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Click2Call Extension for Google Chrome

The mentioned Change Log reflects all the major changes. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed. 3CX is constantly improving the product and may implement fixes prior to any official release.

Click2Call 3CX Chrome Extension, Version 10.8, June 2018

  • Fixed an issue related to the screen sharing part of this extension.

Click2Call 3CX Chrome Extension, Version 10.7, May 2018

  • Fixed issues with identifying very specific number formats.

Click2Call 3CX Chrome Extension, Version 10.6, April 2018

  • Added ability to specify to blacklist specific pages instead of just entire FQDN’s.
  • Added ability to specify a page or FQDN in the blacklist with or without the http/https protocol
  • Click2Call / Screen Sharing plugin for Firefox Quantum (
  • Fixed an issue with the min / max dial-able numbers.
  • Fixed several issues related to screen sharing.

Click2Call 3CX Chrome Extension, Version 10.3, December 2017

  • Several fixes related to helping to detect French formatted numbers.

Click2Call 3CX Chrome Extension, Version 9.16, October 2017

  • Number sequences  with more than 3 spaces used in French locales (e.g 22 66 00 44 33 22) were not detected as callable numbers
  • Performance improvements as to prevent page slowdowns during the loading of WebPages
  • Regexp fixes to ignore:
    • Valid Dates
    • Long number sequences
    • Pre tags
    • Code tags
    • Numbers inside URLs
    • Fixed content security policies related to SalesForce
    • Numbers in textareas, inputs, and selection boxes
    • Valid IP ranges
    • Number with excessive dashes, + symbols, brackets that make the number not conform to any known callable number format

Click2Call 3CX Chrome Extension, Version 1.5, October 2016

  • Added new feature for Maximum Number Length
  • 3CX Arrow icon was not shown correctly
  • Google images were not opening when google image search was used
  • Gmail Contacts were not displayed correctly
  • Phone numbers starting with parenthesis were not being detected

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