3CX WebMeeting for iOS

3CX WebMeeting for iOS v10.1.2, April 2018

  • Fixed an issue where e-mails imported from your contacts would be reformatted if they contained a dash.

3CX WebMeeting for iOS v10.0.0.2, January 2018

  • Fixed an issue related to the “invite” feature not working correctly in the latest version.

3CX WebMeeting for iOS v9.0, July 2016

  • Feature: Added support for usage with the 3CX PBX V15.
  • Feature: Added support for new participant roles.
  • Improvement: Merged multiple connections into a single connection model.
  • Info: This application is only compatible with Version 15 of the 3CX PBX.

3CX WebMeeting for iOS v3.0.1, April 2016

  • New meeting layout
  • Improved presentation mode
  • Optimized user interface for up to 6 simultaneous video participants
  • Fixed an issue where PDF’s with strange characters could not be received