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3CX Client for Mac Build History

The mentioned Change Log reflects all the major changes. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed. 3CX is constantly improving the product and may implement fixes prior to any official release.

3CX Client for Mac, V15.1.1.138, December 2018

  • Removed parts of the wallboard due to compatibility issues with V16.

3CX Client for Mac, V15.1.1.137, June 2018

  • Improvements to recording and recording usage permissions.
  • Improvements to chat and chat usage permissions.
  • Fixed an issue where ALT+3 (#) had no effect.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a video conference would not send out an invitation.
  • Fixed an issue related to codecs producing low quality audio.

3CX Client for Mac, V15.1.1.125, March 2018

  • Fixed an issue related to presence of extension groups after restarting the client.
  • Added 302 Call Deflection for AWAY, DND, Business Trip profiles.
  • Fixed an issue where emails were not sent for video/audio conference participants.

3CX Client for Mac BETA, V15.1.1.116, January 2018

  • Added IPV6 Support
  • Added TLS support for LetsEncrypt certs. (Custom Certs for later)
  • Added old conferencing functionality back to the client.
  • Minor conferencing improvements and changes for better V15.5 compatibility
  • Fixed an issue with the “Launch application on incoming calls” functionality not working

3CX Client for Mac, V15.1.1.112, December 2017

  • (Several) Improvements in conferencing functionality for easier ad-hoc conference creation.
  • Improvement, instead of showing 700 when calling the conference, show “Conference Call”

3CX Client for Mac, V15.1.1.108, December 2017

  • Improvement: Minor improvements to the scheduled conference management area which redirects users to the WebClient’s conference management screen.
  • Improvement: The in-call “Conference” button now gives organizers access to the “Active Conferences” screen.
  • Improvement: Restricted access to the “Active Conferences” screen from participants as this is an organizer feature.
  • Improvement: Added the “X” button used to end the entire conference back to the UI.
  • Improvement: General in-call conferencing UI improvements and changes and restrictions.
  • Fixes: General fixes related to multiple simultaneous conference management on the same client.
  • Known Issue: “Conference” button after dialing 700 & following conference creation instructions will not activate to allow the user to manage his conference.
  • Known Issue: “Conference” button after dialing 700**YourExtNumber will not activate to allow the user to manage his conference.

3CX Client for Mac, V15.1.0.103, November 2017

  • Added ability to forward calls to a Queue Group Voicemail
  • Added 302 redirection support
  • Added ability to change CMD+3 shortcut
  • Improved record start/stop functionality for PBX V15+ installations with ability to pause recording
  • Changed: The conferencing creation button/menu now launches the 3CX Webclient on the conference creation/list page.

3CX Client for Mac, V15.1.0.69, March 2017

  • Calls connect much faster
  • Calls using TCP were disconnecting after 32 seconds
  • Fixed connection issues in macOS Sierra

3CX Client for Mac, V15.1.0.66, December 2016

  • Added Sierra Support (Requires V15 SP4)
  • Added G729 Codec
  • Improved 3CX Client Provisioning.
  • DTMF can be provisioned
  • Audio codecs can be provisioned

3CX Client for Mac, V15, August 2016

  • Major improvements on the User Interface
  • Major improvements on the Audio/ Video Conference
  • Improved search contact/extention engine
  • Custom logo option added
  • Added a new notification area
  • Added an Abandoned Queue Calls Notification icon on the notification area
  • Fixed Video conference participant added with empty name
  • Fixed issue of Abandoned Queue calls Agent could not marked/unmarked an Abandoned Queue Call as Dealing/Dealt
  • Fixed bug allow deletion of Abandoned Queue calls if the user is a manager of a Queue
  • Fixed and Improved Contacts in Audio and Video Conferences
  • Fixed audio conference issue of targeting an external number
  • Fixed change status leave parenthesis
  • Allow Participant to be added on active Audio Conference
  • Fixed issue of bridge prefix number adding twice
  • Fixed issue when chat retrieves all messages which caused crashes
  • Fixed issue of notification chat message being sent to the organizer informing that a  participant has joined a web meeting
  • Fixed hidden icons on conference
  • Fixed issue with block chat user
  • Fixed issue of select an Active or a Queue call refreshing after 2 seconds
  • Fixed issue with stuck Active Calls
  • Fixed icon issue visibility on an active conference

