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Zero Admin & Bulletproof Security: Upgrade to V15 Today

Version 15 is not just another new version. It’s a major product upgrade and overhaul. With V15 3CX Phone System has been re-engineered and re-designed. Sporting a modern look and more features v15 is set to eliminate PBX admin, offer higher security and has the ability to integrate with more applications further increasing customer satisfaction and employee productivity. So here are a few reasons why you should upgrade now:

Zero Admin

Ongoing maintenance has been reduced to almost nothing. Many aspects of running a PBX have been automated, avoiding the need to move to an expensive public cloud service. Security, backup and restore, update management and failover are automatically managed by 3CX.

  • New Dashboard for easy monitoring
  • Easy Updating and IP Phone management
  • FQDN managed by 3CX
  • New Enterprise edition incl. Standby license
Zero PBX Admin with the new 3CX Management Console
3CX V15 gets an A+ rating from SSL Labs

Bulletproof Security

V15 now sets the standard in PBX security. The PBX’s inbuilt security has been notched up to include automatic generation and management of SSL certs, encryption of voice traffic via SRTP, traffic to 3CX clients is encrypted via SBC and much more.

  • More secure web server configuration
  • Detection and auto blacklisting of SIP Attack tools
  • A+ rating from SSL lab
  • Provisioning of phones via HTTPS

New Interface

The 3CX client and management console interface have been made more user friendly. 3CX has a more UC like interface, whilst retaining its softphone functionality. More themes have been added, as has the ability to specify a custom background/logo.

  • Provision clients centrally
  • Redesigned User Interface
  • More intuitive
  • Five new themes to choose from
New 3CX client for Windows included in V15
More CRM Integrations with 3CX V15

More & Customizable Application Integrations

We’ve expanded our integration – by supporting more applications out of the box and by adding a scriptable interface that makes it easy to integrate with any CRM / Contact Centre / Outbound call center solution. And we have made it easy to deploy network-wide and to maintain centrally.

  • Ability to install and update centrally via the management console
  • Easy to use scripting interface
  • Easily adapt or create integrations for almost any CRM
  • Create outbound call scripts

Standards Based Web Conferencing Included

3CX V15 integrates open standards based video conferencing without requiring additional software, administration or licensing.

  • New single stream technology for less bandwidth usage
  • Improved iOS and new Android client
  • Personal Click2Meet URL for ad-hoc meetings
  • Brandable interface and new white theme
New white theme and brandable web conferencing interface with 3CX V15