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3CX Assistant Build History

Build version 9.0.15770, January 2011

  • Fixed: F11 number dialing
  • Fixed: Stripping of Name+Surname when calling extension causing PBX to send forbidden

Build version 9.0.15208, November 2010

  • Includes: outlook add-ins for 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Includes: 3CXPhone5 Version 14900
  • Improved: plug-in registration with outlook
  • Improved: transfers of calls, drag and drop
  • Improved: Memory optimizations in Assistant client and server
  • Improved: rendering of extensions and scrolling
  • Added: connection name in call history section to identify from which account the call was processed
  • Added: Call Dialog when double click on Call History entry (enabling user to format outgoing number)
  • Added: automatic pop-up of outlook contact record on incoming call (CRM)
  • Fixed: Outbound calling strips / and . from contact numbers in outlook
  • Fixed: Shared parking places can be seen in the Parked calls section
  • Fixed: Transfer of calls from 1 PBX (connection) to another PBX (connection2)
  • Fixed: Bug in changing of profile updates
  • Fixed:  Remote connections and Myphone links when Out of office (Remote)
  • Fixed: Issues in Redial function of 3CX Assistant
  • Fixed: Bug in Conference function
  • Fixed: Removal of prefix in missed calls section
  • Fixed: bug in Pickup Operation
  • Fixed: Recording file is now saved and in correct location
  • Fixed: Supports limited user account with UAC enabled
  • Fixed: F11 function strips non-numeric digits from dialed number
3CX Assistant version 8.11114 23 February 2010
  • Added: New TAPI driver can send caller information to any CRM package that supports the TAPI standard
  • Added: TAPI functionality in SiP Forked ID mode (notifications are supported fully distinguishing call legs accordingly)
  • Added: Czech translation
  • Added: Tapi update
  • Added: Option to remember selection to either Auto-update or Not to update on login
  • Added: Virtualization for permissions in Update procedure to make the update procedure more stable in low permission windows user accounts
  • Added: CRM Outlook add now now compatible with limited User accounts (Standard user)
  • Added: Ability to update 3CX Assistant when user has limited rights (Standard user) but specifying the local administrator password.
  • Added: 3CX Assistant now supports switching between users on Vista and win7
  • Improved: 3CX TAPI driver now supports both outbound and INBOUND notification
  • Improved: Installation procedure for users with limited rights (Standard users) in Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • Improved: Faster login of 3CX Assistant on some machines
  • Improved: Updating of 3CX Assistant is now multi user aware. Even machines with multiple 3CX Assistant installs can be updated as well as 3CX Assistant installs with limited rights
  • Fixed: Tapi is now no longer enabled in the 3CX Phone System Free edition
  • Fixed: Some rare scenarios would cause the Assistant to get stuck
  • Fixed: 3CX Phone integration remained greyed in preferences even though integration was selected
  • Fixed: Cancel Button in assistant’s installation was not cancelling the installation
  • Fixed: Installation issues in repair and modify

Build Version 8.0.10903 3 February 2010

  • Added: New TAPI driver which can interface with other TAPI aware software for inbound call notification and outbound call triggering
  • Added: TAPI driver has better status and Call Control handling
  • Added: Better integration between Call assistant and 3CX Phone
  • Added: Call Assistant can be set to Park multiple calls either on incremental orbits or on a specific parking orbit
  • Added: Call Assistant shows internal calls
  • Fixed: Caller ID in Queues now showing
  • Fixed: Caller ID is kept when a call is Parked or unparked
  • Fixed: Better Connection stability in Call assistant with large numbers of clients
  • Fixed: Call assistant issue when connecting via tunnel
  • Fixed: Added numerous improvements when a call assistant is connected via a tunnel
  • Fixed: Fixed multiple popup notification issue when external application is launched
  • Fixed: Triggering of MyPhone links in Call Assistant when language is not English
  • Fixed: Call Assistant first time profile saving issue
  • Fixed: End of Frame download issue when Call Assistant downloads updates
  • Fixed: Thread control in Call assistant
  • Call Assistant connected via tunnel to PBX may remain stuck if a wrong tunnel password is provided. Resolution Exit Assistant, and start again.
  • The NEW TAPI is only available if Version 8.0.10903 is newly installed. If updates are downloaded from 3CX server, the old tapi driver will remain installed.

