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3CX Assistant Configuration for 3CX PhoneSystem V9

Prior to V9, 3CX Assistant configuration required a separate profile for connecting from the LAN, from the WAN without the tunnel (direct), and from the WAN with the tunnel. For most users, 2 profiles would be necessary, and such users would typically have one profile for LAN connection and another profile for WAN connection using the tunnel.

3CX PhoneSystem V9 now allows you to create a single profile for both Local and Remote (you will need to choose whether to work via tunnel or not), and then quickly change directly as necessary from the 3CX Assistant main interface.

Configuring 3CX Assistant in V9

For this example, we will assume that:

  • Extension Number is “100”
  • PIN Number for this extension is “9910099”
  • LAN IP Address for the PBX is
  • WAN IP Address for the PBX is
  • We will be using the Tunnel in WAN mode, so:
    • 3CX Tunnel Password “abc”
    • Tunnel Port “5090”

Switching from Local Mode to Remote Mode can be done from the main 3CX Assistant Interface:

Incoming Calls Notification

The 3CX Assistant is a useful tool that allows a user to better manage calls, and to collaborate with other users within the same group of Extensions.

3CX Assistant also includes some advanced functionality that can significantly improve a user’s experience and productivity with 3CX PhoneSystem.

Built-In Incoming Calls Notification

3CX Assistant can display a popup when an incoming call is detected. Since most soft phones, including 3CX Phone, will display their own notification for inbound calls, this feature can prove particularly useful when the user is handling a desk phone, rather than a soft phone.

To enable this feature, go to the “File->Preferences” menu, then go to the “Options” tab, and enable the “Notify on my incoming calls” option.

This will cause a popup to display, showing the number of the caller, and the name when available.

Custom Incoming Calls Notification

If we want to achieve integration with some Enterprise Application, we can get the 3CX Assistant to notify an external application of incoming calls. Some code development will be necessary to achieve this integration, but a simple example with a DOS Batch script will effectively demonstrate how to achieve this.

First, we should create a file “C:\notify.bat” with the following contents:

@echo off

echo Incoming Call Notification – Caller: %1%

timeout /t 5 /nobreak

Next, we need to configure this feature inside 3CX Assistant. Go to “File->Preferences”, and in the “Options” tab:

  • Enable the “Notify external program on my incoming calls” feature
  • Set the “External program path to executable” field to “c:\notify.bat”
  • Set the “Parameters” field to “%callid%”

This will cause the 3CX Assistant to launch the specified program (in this case “c:\notify.bat”) specifying the CallerID as a parameter (defined as “%callid%” in the “Parameters” field).

Using this example as a base, one can simply and easily develop a small application that passes information about incoming calls to any application that has API access of some sort.

Removing 3CX Assistant

To remove 3CX Assistant, simply use the “Programs and Features” Control Panel application to uninstall the application.

If you need to manually remove 3cx Assistant to ensure that all has been removed after Uninstall:

  • Check for C:/Program Files/3CX Assistant and delete this folder
  • Using Regedit, search for 3CX Assistant and delete all keys and entries
  • Check for C:/Program Data/3CX Assistant CRM Integration/ and delete this folder
  • Check for C:/Program Data/3CX Assistant/ and delete this folder
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