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Setting Up Aastra IP Phones for 3CX Phone System

This guide shows you how to manually provision Aastra IP phones with 3CX Phone System. The following models are supported: 6730i, 6731i, 6739i, 6751i, 6753i, 6755i, 6757i.

aastra ip phones

This guide has been tested with the following firmware versions:

  • 6751i model:
  • 6730i, 6731i, 6739i, 6753i, 6755i, 6757i models:

This FAQ is based on a new phone or one that has been reset to factory defaults. If in doubt, reset the phone to Factory Defaults.

Step 1: Configure 3CX

Each Aastra IP Phone expects a configuration file for its own extension. To create the configuration file:

  1. Log into the 3CX Phone System Management Console.
  2. Go to the “Extensions” node and create or select the extension that you want to assign to your Aastra IP Phone.Phone Provisioning
  3. Click on the “Phone Provisioning” tab and fill in your phone’s MAC Address (located on the back of the phone).
  4. Select a Model from the drop down list and press OK button.
  5. A configuration file in Aastra format will be automatically created and placed in the 3CX Provisioning folder. An Aastra will need the 3CX Provisioning link to access this file.provlink (1)

The provisioning link can be found by accessing 3CX Management Console  “Settings” > “Phone Provisioning” and copy the internal provisioning URL.

Note: Aastra phones are tested to work only when they are used in the same LAN as the 3CX Phone System.

Step 2: Configure the provisioning link in the phone

Now we need to inform the Aastra phones from where to take the configuration file. To do this you can use Option 66 which is a common feature in DHCP servers. For a detailed step by step guide, read our DHCP Server with Option 66 article. If your DHCP Server does not support Option 66 you must do it manually:

  1. Start up the phone and identify its IP Address – using the Settings key on the phone, go to the “Status” > “Network” menu.
  2. Point your browser to the web interface of the phone, for example:
  3. Enter the login credentials (default username “admin”; default password “22222”)Configuration Server Settings
  4. Navigate to Configuration Server Settings tab and configure it as follows:
    • Download Protocol – HTTP
    • HTTP Server – IP address or FQDN of your 3CX Phone System
    • HTTP File Path – /provisioning/PROVSUBDIR
    • HTTP Port – HTTP port of your 3CX Phone System. Example: 5000 or 80.
  5. Save and Reboot the Aastra phone. When the phone starts, it will download the 3CX Aastra configuration file from the 3CX Web Server and provision. You will see the phone registered in the 3CX Extension Status Page.