service requirements
    • SLA notification emails are sent to the supervisor
  • Listen in
    • Supervisors can screen calls by listening in without the agent and caller knowing about it
  • Listen and Whisper
    • The supervisor may need to relate some important information to the agent without the customer hearing
  • Barge in
    • The supervisor can enter the call and assist the agent and customer

All the above features make it possible for your business to dramatically increase its employees productivity and boost sales at an affordable price. Find out more about 3CX Phone System Pro and download the free edition today and break free from your proprietary PBX!