Auto Provisioning a snom M300, M700 Dect IP Phone for 3CX Phone System
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Auto Provisioning a snom M300, M700 Dect Base Station for 3CX Phone System

This guide shows you how to automatically provision the snom M series of IP phones which includes the snom M300 (single cell) and M700 (multi cell) Dect base stations for use with 3CX Phone System using the plug and play feature. This guide has been tested with the latest firmware versions supported by 3CX Phone System 14.0 and 12.5. Some phone models may only be available in the latest versions of the 3CX Phone System.


The easiest way to set up a snom M series IP phone for use with 3CX Phone System for Windows is by taking advantage of the built-in plug and play provisioning features 3CX Phone System provides. By auto provisioning your snom dect base station, your base station will configures itself by retrieving a 3CX-generated phone configuration file. If you prefer configuring your phone using the DHCP and option 66, check out this DHCP Option 66 Configuration guide.

In case you are planing to build a MultiCell Dect solution it is required to read the how to guide before starting the implementation:

Step 1: Verify Firmware Installed on Your snom M Dect Base station

You’ll need to verify that the firmware version that’s currently installed on your snom phone is at least version 355 or higher as older firmwares might not have the plug and play feature. To check which firmware is installed on your snom M dect station:

  1. Power up your snom M dect station and plug it to the network.
  2. To find the station’s IP address, pick up an M25/M65 handset, press the “Menu” key and enter “*47*”. This will show the IP address of all stations in range.
  3. Login to the station’s web interface. The default username and password is: admin/admin
  4. Click on “Menu/Status”. The “Firmware Version” must be equal or greater than “IPDECT/03.55/XXXXX”. In case the firmware is below the required version, update your snom M series dect base station:
    1. Navigate to “Firmware Update”.Snom_M-Firmware_324-crop
    2. In the “Firmware Update Server address:” enter:
    3. Click “Save/Start Update”.
    4. In the “Requiered Version” enter: 355 in all available option fields (model dependent).
    5. Click “Start Update” now.

The firmware update process requires around 5 minutes to be installed. The LED of the device will start to flash, shortly after the initiation.

Note for Domain DNS Installations: In case the 3CX Phone System was installed using Domain DNS and the local (internal) FQDN is ending in .local the MXXX base will NOT query your DNS Server to resolve the URL. It will use mDNS in order to find a Host. The Result will be, the Provisioning will fail and no configuration will be loaded from the 3CX Phone System server. In this case use the provisioning option 2B and replace the FQDN with the IP of the 3CX Phone System. This might be resolved in a later firmware version of the base (Currently affected firmware B7 and B12).  

Step 2A: Provisioning a snom M Dect Base Station Using Plug and Play

To begin Plug and Play provisioning plug your snom M dect base station into the same LAN subnet as the PBX and power it up. Make sure you’ve plugged your phone into the same LAN subnet as the machine that has 3CX installed on it (3CX Phone System must run on port 5060). If you are trying to provision an extension in a remote network (WAN) in a different subnet, or on a PBX whose default port is not 5060 please skip this step and see Step 2B.


Now you need to approve the snom’s registration and assign an extension to it. It’s really easy to do. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Phones node within the 3CX Management Console.
  2. When you’ve plugged in your snom phone, you’ll see it appear at the top of the list in bold.
  3. By right clicking on your snom M300 or M700, you’re given the option to select the following:
    • Add Extension – this will create a new extension
    • Assign to Existing Extension – this will assign an existing extension
  4. Now assign or create an extension and click “OK”.
  5. You will be taken to the Edit Extension settings page*.
    • *In case you are using the snom M300, please change from the “Phone Provisioning Tab” the model from Snom 300 to Snom M300!
  6. Click “OK”.

3CX Phone System will send a provisioning link to your snom M dect base station. Once your snom M dect base station receives the link, it will apply the configuration on the fly, and your base station will be ready to use. The first account and all necessary base station settings will be auto generated.

Step 2B: Provisioning a snom M dect base station Using a Provisioning Link

This method can be used to provision a snom IP Phone which does not reside in the same LAN subnet as the 3CX Phone System (including Lan2Lan VPN), on a system which the 3CX Phone System Service is not running on SIP Port 5060 or the IP phone is a remote extension connected via WAN to the 3CX Phone System. This process can also be automated if your network features a DHCP Server with Option 66. If you are attempting to provision a remote extension you should also be familiar with the concepts and information in the Remote Extension Provisioning Guide. To provision an extension please follow the next steps:
  1. Log in to the 3CX Management Console.
  2. Go to the extensions node and create or select the extension that you want to assign to your snom M dect base station.
  3. Click on the Phone provisioning tab and fill in your phone’s MAC Address. You can find the Mac Address of your snom M dect base station by turning the base over and looking at the MAC sticker on the back. Select  a Model from the drop down list  (according to which one you are configuring).
  4. Make sure that the “Select Provisioning Method” is set to “Remote Extension (STUN)” if you are provisioning an extension in a remote network. When choosing this option, you also need to uncheck the “Disallow use of extension outside the LAN” option in the “Options” tab. If you are provisioning an extension in another subnet select “Local Lan”.
  5. If you want to change your Codec Priority or configure BLFs please see the Optional Step at the end of this Guide. Click “OK” when you have selected your desired settings to save them.14sp3-prov-url
  6. Click on the “System Status” tab and copy the “Provisioning URL”  as that will be used in the next step. In Split-DNS installation only one URL will be displayed and can be used for both internal or external phones.

This procedure will create a provisioning file for your snom M dect base station. The next step will be to instruct the phone to retrieve that file.

Getting your Remote snom IP Phone to Register with 3CX

  1. Start up your snom M dect base station and identify its IP address. Pick up an M25/M65 handset, press the “Menu” key and enter “*47*”. This will show the IP address of all stations in range.
  2. Point your browser to the web interface of your snom M series.
  3. Login to the station’s web interface. The default username and password is: admin/admin
    M300 Management Settings
  4. Select the Management section from the left menu of the snom web interface and insert the link which you copied in step 6 of Part 2B into the “Configuration Server Address” entry field as shown above.
  5. In the “Filename” field write “cfg{mac}”.
  6. Click “Save and Reboot” to retrieve the provisioning file from 3CX Phone System. Your snom M dect base will reboot and once it restarts your base will be provisioned and connected to 3CX Phone System.

Registering a handset and additional extensions to the snom M base station

Through the provisioning, the base station has been setup to work with 3CX Phone System for one or more extensions. The first extension has also been configured onto the base. If more extensions need to be registered utilizing the same base station, additional extensions must be configured via the web-interface of the base station directly and mapped to an existing 3CX Phone System user, then paired with a dect phone. Repeat this procedure to add additional extensions on to the same base station. You may take the first configured extension as a reference for which information is required to setup additional extensions.

To register a dect handset for a configured extension on the base station follow the guides below:

To learn more about Installing and deploying the Snom Multi-Cell DECT system on 3CX, watch our webinar in cooperation with Snom Technologies about best practices and do’s and don’ts.

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