3CX Client for Mac, v14.184, May 2016

  • Fixed HTTP chunking in login request
  • Update in preparation for V15

3CX Phone for Mac, v14.171, February 2016

  • Answer call time is improved – removed delay when answering calls
  • Add account button has been removed
  • 3CX Phone for MAC – One way audio in Blind transfer fixed
  • 3CX Extensions were sometimes duplicated in Contacts
  • External Application now launched correctly when call is answered (connected)
  • PnP provisioning fixed
  • Fixed bug that was causing unnecessary messages to come to PBX – ContactLookupRequests
  • Fixed bug that 3CX Phone for MAC was not connecting to presence server

3CX Phone for Mac, v14.163, January 2016

  • Fixed UI getting stuck during unsuccessful attended transfer
  • Fixed answer delay when an incoming call is answered
  • Unsuccessful blind transfer does not affect audio stream
  • Hidden extensions are not shown in the Contacts
  • Number is stripped from non allowed characters
  • Status and Custom Messages are always displayed, even if extension is unregistered
  • Fixed issue launching external applications during connected stage 
  • Improved presence and loading of contacts

3CX Phone for Mac, v14.147, December 2015

  • Auto Answer moved to settings
  • OS ELCapitan update for chat dialogs
  • Fixed bug that was causing 3CX Phone System to block and ban 3CX Phone for MAC Clients
  • Ability to Show the Queue login button only if you are logged in to a queue
  • Ability to remain Away or in Do Not Disturb mode for 15 min. After this period, your status will be automatically set to Available. Requires 3CX Phone System Version 14 SP2

3CX Phone for Mac, v14.145, October 2015

  • Chat fix for ElCapitan.
  • Updated logo for black and white themes.
  • Auto Answer moved to Settings Page.
  • Fixed Forwarding Rule bug in My Mobile.
  • When queue calls were answered, icons were overlapping.

3CX Phone for Mac, v14.138, October 2015

(Known issue – OS ElCapitan released on 30th September 2015 is not yet supported)

  • Added new feature 3CX Ad-hoc webmeeting – Quick Meeting
  • Fixed application crash when provisioning client via PNP request
  • Fixed application crash when reviving client from sleep
  • Added Automatic time based switching of status from Away or Do not disturb to Available
  • Webmeetings will be automatically have video enabled

3CX Phone for Mac, v14.0.0.123, July 2015

  • Crash when MAC client is registered as sip forked id and call is answered from a different extension.
  • Crash when loosing connection from server
  • Crash objc_msgSend() selector name: length
  • Client crash when switching from http to https fixed
  • MAC Crashing EXC_BAD_Access fixed
  • Lines 2,3,4,5 were not working – now they are fixed
  • If connection to presence server is lost, a retry is made after 10 seconds
  • Client is able to connect via HTTPS and then HTTP in case HTTPS port is closed
  • Race condition trying to connect and disconnect continuously fixed
  • Dial Pad, Call history sections improved
  • Optimized answering time when an incoming call is received – Call is answered quicker
  • Plug and play provisioning was failing in some scenarios
  • Improvements Queue Statistics Info & Agent Statistics Info – V14
  • Crash caused by 3CX Restart fixed
  • Custom profile status updated for Lunch & Business Trip
  • Scheduled web meetings are now displayed
  • Added Pickup Calls
  • Deleted Selected in Call History is not working – MAC Client
  • Call History fixed from bridge

3CXPhone for MacOSX v12.5, Build 1.0.118, July 2015


  • Support for Encrypted Welcome email
  • Allow easy updating to 3CX Phone System v14


  • Fixed bugs in call controls and transfers

3CXPhone for Mac v12.5 Build 1.0.110 March 2015


  • New Redesign VoIP Client Engine.


  • Added Ability to re-provision from 3CX PBX’s Management Console.
  • Added Missed Calls notification.
  • Added Abandoned Queue Calls notification .
  • Added White color theme.
  • Added International language support.
  • Added Drag and drop functionality for .3cxconfig, .cer and .crt files.
  • Added Business Fax and Home Fax columns in Contacts list.
  • Added SLA Breach in Queue Calls.
  • Added DND option in Auto Profile Status when idle.


