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3CX has extensive technical support resources including manuals, forums, configuration guides and paid support options. 3CX Technical Support is available via our Support Portal for 3CX Partners (free) or with a 3CX Support package (Extra charge). 3CX Technical Support will assist in configuring SUPPORTED hardware & providers ONLY. It is possible to configure other SIP hardware and providers with 3CX, however configuration and troubleshooting of unsupported devices & services is not part of the standard support package and will be at a charge. Review our support procedures and pricing.

Manuals (v12.5)

3CXPhone Install & Configuration (v12.5)

Manuals (v12)

Supported IP Phones

Preferred / Recommended



Supported VoIP / SIP Trunk Providers

Supported PSTN Gateways & ATA’s

Supported Headsets

Firewall & Router Configuration, Security

Troubleshooting 3CX Phone System

Training & Certification

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