How to register a Handset to a snom M300 Base Station
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Registering a Handset to a snom M300 Base Station

snom-M25-M300-cropIn this guide we show you how to register a snom M25, M65 or M85 to a snom M300 base station. Make sure that you have first provisioned your snom M series base to 3CX  following the snom M300/M700 Provisioning Guide.


Enable the snom M300 Base for DECT Registration

  1. Open the web interface of your snom M300 base station.Snom_Dect_m300-crop2
  2. Navigate to Extensions and select “Handsets”.Snom_Dect_m300_HS1
  3. If this is the first handset you are registering, which is automatically assigned to the first sip account of the base station, check the “Idx 1” tick box and click “register handset(s)”.
  4. If registering an M25 handset, press the middle button of the navigation circle. If registering an M65/M85 handset, press the “menu” button.
  5. From the menu, point to “Connectivity” and press the middle button of the navigation circle once more.
  6.  Select “Register”.
  7. Once prompted for the “Access Code” – enter “0000” (Zero Zero Zero zero) followed by the “OK” button.
  8. When successful paired, the surname and extension number will be shown in the display of the handset.

Repeat the described steps for all Handsets you wish to register to the base station.

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