  • Fixed crash when sound system cannot be initialized.
  • Fixed crash due to external audio device name.
  • Fixed crash on OS X Yosemite when opening or closing windows.
  • Fixed crash when playing Voice mails/Recordings and window is closed.
  • Fixed crash due to network changes.
  • Fixed crash due to call status.
  • Fixed crash due to mouse selection in Chats and Call history.
  • Fixed crash in tunnel due to network changes.
  • Fixed crash when provisioning extension with enabled Secure-sip (TLS).
  • Fixed crash when Barge in is performed.
  • Fixed random crash due to call-history and matching of Contacts over bridge.
  • Fixed “Prevents computer going to sleep” in OS X Yosemite.
  • Fixed updating of caller display name in blind/attended transfers.
  • Fixed call duration timer in attended transfers.
  • Fixed handling of Company and Personal phone book entries.
  • Fixed handling of calls in blind failed transfer.
  • Fixed mute microphone when sending DTMFs to avoid touch-tones sent as inband.
  • Fixed touch-tones not heard when using Bluetooth.
  • Fixed sorting by date/time in Scheduled 3CX WebMeetings.
  • Fixed windows layout when exiting the application.
  • Fixed “anonymous” incoming calls.
  • Fixed user-agent in PnP requests.
  • Fixed handling of wrong chat messages for local and bridge.
  • Fixed rendering of groups/active calls when group members/rights are dynamically changed from the PBX.
  • Fixed chat handling when PBX dynamically changes rights to see groups.
  • Fixed WebRTC calls not being able to be transferred/diverted.
  • Fixed handling of not available conference partners.
  • Fixed Presence not showing all extensions when pressing show “All Groups”.
  • Fixed Auto Change status when idle detection on OS X Yosemite.
  • Fixed Queues List when a queue or queue agent is removed.
  • Fixed Presence list to update properly when a group name is changed.
  • Fixed WebRTC link icon when removed from the PBX.
  • Fixed Contacts list to update when a DR is added/removed from PBX.
  • Fixed Contacts list to update properly when a bridge is disabled from PBX.
  • Fixed Chat history not showing latest incoming chats.
  • Fixed Tool-tip in OS X Yosemite.
  • Fixed several performance issues when loading chats and call history.

3CXPhone for Mac v12.5 Build 1.0.75 December 2014

  • Fix in Autosensing network module
  • When Webserver recycles, 3CXPhone is not blacklisted anymore
  • Fixed presence connection procedure
  • Fix in date time format
  • Line buttons contain tooltips showing the caller id of incoming calls

3CXPhone for Mac v12.5 Build 1.0.64 November 2014

  • Fix when calling mobile number via 3CX Bridge – proper prefix is prepended correctly
  • Double click on presence calls user directly
  • If line 1 is busy, the next line will be used for outgoing calls
  • Added ability to send WebRTC Call URL
  • Fix in company phonebook updates
  • Improved search for contacts
  • Presence by default shows all Groups in your Office.

3CXPhone for Mac V12.5 Alpha October 2014

  • Added Re-Register Button.
  • Added ability to create private/scheduled/webRTC conferences.
  • Added support for handling personal/company phonebook contact.
  • Added ILBC and speex Codec.
  • Echo Cancellation module.
  • Ability to resend webmeeting welcome email.
  • Ability to import users to a webmeeting via CSV file.
  • Added ability to provision using local provisioning when in office and external provisioning url when out of office.
  • Fixed crash when reviving from sleep state.

3CXPhone for Mac V12 Alpha Build 1.0.27 March 2014


  • Fixed RTP settings parameters changing to an invalid port causing calls to not be processed
  • Fixed a connection issue when using STUN
  • Fixed crash of application when using 3CXTunnel connection
  • Fixed app getting stuck when a connection to the 3CXAPI server could not be made.
  • Fixed bug in importing Welcome email extension configuration
  • Fixed presence connection to 3CX Phone System Cloud Servers

3CXPhone for Mac V12 Alpha Build 1.0.23 Feb 2014


  • Replaced Recordings button in toolbar with Forwarding Rules
  • Set minimum required MAC OS version to 10.7 (Lion) to avoid launch crashes on older OS versions
  • Ability to delete call history (requires 3CX Phone System SP4)
  • Ability to auto size display text fields
  • Added automatic toggle of profile status when Phone is Idle
  • Profile changes are immediate
  • Added hyperlink support in chat window for most popular protocols
  • Added tel:// sip:// call:// and dial:// protocols
  • Added 3CX Hotkey support (Cmd+3)
  • Added support for Plug and play provisioning using HTTPS (Currently available for 3CX Phone System Cloud Server installations only)
  • Added support for SRTP
  • Added support for TCP transport
  • Added support for Secure SIP –  TLS transport


  • Account section was getting stuck when re connection was in progress
  • Fixed incorrect display showing “No accounts” message at application start-up
  • Fixed several minor issues caused when application is not in focus
  • Dialing tone remained stuck when call was rejected on line 2
  • Call history time synchronized correctly
  • Incoming calls on other lines are now ringing correctly
  • Fixed duplicate name/number when incoming call comes in via 3CX Bridge Connection
  • Fixed high CPU usage caused when phone is connected via a slow internet connection
  • Fixed one way audio issue when app is connected behind VPN Client
  • Fixed SDP issue in INVITE
  • Fixed bug where phone tries to connect out of office mode and remains stuck in trying to resolve STUN
  • SIP Parameters “local SIP port” and “first RTP” port are now correctly saved and used

