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The Final Step: Earn Your 3CX Advanced Certification

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The last certification of the 3CX Academy course is the Advanced Certification. This course consists of five modules which cover the more advanced settings of 3CX. These include: Bridges, Inbound and Outbound Routing, Security and Anti-Fraud as well as Basic Troubleshooting. Each module provides you with course content, supporting documents and some sample questions to make sure your ready to take the exam.

Follow the course

Click on any of the modules below to get a detailed overview of what’s covered, the course content, supporting documentation as well as sample questions.

1. Configuring Inbound Routing

When setting up inbound rules, life can be made much easier if this is done based on CID (Caller Identification). This module takes you through the concept of CID inbound routing, how to add a CID inbound rules and how to reformat them.

2. Configuring Outbound Routing

All companies want to save money. An easy way to do this is to setup Least Cost Routing within your PBX. In this module we cover how Least Cost Routing can be setup as well as how to correctly setup and configure your outbound call routing.

3. Basic Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is a daily activity for most IT Administrators. Throughout this module we take you through the various troubleshooting techniques such as verbose logging, the event log, email notifications and WireShark.

4. Security & Anti-Fraud

Security is a very important issue for any business of any size. No one wants external parties peeping around their network. In this module we take you through the security features of 3CX and how to set them up to avoid any unwanted visitors.

5. Bridge Configuration

Many organisations have more than one physical location. So how can these different locations’ PBX communicate? In this module we explain the concept of bridging two PBX installations and how this can be setup correctly.

Are you ready? Take the test now.

To pass the test and obtain your Advanced Certified certificate, you must achieve a minimum score of 25 out 30, otherwise, you can take a resit in 31 days.

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