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Installing 3CX SBC on Raspberry Pi or Debian 9 amd64

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Step 1: Install 3CX SBC on Raspbian Linux

Step 2: Configure 3CX SBC

Step 3: Upgrading the SBC (Optional)

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The 3CX SBC is deployed to remote offices where there are more than 2 or 3 IP Phones, to direct their signaling through the 3CX Tunnel and keep the media streams local and to reduce internet bandwidth usage for local calls. The SBC bundles all SIP traffic over a single TCP port, simplifying your deployment and reducing firewall configuration. 3CX SBC also adds stability and security, enabling you to easily manage and provision remote IP phones.

The 3CX SBC is tested on the latest Raspberry Pi and can be used for a remote office with up to 20 phones and a maximum of 10 BLF keys per device. If you have more than 20 phones, then you need to use the 3CX SBC for Windows or Debian 9.

“To install Raspbian Linux on Raspberry Pi see this guide.”

Step 1: Install 3CX SBC on Raspbian Linux

To install the 3CX SBC on Raspbian, login as user pi via the CLI or SSH and: 

  1. Install the 3CX SBC with the command:

wget -O- | sudo bash

Note: The install process can take about 2-5 minutes, depending on your device performance.

  1. When the 3CX SBC installation is complete, proceed to the following section to configure it.

Step 2: Configure 3CX SBC

Once installed you will be prompted to enter the details for your 3CX Phone System. You need to access the 3CX Management Console to get the required information.

  1. Enter FQDN: You can get this from “Settings” > “Network” > “FQDN Tab”.

  1. Enter Local IP: Enter the 3CX’s IP Address. If the 3CX Phone System is behind a NAT enter the local IP. If the 3CX Phone System is not behind a NAT, where “ipconfig” on Windows or “hostname -I” on Linux will result in a public IP address, then enter the Public IP.

  1. Enter PBX Port: You can get this from "Settings” > “Network”> “Ports” tab > “SIP Port” field.

  1. Enter Tunnel Port: Located in “Settings” > “Security” > “3CX Tunnel” > “Tunnel Listening port.

  1. Enter Tunnel Password: Get it from “Settings” > “Security” > “3CX Tunnel” > “Tunnel Password”.

  1. 3CX SBC has the ability to connect your remote office to another standby 3CX Phone System in case the 3CX Primary Server is no longer reachable. If you have failover configured with 3CX Phone System, select Option 1: Enable Failover followed by the public ip of the standby failover server. Otherwise choose Option 2.

  1. Enable Encryption to add an extra layer of security by encrypting all data and calls passing through the 3CX SBC and the 3CX PBX. This requires 3CX version 14 and higher.

Step 3: Upgrading the SBC (Optional)

If you are already have the 3CX SBC installed on your Raspberry Pi you can upgrade as follows:

  1. Update the APT repository information with:
    sudo apt-get update
  2. Upgrade the 3CX SBC package with the command:
    sudo apt-get upgrade 3cxsbc

The 3CX SBC is upgraded and restarted. You can proceed to configure your IP Phones from your 3CX Phone System. 

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