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5. Configuring VoIP Providers / SIP Trunks

This module demonstrates how easy it is to configure a supported SIP Trunk in 3CX and how to make your first call. In more detail:

  • Implement PSTN Connectivity
  • Add SIP Trunk Providers
  • Configure Inbound Rules
  • Configure Outbound Rules
  • Configure Outbound Rules Caller ID
  • Outbound Routing for Emergency Numbers
  • Common Setup Errors

Follow the course

Read the course content here and follow the presentation below or watch the pre-recorded webinar here.

Test your Knowledge

After completing this module you will be able to add a supported SIP Trunk to 3CX and understanding how Outbound Rules work. You will also create your first Outbound Rule and learn to control the routing of Inbound Calls to your DIDs.

Check how ready you are to take the test:

Q. Do DID Inbound Rules route a call based on the Dialed Number?

Q. You can restrict outbound calls though your SIP Trunk for all users except your Sales Extension Group users using Outbound Rules.

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