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3CX is licensed based on the number of simultaneous calls (internal & external) that your company makes. All editions support an unlimited number of extensions. New licenses are sold via the 3CX world wide Partner network, although support and maintenance can be purchased directly from 3CX. Request a quote for a complete phone system including hardware here or find a 3CX Partner. View these sample configurations quotes to get an idea of the cost of a complete solution.

Standard Edition

Pro Edition

Product Edition Sim Calls Euro  USD Euro  USD Buy
3CX FREE PBX Edition 8 SC 8 N/A N/A N/A N/A FREE
3CX Phone System 4 SC 4 275 295 350 395 Via Partner
3CX Phone System 8 SC 8 625 695 750 850 Via Partner
3CX Phone System 16 SC 16 1,250 1,450 1,495 1,695 Via Partner
3CX Phone System 32 SC 32 2,375 2,695 2,895 3,395 Via Partner
3CX Phone System 64 SC 64 4,475 5,095 5,775 6,500 Via Partner
3CX Phone System 128 SC 128 7,995 8,995 9,975 11,545 Via Partner
3CX Phone System 256 SC 256 13,995 15,995 17,595 20,695 Via Partner
3CX Phone System 512 SC 512 22,495 25,650 27,995 31,995 Via Partner
3CX Phone System 1024 SC 1024 37,495 42,995 49,995 57,095 Via Partner

All the above 3CX Phone System Editions include 1 year Maintenance.

3CX Maintenance

3CX Maintenance entitles you to free updates of 3CX Phone System for one year. This includes service pack updates as well as new versions, e.g. from version 14 to version 15. Subsequent 3CX Maintenance pricing can be found here. Maintenance requires correct end-user details otherwise it will not be activated.

Pricing Terms and Conditions

FOB (End User) Internet excluding all taxes: All taxes such as royalty taxes, levies, duties, sales tax and VAT must be added to our prices and paid by the end users in their respective markets. Delivery of our software is done electronically and is activated by means of a license key.