Create Surveys and Poll your Audience
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With the new Dashboard
Bulletproof Security
With SSL certs and NGINX
Install on $100 Appliance
Intel MiniPC architecture
New, Intuitive Windows Client
More themes, more UC
More CRM Integrations
Scripting Interface to add your own
Improved Integrated Web Conferencing
iOS and Android apps included
Personal Click2Meet URLs

Create Surveys and Poll your Audience

Create Surveys and Poll your Audience

Create survey (Poll) questions and answers to actively engage your audience and enable them to provide feedback. You can easily create, edit and save a survey using the Surveys tab within your 3CX WebMeeting Portal.

Step 1: Create a new survey

  1. To set up  a new survey, navigate to the “Meetings” tab and select “Survey” from the menu on the left.
  2. Click “New”.
  3. Enter a title for your survey.

  1. In the survey questions field:

(1.) Type a question for your participants to answer.

(a.) Type a possible answer for that question.

  • To add a second answer click the button that is directly under the first answer field. To add more answers simply repeat this step.
  • To add another question click the button that is inline with the questions field and proceed to input a question and answers.

Repeat the steps above to produce as many questions and answers as you like and click “Save”.

You can also create as many surveys as you like. Simply click the “New” button and repeat the steps above. To edit an already created survey, click on the survey title.

Once you have created your surveys they will now be available for all your participants in meetings.

Step 2: Start your Survey and Poll your Audience

  1. You can start your survey by clicking the Polling button within your meeting.

  1. Choose the survey you wish to action and select “Submit”.

  1. The survey will start in your participants’ meeting window and they can begin to answer the questions, choosing from your predefined answers and clicking on the “Next” button to go to the next question.

A real time summary of your participants’ answers will be displayed in your meeting window.

Once the participants have finished answering the questions and they click “Finish” the summary of their answered questions will appear in their meeting window.

Additionally, the total summary of the meeting survey will be displayed in your meeting window.

To close the survey, click the “Polling” button again. The survey windows will close and all participants will be returned to the meeting.

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