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Version 14 Manual & Documentation Index

This index applies to 3CX Phone System 14. Manuals for older versions can be found here.

Section 1 – Introduction & Installation

1. Introduction, Licensing & Support
2. Installing 3CX Phone System
3. Firewall & Router Configuration

Section 2 – Extension / Endpoint management

4. Configuring the clients: 3CXPhone
5. Configuring & Managing IP Phones & Endpoints
6. Extension Management

Section 3 – Trunk Management

7. Configuring VoIP Providers / SIP trunks
8. Configuring VoIP Gateways
9. Trunk Management

Section 4 – PBX Services

10. Configuring Digital Receptionist / IVR
11. Configuring Ring Groups/ Paging / Intercom
12. Configuring Call Queues
13. Configuring Fax Server
14. Configuring Web / Call Conferencing

Section 5 – Advanced Features & Management

15. Delegating 3CX Management Console Access
16. Connecting 3CX – Bridges
17. The Phone Book / Directory service
18. Call Reporting
19. Monitoring your Phone System
20. 3CX Tunnel / 3CX Session Border Controller
21. Configuring WebRTC Gateway
22. Backup and Restore & Failover

Section 6 – Office, Google, CRM integration

Microsoft Office 365Google Contacts
Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2011, 2013 integration
CRM Integration (PRO) Microsoft DynamicsSalesforce.comSugarCRMAct!Exact Online

Section 7 – 3CX Phone System Virtual PBX Server

Introduction & Licensing
Installing 3CX Phone System Virtual PBX Server
Creating Virtual PBX Instances
Configuring a Virtual PBX Instance
Deploying a Virtual PBX Configuration to a Customer
Backup and Restore of Virtual PBX instances

Section 8 – Other configuration/usage guides

3CX Voice Application Designer Manual
3CX Hotel Module Manual
3CX APIs for integration with other applications (PRO)
Wallboard Configuration
CDR – Call Data Records
Failover Configuration