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6. Security & Anti-Fraud

This module covers all built-in security features, as well as what actions an administrator can do to further secure a 3CX system. In more detail:

  • Identify Vulnerabilities
  • Fraud Countermeasures
  • Security Options
  • IP Blacklist
  • Security Advice

Follow the course

Read the course content here and follow the presentation below or watch the pre-recorded webinar here.

Test your Knowledge

At the end of this module, you will be aware of all the 3CX security features, how they work, how to configure them and what actions can be taken to further secure your system.

Check how ready you are to take the test:

Q. When creating a new extension, its default randomly generated alphanumeric Authentication Password is 6 digits long.

Q. Is a dialled number matched against the “Allowed Country Codes” after any reformatting has been done by the Outbound Rules?

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