Build Version 8.0.9924 11 November 2009

  • Improved: Call assistant client performance
  • Fixed: Park and Unpark stuck calls + refresh issues
  • Fixed: transfers and stuck calls when dragging and dropping
  • Fixed: Barge in functionality issue
  • Fixed: Extensions showing unregistered in Queues
  • Fixed: Incorrect status of calls in sip forked id mode
  • Fixed: Fixed Call Pickup in Queues not showing Incoming caller ID
  • Fixed: CRM integration in outlook on Vista and outlook 2007
  • Added: Copy and paste in Chat and URL detection links
  • Added: Portugese, Russian, and French language updates
  • Added: Logging in the call assistant for better support
  • Added: View of incoming IVR, Queue and Ring group calls
  • Added: New right – See all queues in the system
  • Added: Updates mechanism to update call assistant and 3cxphone integration through system updates
Known issues:
On Vista non-admin accounts with UAC, the crm plugin will not always register.  Best to disable UAC for this account.

Build Version 8.0.9532 9 October 2009

  • Fixed: Bug in transfer and updating of extensions
  • Fixed: Long chat messages were being truncated
  • Fixed: Assistant bug in sip forked ID displaying incorrect status of connected extensions
  • Fixed: MyPhone language is now in sync with the Call assistant’s language
  • Fixed: Timing bug in CRM
  • Added: Italian and French language file updates
  • Added: Skype out numbers from CRM (No TAPI support)

Build Version 8.0.9340 25 September 2009

  • New interface
  • Option to enable automatic updates
  • Ability to automatically download updates from server
  • Checkbox in call assistant to enabling CRM yes/no
  • Performance has been significantly improved
  • Numerous fixes in Rights and permissions for users in the call assistant
  • Installation is now upgradable (from this version onwards)

Build Version 7.1.3438 5 June 2009

  • Fixed: Faster polling of outlook contacts
  • Fixed: Exchange Outlook integration
  • Fixed: Permissions issue in Exchange
  • Fixed: Missed calls bug on German Operating systems.
  • Fixed: Error notification on shutdown

Build Version 7.1.3430 29 May 2009

IMPORTANT – If you have the previous Call Assistant, please uninstall it first before installing the new version. In this version the Call Assistant and the CRM (beta) module have been merged together.
  • Fixed: Correct number formatting in outgoing calls
  • Fixed: Call assistant E164 number allowed
  • Fixed: Call assistant outgoing tapi calls fixed  “Number expected error”
Known issues
  • Exchange – In some situations due to permissions contact matching in Exchange might not work
  • Journal entries in Sip forked ID not displayed
  • Vista SP2 not yet supported (Work in progress)

Build Version 7.1.3400.14148 24 April 2009

  • Improved: User interface
  • Added: Outlook integration
  • Added: Salesforce integration

Build Version 7.1.3379.19249 3 April 2009

  • Changed: Look and interface
  • Added: German, Italian, French, Russian Languages
  • Added: Expanding of Groups and Queues
  • Fixed: Showing of Queues
  • Fixed: Maximize and minimize bug

Build Version 7.1.3355.31327 10 March 2009

  • Added: Exception for 3CX Assistant in the Windows Firewall.
  • Added: Removed voicemail column
  • Added: Menu bar and about dialog
  • Added: Divert on ringing in notification window.
  • Added: Away and available are colour coded. Away Red, Available Green. Also Added to Menu action Drop Down
  • Added: All extensions can by default seel all other extensions (not details, just number)
  • Added: Voicemail Counter at the top
  • Added: The users group will be shown first in the extension list
  • Fixed: Rights for groups
  • Fixed: Caller ID Shown in Call Assistant

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