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The First Cloud PBX for the Channel – 3CX

Cloud PBX demand is growing. Virtual PBXs are attractive to smaller businesses but come with a price: Existing cloud PBXs have basic feature sets, and the companies providing them take control of customer accounts and make resellers dependent on their quality control and support procedures. This is a potential recipe for disaster for customers and resellers.

Enter 3CX; A cloud-ready PBX, designed with the reseller in mind, giving them full control over their customer’s data and quality. Rather than a scaled-down basic PBX, 3CX offers customers a fully virtualized 3CX Phone System instance, together with the advanced feature set that 3CX is known for. Enterprise PBX features, unified communications, clients for smartphones and desktops and broad client support, backed by a global brand. Now resellers can offer customers a Cloud PBX without compromising functionality.

Developed for the Reseller

3CX’s Cloud PBX promises a more channel-friendly product by offering resellers new ways to benefit from the market:

  • Leaves reseller in complete control of customer account.
  • Allows reseller to choose preferred SIP trunk provider.
  • Ample scope for sales of add on services, hardware & integration.
  • Ability to scale and start hosting 3CX in their centers.
  • On-premise or hosted deployment according to customer preference.

Start With Hosted by 3CX, Move on to Host Yourself

Resellers experience increased flexibility as they have the option of buying virtual instances hosted by 3CX, one by one, month by month until it’s more profitable for a reseller to host their own. Resellers can move 3CX instances to their data centers, or alternatively on-premise, whenever they wish.

  • Rent hosted instances from 3CX or 3CX Hosting Partners
  • Offer one solution for both on-premise and cloud
  • Fully control the cloud PBX
  • Scalable and profitable solution

Easy Installation and Management

Just like the on-premise version of 3CX the Cloud PBX runs on Windows, making it easy to install and manage for IT resellers, without the need for special telecom or Linux skills. It’s preconfigured to work with popular IP Phones, VoIP Gateways and SIP trunks, saving you the trouble of having to configure and manage these devices.

  • No need for extensive telecom knowledge or training
  • Open Standards – Vendor independent
  • Host up to 25 Cloud PBX instances on one Windows Server
  • Choose from popular IP Phones, VoIP Gateways and SIP Trunks
Windows server