Advanced WebMeeting Parameters in 3CX WebMeeting
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Advanced WebMeeting Parameters in 3CX WebMeeting

Advanced Meeting Parameters

The meeting options tab allows you advanced control over your meetings.

Note: Changes here affect bandwidth utilisation, and are also dependent on each participant’s hardware.

Within the options tab of your meeting, you will be able to control:

  • Audio, Video and Chat: Allows you to control whether Audio, Video or Chat should be enabled.
  • Hide Names: All participants will be hidden from each other. They will only be visible to the organizer.
  • Organizer connects first: The participants will wait until the organizer has joined the meeting before they will be able to join.
  • Everyone is a Moderator: All participants will have the moderator role. For webinars, this option should be unchecked.
  • Allow participant control: Allows participants to have control over their Audio, Video and Chat.
  • Meeting location: Allows the organizer to select the closest MCU to serve the meeting.
  • Video bandwidth: Controls the average upload bandwidth available for Video.
  • Screen Sharing bandwidth: Control bandwidth allocated for screen sharing.
  • Shared document when meeting starts: As soon as a meeting begins, the document chosen will be shared in the meeting’s main screen.

Control Media Access During a Meeting

As an Organizer, you can control which attendees can participate with Video, Audio or Chat within a web meeting.

When conducting a webinar where you present to a large group of attendees, it is best to limit participants’ media access and only allow the use of the chat feature. This way they can focus on listening to your presentation without any interruptions. During a Q&A session, attendees can use the React menu to raise their hand and you can give them video and/or audio access, for them to ask questions.

You can also assign moderators to your 3CX WebMeeting so that they too will have the ability to control participants media access.

Clicking on the icons for, Moderator ,Video , Audio , and Chat  allows or disallows  access to the respective features.

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