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3CX WebMeeting Build History

3CX WebMeeting, Build 9.3.120, January 2017

  • Feature: Added the Whiteboard Feature with 2 different templates and several basic whiteboard tools to draw with.
  • Feature: The PDF sharing functionality also has a suite of basic drawing tools added to it.
  • Improvement: Meeting recordings containing shared PDF’s are converted to mp4 and sent to the user much faster.
  • Improvement: Several back-end platform improvements for stability.
  • Improvement: Back-end security.
  • Improvement: Support for huge meeting recordings of over 2GB.
  • Improvement: Ability to show or hide the call tools bar on demand.
  • Improvement: 2’nd and 3’rd party users can only join another user’s private meeting only if the private meeting owner is present in the private meeting room.
  • Improvement: Front End PDF Viewer fixes and improvements.
  • Improvement: 14 new meeting servers to select from in several new locations worldwide for better quality of service. Locations include: Germany, London, Russia, Italy, Norway, Romania, Los Angeles, Seattle, Sao Paulo, Costa Rica, Mexico, India, Korea and Johannesburg.
  • Fixes: Disabling WebMeeting for a specific extension from the PBX UI now works correctly.
  • Fixes: Some users with special UTF8 characters in their names could caused them to not be able to join meetings.
  • Known Issue: Android and iOS users will only hear and see 4 people.
  • Known Issue: Android and iOS users will not see Whiteboard drawings.
  • Known Issue: Meeting recordings will not contain whiteboard drawing objects.
  • Known Issue: Quick Meetings/Private Meetings invited participant lists are not correctly displayed on the WebUI invitation list in some cases.
  • Known Issue: Emails invited with an anglebracket instead of a normal bracket from the 3CX Client can cause a meeting to not be joinable for specific users.

3CX WebMeeting, Build 9.2.143, November 2016

  • Improvement: Several back-end server software optimizations and improvements.
  • Improvement: Platform now supports several times more users simultaneously connected to meetings.
  • Improvement: A single user can now enter multiple meetings at the same time, but not the same meeting twice.
  • Improvement: Same quality, less bandwidth used when sharing a PDF, screen or poll.
  • Feature: Added TURN. Users who are unable to use a UDP connection will automatically use TURN instead.
  • Feature: Added the “Pen” feature. You can now draw on PDF’s.
  • Fixed: Several meeting disconnection problems.
  • Fixed: An issue where only 1 queue agent at a time could serve queue WebMeeting users.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, a PDF’s pages were not rendered correctly for all users in a meeting.
  • Fixed: Sometimes meeting recordings and reports would not be received.
  • Fixed: Sometimes users got disconnected from meetings and could’t log back in for some time.
  • Fixed: A back end service would crash on occasion causing some active meetings to end abruptly.
  • Fixed: Sometimes users could not login to meetings and would get the following message: “MCU not found”
  • Fixed: Inability to invite more than ~250 users to a meeting.
  • Fixed: Users with low bandwidth could have caused other users to disconnect from a meeting.
  • Fixed: Users with no microphone or audio output device will not be able to see video of other users.
  • Known Issue: Android and iOS users will only hear and see 4 people.

3CX WebMeeting, Build 9.1.44, September 2016

  • Improvement: Several back-end server software optimizations and improvements.
  • Fixed: If a user did not have a camera screen sharing and remote control would not work.
  • Fixed: Wrong date-time in Quick Meeting email invitations.
  • Known Issue: Users with no microphone or audio output device will not be able to see video of other users.
  • Known Issue: Android and iOS users will only hear and see 4 people.

3CX WebMeeting, Build 9.0.261, July 2016

  • Added Feature: Optional user friendly/shortened meeting URL names.
  • Added Feature: Replaced WebRTC gateway with 3CX WebMeeting private/personal meeting rooms.
  • Added Feature: New user roles: Organizer, Presenter, Participant.
  • Added Feature: Custom Logo / Branding.
  • Added Feature: Private Meeting Rooms.
  • Added Feature: Accepting or Rejecting a participant from joining your Private Meeting.
  • Added Feature: Kicking participants from a meeting.
  • Added Feature: X button added to video panels.
  • Added Feature: Notification over 3CX Phone for Windows for newly joined meeting participants.
  • Added Feature: White Theme for 3CX WebMeeting added in PBX settings.
  • Added Feature: 3CX WebMeeting admin and user options are now managed through the 3CX PhoneSystem.
  • Added Feature: Added the “Geolocation” feature. Automatic MCU selection based on PBX geolocation.
  • Improvement: General improvements targeted to give 3CX WebMeeting support center platform capabilities.
  • Improvement: Multiple incoming and Outgoing connections have now been merged into one connection.
  • Improvement: The recording converter service now converts up to 4 meeting recordings simultaneously.
  • Improvement: Redesigned the meeting reminder feature to provide more information about upcoming meetings.
  • Improvement: Updates to all languages.
  • Improvement: Audio compression added in meeting recordings to normalize all participants audio.
  • Fix: Fixed a layout issue related to PDF sharing.
  • Fixed: New Geolocation database with accurate location tracking.
  • Change: Changed the term Moderator to Organizer.

