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Provisioning a Yealink DECT W52P

This guide shows you how to provision the Yealink DECT W52P IP phone for use with 3CX Phone System and has been tested for the following phone models with the latest firmware versions supported by 3CX Phone System 12 & 12.5.

W52Pwebpicture20X20CM-01590346333To learn how to provision other supported Yealink IP Phones, check out the Yealink T19P, T20P, T21P, T22P, T26P, T28P provisioning guide, the Yealink T23, T32G, T38G, T41P, T42G, T46G, T48G provisioning guide, as well as the Yealink VP530 video phone.

The easiest way to set up the Yealink W52P Base for use with 3CX Phone System for Windows is by taking advantage of the built-in plug and play provisioning features 3CX Phone System provides. This will allow your Yealink DECT Base to automatically configure itself by retrieving a 3CX-generated phone configuration file. Alternatively you can configure your Yealink DECT Base using DHCP and option 66.  Check out this guide on using DHCP and Option 66.

Step 1: Verify the Firmware Installed on Your Base Station and Register the Handset(s)

Verify the firmware version currently installed on the Yealink DECT Base Station. To do this:

  1. Power up the Base Station and go into the Web interface by typing in a web browser the Base’s IP Address (to find the Base’s IP Address tap the button on the top of the base and on the Handset screen you will receive a paging with the IP address).
  2. Log into the web interface using the your Username and Password (defaults are ‘admin’ and ‘admin’)

  3. Go to Menu ->Status -> Firmware and check if you have the latest firmware version
  4. To verify the firmware version of the Handset press the ‘OK’ button->Info->System Status-> Scroll down the menu to More->Handset and from there you can see the software and hardware versions installed on the handset.
  5. Go to the Yealink Support Website and download the latest firmware for your phone.

Upgrading W52P handsets

After you have successfully upgraded the W52P Base, we now need to update each individual handset. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the upgrade tool from here – http://www.yealink.com/Upload/W52P/2013124/Upgrading%20W52x%20Handset%20Firmware.zip Note that the tool only works on Windows 7. Extract the zip file and inside you will find a file named W52P-Flasher.exe.
  2. Download latest supported firmware from http://yealink.com/SupportDownloadfiles_detail.aspx?ProductsID=534&CateID=308&flag=142
  3. Open the battery cover from back of handset and plugin the handset to your computer.
  4. Switch the handset on
  5. Run W52P-Flasher.exe and click on “Scan Device”.
  6. After that is complete click on “Browse” and provide the location of the firmware ROM file.
  7. Click “Upgrade”

Register Handsets on the Base Station

If the Handset and the Base Station are not synchronized out of the box then you have to register them manually.

To register the Handset(s) manually on the Base Station:

  1. Press the ‘OK’ button and go to ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Registration’
  3. Press ‘Register Handset’
  4. Log in to the web interface of your Base Station

  5. Select the ‘Handset&VoIP’ menu and

  6. Press ‘Start Registration’ button.
  7. Go back to your Handset and if ‘Base 1’ is already configured go to the ‘Base 2’  or any other base to register and press the ‘OK’ button. When the Handset finds your Base Station and tries to connect it will ask for the PIN number

  8. Enter the PIN number(default is 0000) and your Handset will register to your Base.

Step 2A: Provisioning  the Yealink W52P Using Plug and Play

To begin Plug and Play provisioning plug your Yealink DECT Base Station into the same LAN subnet as the PBX and power it up. Make sure you’ve plugged your base into the same LAN subnet as the machine that has 3CX installed on it (3CX Phone System must run on port 5060). If you are trying to provision an extension in a remote network (WAN), in a different subnet, or on a PBX whose default port is not 5060 please skip this step and see Step 2B.

If you already have  configured the Base Station before with other settings, please perform a factory reset on it. This will make sure that after the provisioning procedure the new configuration will be correct and there will be no leftovers from previous settings.

