3CX Testimonials

3CX Phone System for Windows has helped many businesses achieve significant benefits in a cost-effective and innovative way. Below is a selection of 3CX customer testimonials that illustrate the experience and insights of some of our clients and partners, highlighting how 3CX IP PBX has successfully helped them meet their telephony needs.

  • "We are very happy with 3CX Phone System as it was easy to install and configure.
    Phone calls can be directly transferred to mobile phones and international calls can be made without any cost."
    Carsten Koster,
    Advision Digital
  • "Configurability of 3CX is outstanding – we can easily make changes to the PBX ourselves, something that was unthinkable on a traditional PBX"
    Bill Peters,
    Team Lotus Head of IT
  • "3CX is a powerful PBX and streets ahead of Asterisk. 3CX Phone System is extremely user friendly."
    Donal Lyons,
    CEO of Independent IT
  • "We are definitely all in with 3CX. Their tech support is the best in the business and their continual upgrades and advancements to the product lines that they offer. It has been a joy working with 3CX over the last couple of years."
    Jim Wilson,
    President/CEO of Network Certified Professionals