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Configuring Cyberdata Devices

The first step to configuring a Cyberdata device is to access your DHCP server and create a reservation for the Cyberdata device. You need to do this reservation using the MAC address of the device.

If you don’t want to make reservation you can run the VoIP Discovery Utility to scan your network and find your Cyberdata device. VoIP Discovery Utility can be downloaded from here.

You have two ways to provision the Cyberdata device. In the following page you can find the guide on how to configure a Cyberdata device using DHCP Option 66. Below we will describe how to configure a Cyberdata device manually.

Before starting the Cyberdata device provisioning steps, please ensure that your device is running with a supported version of 3CX Phone System. 3CX supported firmware versions for Cyberdata devices can be downloaded from here.

To update the firmware of Cyberdata device please do the following steps:

  1. Unzip downloaded firmware folder and save it on your PC;
  2. Login to the Cyberdata device and go to the Firmware page;

  1. Press “Choose File”, find appropriate firmware file from the downloaded firmwares folder and press the Upload button.

After the Cyberdata reboot you will have a supported firmware version running.

Step 1 : Creating an Extension

  1. Log in to the 3CX Phone System Management console and go to the Extensions page.

  1. Add new extension (or edit existing one) and go to the Phone Provisioning tab.
  2. Enter the Cyberdata device MAC Address in the MAC Address field. Choose the required model from the Model drop-down list and press ‘OK’. A configuration file will be generated and placed in the provisioning directory.

Step 2: Provisioning Your Cyberdata Device

  1. Make sure you have done a factory reset of your Cyberdata device. If not, to reset the Cyberdata device press and hold the ‘Reset’ button for 5 seconds.
  2. Open your browser and connect to the Cyberdata device web interface:


  1. Log in using the default username and password: admin:admin
  2. Navigate to the Autoprov tab and enter your provisioning server credentials in the appropriate fields (you can get your Local Provisioning URL information from ‘Settings’->’Phone Provisioning’ tab):

  • Autoprovisioning Server - Internal/Local Provisioning URL
  • Autoprovisioning Filename - Cyberdata device “MAC ADDRESS.xml”
  1. Click ‘Save’ and ‘Reboot’ the device.
  2. Upon startup, the configuration file will be downloaded from the 3CX Phone System Provisioning server and your device will be ready to make and receive calls. You should see the Extensions turn Green (REGISTERED) in the Extension Status tab of the 3CX Management Console.

Note: Configured devices may still appear as unprovisioned, as the presented UA string varies with hardware/firmware versions.

Step 3: Dial out Extension Configuration

If your Cyberdata device supports Dial out Extension you can easily configure it by configuring the first BLF and adding the required extension or external number in the appropriate field.


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