Approve the Base Station and Assign an Extension

Now you need to approve the Base Station registration and assign an extension. It’s really easy to do. Simply follow the 7 steps below:

  1. Log in the 3CX Management Console
  2. Select the ‘Phones’ node from the list on your left
  3. The Base station you just plugged in will appear at the top of the list in bold.
    w52P pnp
  4. Now right click on the Yealink DECT phone and select from 2 available options:
    • Add Extension – his will create and assign a new extension to your Yealink Dect phone and will assign the new extension to it.
    • Assign to Existing Extension – this assigns an existing extension to your Yealink Dect phone.
  5. Now assign or create an extension and click OK.
  6. You’ll now be taken to the Edit Extension settings page.
  7. After your configure your settings click ‘OK’. 3CX Phone System will send a provisioning link to the phone.  The phone will reboot, apply the configuration and will be ready for use after that.

Congratulations! You have configured a new Yealink DECT Base Station using the 3CX Plug and Play feature.


According to the way  the Yealink W52P  functions to be able to access your voice mail through the Yealink DECT W52P phone you need to:

  1. Click on the ‘OK’ button on the Handset to access the menu.
  2. Select the ‘Voice Mail’  option from the menu and press ‘OK’
  3. Choose  the ‘Set Voice Mail’ option, you will see the voicemail number appear and that the ‘Status’ is set to ‘disabled’.
  4. Press the left or right buttons to change the ‘Status’ to ‘enabled’ and press ‘OK’ to save the configuration.

You will now be able to access your voicemail by pressing the voicemail button on the phone.

Step 2B: Provisioning  the Yealink W52P DECT Base Using a Provisioning Link

This method can be used to provision a Yealink DECT Base which does not reside in the same LAN subnet as the 3CX Phone System (including Lan2Lan VPN), on a system which the 3CX Phone System Service is not running on SIP Port 5060 or the IP phone is a remote extension connected via WAN to the 3CX Phone System. This process can also be automated if your network features a DHCP Server with Option 66. If you are attempting to provision a remote extension you should also be familiar with the concepts and information in the Remote Extension Provisioning Guide. To provision an extension please follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to your 3CX Management Console.
  2. Go to the extensions node and create or select the extension that you want to assign to your Yealink DECT Base Station
    remote prov 1
  3. Click on the Phone provisioning tab and fill in your phone’s MAC Address. You can find the Mac Address of your Yealink W52 DECT Base  by turning the Base over and looking at the MAC sticket on the back. Select  the Base from the drop down list (according to which one you are configuring).
  4. Select your display language, and make sure that the ‘Select Provisioning Method’ is set to ‘Remote Extension (STUN)’ if you are provisioning an extension in a remote network or if you are provisioning an extension in another subnet select ‘Local Lan’. If you are provisioning Local Extensions via DHCP option 66  please have a look at the Auto-provisioning using DHCP option 66 Guide and for a more detailed description of the procedure and more information on how to provision extensions in remote WANs and the appropriate settings please have a look at the Remote Extension Provisioning Guide.
  5. If you want to change your Codec Priority or configure BLFs please see the Optional Step at the end of this Guide. Press OK when you have selected your desired settings to save them.
    remote prov 2
  6. Click on the Settings tab and select the Phone Provisioning tab. Write down the External Provisioning URL (or the Internal one if you are provisioning an extension in a local subnet) as that will be used in the next step.

This procedure will create a provisioning file for your Yealink W52P DECT Base. The next step will be to instruct the Base Station to retrieve that file.

Getting your Remote Yealink W52P DECT Base to Register with 3CX

  1. Start up your Yealink DECT Base and identify its IP address. To find your Yealink DECT Base IP, simply press the button on the base and you will see the IP address of the base on the handset that you registered on the base. In this example we’re going to assume that the IP address of your Yealink DECT Base  is and the External IP address of the server (or PC) where 3CX Phone System is installed is
  2. Point your browser to the web interface of your Yealink DECT Base, which in this example is
  3. Enter your phone’s login credentials – username and password is admin by default to log in to your Yealink DECT Base Web Interface.
    remote prov 3
  4. Click on the Phone tab and select the Auto Provision tab  from the left menu. Paste the link that you copied in step 6 of Part 2B into the ‘Server URL’ field as shown above (note that in the above image only part of the Provisioning URL is shown due to the field length)
  5. Press the Autoprovision now button to have your Yealink DECT Base to retrieve the provisioning file from 3CX Phone System and apply it. Your Yealink Base will reboot and once it restarts your phone will be provisioned and connected to 3CX Phone System.

Congratulations! You have configured your new Yealink DECT base using the 3CX

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