3CX WebMeeting, Build 8.3.33, May 2016

  • Fixes: Fixed an issue where the CSS for some manually created portals was broken.
  • Fixes: Fixed a bug where meeting notes would not be saved.
  • Fixes: Fixed an issue where some browsers would not show the “End Sharing” dialog while the “Share Screen” dialog was active.
  • Improvements: Added Firefox support for On-Premise installations.
  • Improvements: Updated Languages.
  • Improvements: Greatly improved and optimized the video conversion services.

3CX WebMeeting, Build 8.3, March 2016

  • Fixed an issue where audio stream would have a 1-6 second difference from the video stream.
  • Fixed an issue where PDF’s with strange characters could not be shared.
  • Fixed an issue where long meeting names would not be displayed correctly in the portal.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Camera not found” dialog would appear when clicking on another user’s deactivated camera.
  • Fixed an issue where recordings only started to convert a few minutes after they were added to the conversion queue.
  • Fixed general issues where the conversion of a meeting recording would sometimes fail.
  • Improved Video Stream Quality for users with high upload bandwidth
  • Increased chat character limitation from 256Chars to 512.
  • Improved PDF Sharing functionality by giving the user the ability to start sharing a new PDF without having to first stop sharing an existing one.
  • Improved the “Re-Send invitation” functionality in the portal where a user could accidentally press this button twice and send double invites.
  • Improvement: Added tooltips for all old and new WebMeeting UI features, icons and all their different states.
  • New Revamped WebMeeting UI with several usability improvements
  • Added Firefox Support

3CX WebMeeting, Build 8.2.73, February 2016

  • Fixed issues related to the “Share PDF” function.
  • Fixes and improvements to the “Remote Assistance” module.
  • General fixes to the “Share Screen” function.
  • Fixed an issue where the chat would not correctly display languages other than English.
  • Fixed an issue regarding a crash with the Sony Xperia, Nexus 5.
  • Fixed an issue where video would get stuck but wouldn’t re-connect.
  • Fixed an issue where starting a screen share before enabling video would cause one of the participants not to see the other.
  • Fixed an issue where one participant’s bandwidth issues would affect other participants video quality.
  • Introduced clever connection management for users with low bandwidth connections.
  • UI Fixes and Improvements.
  • Improved conference recording function. Recordings are now at least twice as small than before.

3CX WebMeeting, Build 8.2, February 2016


  • Improved video quality, network connectivity, and CPU usage
  • Users can now connect from restricted networks
  • Warning network dialog was prompted even when ports were open
  • Fixed numerous black screen issues being displayed to participants
  • Participant connections were remaining stuck
  • Remote Control Client is now able to install without requiring administrative rights
  • Fixed “unknown server information” with the server handling the meeting
  • Fix in pdf pointer when recording is converted
  • Email notifications updated
  • Fixed issue when user logs out then back into the meeting and a message is displayed that user the is already in the meeting
  • Unnecessary emails were sent every time a change is made
  • Email displaying “unknown organizer” fixed
  • Portal expiration date is updated correctly
  • Moderator role is automatically disabled when the option hide participants is enabled
  • Share PDF now depends on Moderator role
  • Removed preview window when sharing a PDF

3CX WebMeeting, Build 8.0.363, August 2015


  • Expiration date for 3CX WebMeeting licence now matches the expiration date of the portal expiration date
  • The 3CX maintenance expiration date matches a free 3CX WebMeeting activation for 3CX WebMeeting (integrated version)
  • When a recording is delete – it is also deleted for pub directory
  • Recordings are no longer stored in the windows Temp
  • When a session is deleted / mp4 files are deleted
  • Includes a fix for disabling the MCU
  • Includes fix for monitor – stale connections
  • Polling icon is now invisible when polling list is empty
  • Applied Geo IP MCU logic and distance calculation
  • Includes fix for when the admin cannot change user disk quota
  • Includes fix for when remote assistance would crash once the window was minimized