Host your 3CX PBX on Microsoft Azure

Hosting your PBX on Microsoft Azure

Host 3CX in Google Cloud for FREE

Host 3CX PBX on Google Cloud for free for one year

PBX Express Repo Change

Attention PBX Express Users

Try Out the New 3CX SIP ALG – Firewall Check

Check out the new 3CX SIP ALG Firewall checker

IP Phone Switching and VLAN Tagging

Minimize cabling and Switch ports with vlan tagging

Running the 3CX Web Client as an APP

Setting the 3CX web VoIP client as an app

PBX Express Now Supports PBX Deployment to 1and1

Shared Parking Vs. Park Orbit

Parking calls with 3CX

Take the Latest iOS Client (BETA) for a Test Flight

Test Flight the new iOS clients BETA

3CX Client for iOS – BETA IPv6 Support

Test the latest beta version of our iOS client - includes IPV6 Support