3CX Intermediate Training: 2 Configuring Extensions
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2. Extension Settings

This module covers all the available configuration options in the 3CX Extension Settings. This includes General Settings, Web Meeting, Forwardings Rules, Voicemail, BLF Assignment and more. In more detail:

  • General Settings
  • Web Meeting
  • Forwarding Rules
  • Voicemail Management
  • BLF Concept

Follow the course

Read the course content here and follow the presentation below or watch the video here.

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Test your Knowledge

At the end of this module, you will be familiar with all the Extension Settings available in 3CX and know what each one does.

Check how ready you are to take the test:

Q. Is Speech-to-Text transcription of voicemails possible?

Q. Option “Disallow use of extension outside the LAN” blocks the 3CX Client connecting remotely using the Tunnel.

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