3CXPhone for Mac V12 Alpha Build 1.0.6 November 28th 2013


  • DTMF tones available during calls
  • 3CXPhone remembers the last connected state (in office / out of office) during start-up.
  • 3CXPhone doesn’t hang when the system resumes from sleep / hibernate state
  • 3CXPhone prevents the Mac OS from going to sleep during a call
  • Added Attended transfer function
  • Added the option to prevent the computer from going to sleep
  • Added Active/Queue call handling
  • Added the ability to divert incoming calls to any destination
  • Added Speex and iLBC codecs to the clients
  • Added Auto-update support
  • Added display popup menu for quick access to the most useful commands


  • Fixed bug where the account’s stun parameter was not saved when edited manually
  • Fixed incoming call drop with proper SIP code (Code 486 Busy instead of Code 603 Decline)
  • Fixed error where duplicate SIP INVITEs existed
  • Fixed wrong handling of early media callees
  • Fixed erroneous LAN/WiFi network detection
  • Fixed reconnection after machine restart / logon / awake from sleep
  • Fixed error where the client was missing the time synchronisation with the server
  • Fixed error of calling sound appearing on the background from other lines
  • Fixed incorrect keyboard showing when switching back to a line on hold
  • Fixed error where the dial tone continued playing when a call in transfer was disconnected by the remote end
  • Fixed the wrong handling of an in-transfer call when receiving an incoming call
  • Fixed incorrect Voicemail sorting by duration
  • Fixed incorrect active calls sorting by duration
  • Fixed incorrect contact sorting by extension
  • Fixed bug in incorrect display of bridged extensions in 3CXPhone contacts
  • Fixed the incorrect popup-menu display on the Queue calls tree when a call is selected from the calls list
  • Fixed incorrect default queue sorting by number in Queue calls tree
  • Fixed bug with missing “clear text” button on the display
  • Fixed the incorrect Voicemail popup-menu when the partner has a only number specified but no name
  • Fixed the short flickering of the Chat window when opened
  • Fixed the inconsistencies in displaying the Call status while toggling between calls
  • Fixed the Enter key on Apple’s keyboard numeric keypad not being recognized

3CXPhone for Mac V12 Alpha Build 1.0.3 October 18th 2013


  • Support for RFC2833 and INBAND DTMF
  • G722 high-quality wideband codec
  • Audio-routing for sounds
  • Audio auto-sensing
  • Enhanced Echo cancellation
  • Audio level control for microphone/voice/sounds
  • Busy tone
  • Auto-answer
  • Support for multi-line call handling
  • Displaying myphone status message
  • Quick myphone status change
  • Display if/why destination extension is not available when dialing
  • Groups view in Presence window
  • Presents recordings in user-readable format
  • Allow call back or transfer from Recordings
  • Chat over bridge
  • About window
  • Las dials history by clicking repeatedly the Line button or arrows keys.
  • Preliminary support for Active Calls
  • Preliminary support for Queue Calls
  • Alt+Tab shortcut to quick navigate between opened windows.
  • Bring phone window to front when is overlapped by its own other windows by clicking the dock icon
  • Added iTunes audio integration to pause/resume it by 3CXPhone calls


  • Display contact not updated for transferred calls
  • Wrong handling of failed blind transfers
  • Wrong handling of maximum incoming calls
  • Duplicate display name for PlayFile calls
  • Line button remaining green when closing line
  • Wrong sorting by date in Recents
  • Wrong sorting by extension in Voicemails
  • Ignored bridged extensions
  • System extension match in Recents
  • Incomplete updated extensions
  • Incomplete persistence saving when app exits
  • Wrong bring to front on incoming call
  • Wrong contact find between bridges
  • Chat not performed from Contacts window
  • Line button remaining green when deleting number by backspace
  • Keyboard/display inconsistences when no active accounts or not registered
  • Phone window not being activated when right-click for copy/paste
  • Missing SIP Ringing reply to incoming calls
  • Disconnection of incoming queue calls
  • Misleading Mute state across call hold/unhold
  • Server/local datetime display in Voicemails
  • Wrong sorting by date in Voicemails
  • Missing label in all Search filters
  • Missing Number column in Recents
  • Wrong mute on/off button images
  • Filter ignored in Contacts at connect time
  • Window closing by Cmd+W when search filter is shown

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