Click2Call Extension for Google Chrome

Click2Call 3CX Chrome Extension, Version 10.3, December 2017

  • Several fixes related to helping to detect French formatted numbers.

Click2Call 3CX Chrome Extension, Version 9.16, October 2017

  • Number sequences  with more than 3 spaces used in French locales (e.g 22 66 00 44 33 22) were not detected as callable numbers
  • Performance improvements as to prevent page slowdowns during the loading of WebPages
  • Regexp fixes to ignore:
    • Valid Dates
    • Long number sequences
    • Pre tags
    • Code tags
    • Numbers inside URLs
    • Fixed content security policies related to SalesForce
    • Numbers in textareas, inputs, and selection boxes
    • Valid IP ranges
    • Number with excessive dashes, + symbols, brackets that make the number not conform to any known callable number format

Click2Call 3CX Chrome Extension, Version 1.5, October 2016

  • Added new feature for Maximum Number Length
  • 3CX Arrow icon was not shown correctly
  • Google images were not opening when google image search was used
  • Gmail Contacts were not displayed correctly
  • Phone numbers starting with parenthesis were not being detected