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1. Upgrades & Updates

This module covers how to correctly maintain your 3CX PBX. This includes taking backups, performing major and minor upgrades, and installing maintenance updates. In more detail:

  • Scheduling Backups
  • Host and User Data Backups
  • Upgrade to Major Version
  • Upgrade to a Minor Version
  • Maintenance Updates

Follow the course

Read the course content here and follow the presentation below or watch the video here.

Test your Knowledge

By the end of this module, you will have learned everything you need to know about backing up your PBX. You will also be acquainted with all information required to perform any type of upgrade to 3CX, as well as installing maintenance updates.

Check how ready you are to take the test:

Q. Can you create backups that are encrypted and password-protected?

Q. When installing a 3CX Service Pack, are services stopped?

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