Configuring the Beronet BeroFIX VoIP Gateway for 3CX
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Configuring Beronet BeroFIX – VoIP Gateway

This guide shows you how to configure and install a bero*fix with 4 BRI port with 3CX. If you have an 8 BRI or E1 port device, change the setup accordingly.

Important: Upgraded to the latest firmware version. The instructions here apply to Beronet Firmware version 2.3.

Step 1: Connecting the BeroNet berofix 400/1600/6400 to the network

  1. For the stand alone version of the BeroNet bero*fix, click here.
  2. For the Add In card version of the BeroNet bero*fix, click here.
  3. To update the card to the 3CX recommended firmware version, click here.

Step 2: Creating the PSTN Device in 3CX

  1. Log on to the 3CX Management Console and Select “VoIP/PSTN Gateways” node, click “Add Gateway”
  2. Configure a name for your gateway, example “BeroNet”, click on the dropdown, select “Beronet” and choose the “bero*fix BRI” or “bero*fix PRI” depending on the type of ISDN you have. The model is not important at this stage.
  3. Click ‘Next’ to proceed.
  4.  Enter the IP address of the Beronet card/box you have assigned to the card in step 1.
  5. Authentication and Channel InformationConfigure the Authentication ID and the Authentication Password for this device. In the channels field, enter the amount of calls that you can make on this port. In this example, we have 1 BRI port and therefore 2 channels. If you have 2 BRI ports, set the number of channels to 4.
    Important: If you have 2 BRI Lines which have telephone numbers that are not in the same number block example BRI1=222210-222212 and BRI2=223577-223580, then you have to create 2 gateways with 2 Channels for each gateway not 1 gateway with 4 Channels.
    Possible values for the channels:
    1 NBTA BRI = 2, 2 NTBA BRI = 4, 3 NTBA BRI = 6, 4 NTBA BRI = 8
    1 NTBA PRI = 30, 2 NTBA PRI = 60, 3 NTBA PRI = 90 and 4 NTBA PRI = 120
  6. Create an outbound rule for the gateway. Enter a prefix example 0, and Finish to complete the setup.
  7. In 3CX, you will see a button “Configure Beronet Card”. Click on this to open the 3CX Wizard for Bero*fix. You can also access this wizard through this link http://IP.BeroNet/app/api/3CX.php
  8. Enter the username and password of the Beronet card (default: admin/admin).
  9. Under PSTN options select how many ISDN BRI lines are connected to the Beronet box.
  10. Configure whether the ports are Point to Point or Point to Multipoint. (If in doubt ask your telco provider)
  11. Select the toneset configuration for your country and whether you have CLIP or Call Deflection features. (If in doubt ask your telco provider)
  12. In the 3CX Options section enter the IP Address of the 3CX Phone System Server together with the Authentication ID and Authentication Password in the respective fields. Refer to Step 4.
  13. Click “save” to save the configuration, the Bero*fix card will reboot and all card settings will be overwritten.

Step 3: Configuring Fax/GSM

  • If you have an FXS module on your Berofix and you wish to configure it for a fax machine, click here
  • If you have a GSM module on your Berofix and you wish to redirect outbound calls via the GSM module, click here

Step 4: Advanced Settings (Optional)

  • If you want to connect an analog phone or an intercom to your FXS module, click here
  • Click here to configure outbound caller ID for 3CX Phone System extensions.
  • Click here to configure NTBA selection to route calls to a specific line.

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