Customizing Email Templates

With the arrival of 3CX Phone System V14 also come some great new features. One of which is the new feature for Customizing Email Templates. From the email templates section you will be able to completely reinvent the email templates within 3CX Phone System.

For instance, you can take the default Welcome Email Template (this is the email that is sent out when a new extension is created) and set it to include your own company’s logo, enter some of  your own text, include some of your own links and even add an email from name and the first and last name of the user, as configured in their extension settings.

Lets take this example mentioned and actually change the logo for the welcome email to include your company’s logo, a from name for the email header as well as the first and last name of the user.

Step 1: Change the Image to Include your Company’s logo.


  1. From the 3CX Management Console, expand the “Settings” node, then select “Email Templates”.logo
  2. From the “Choose e-mail template” drop down menu, choose “Extension Welcome”. Find the first section that refers to the a location for an image1.png.

    This is the default logo as it appears on the top of the Welcome email: 3cxPhonesystem-Image1

  3. Copy the images’ URL link ‘’, enter it into your browser address bar and hit enter, this will pull up the image,  right click on the image and choose save image as, to save it to your computer. Or just save it using the image above. Now we have a template to work from, of course you can totally skip this step and make you own from scratch if you like.
  4. Using your image editor, modify the image or completely re-invent it, its up to you. in this example the image was changed so that the right side of the logo included a section that now reads ” My Company’s Logo Goes Here”.
  5. Once finished upload your new image to your website or somewhere on the internet so that you can simply retrieve a URL link for it.
  6. Now only change the section with the link to the image, to the path for your new image, For example:  ‘’ and click “Save”.

Now when the email is sent the top logo will look like this:

Step 2: Add a Display Name to your Email


To add a from name to your email header simply type one in the “From (display name)” field and click “Save”. This name will then show up in the welcome email from field.

Step 3: Add the Name of the User as Configured in their Extension.


1. In the right hand side of the 3CX management Console, of the email template section, you will see all the available parameters that can be added to this email template.


2. In the email template locate the section that starts with “Hi,”, on line 27, copy the “%%EXTFIRSTNAME%%” and the “%%EXTFIRSTNAME%%” from the “Available parameter” box by clicking on them one at a time and copying them from the box in the bottom right of the console and pasting them to line 27, as pictured above and click “Save”.

Now the when the welcome email is sent out it will include all the changes we have made and the top part will now look like this:


To change back to the original template simply click on the “Reset to default” button.

Again this is just an example, you can do whatever you wish. This just demonstrates how easy it is to customize your Email Templates.

There are many e-mail templates that can be customized so go ahead and be as creative as you like and have fun with your brand new 3CX Phone System.