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3CX User Manual

The User Manual explains how you can take advantage of all features that 3CX has to offer. 3CX includes a powerful client for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android which allows you to stay connected from anywhere and manage your calls with a few clicks.

Installing & Configuring 3CX

Make, Receive & Transfer Calls

Checking & Managing Voicemail

Organizing Conference Calls and Online Meetings

Presence & Switchboard

  • Using Presence/Status – What is the Presence Function, how to set it and use it.
  • Switchboard – What is the Switchboard and how to use it with the 3CX client for Windows.
  • Manage queue calls – Control queue calls in real time with the 3CX client for Windows.
  • The Receptionist View – What is it and how to manage incoming calls with the 3CX client for Windows.

Phonebook, Recording, Dial Codes

Instant Corporate Chat

  • Instant Chat – Communicate with your colleagues via chat.