Managing 3CX Phone System Recordings

3CX Phone System V14 has some great new useful features like the ability to manage your company’s recorded conversations and voicemail messages centrally, directly from the 3CX Management Console. You can download and delete call recordings and set up retention policies for both call recordings and voicemail messages to be deleted after a certain amount of days in order to conserve your much needed disk space.                                                                           

Manage Recordings 


To manage call  recordings simply expand the “Settings” node and select “Recordings Management”. From here you can choose which recordings you would like to either download or delete.

Set Retention Policies for your Voicemail and Call Recordings


To set up the number of days to keep recordings:

  1. Expand the “Settings” node > select “General”,  then switch to the “Quota” tab.
  2. Tick the check box for the type of recordings to clear, then select the number of days that they will be kept for before they’re deleted and click “Save”.

3CX Phone System v14 has some more great new features that you can read about like the ability to Customize Email Templates for all the notification emails that 3CX sends out.

You can read all about these and other enhancements, learn how to upgrade your current system in a few easy steps and find all the information you need to install, manage and run 3CX Phone System v14 from our Online Administration Manuals and User Guides.