Managing Agent Status in Queues

This content is for 3CX V14. For the latest version take a look at this guide.

3CX Phone System provides complete call centre functionality, with the Queues function. The PBX has queues, with agents as members to service calls coming into the queues. Queues distribute calls to agents depending on which queue the caller has called, and which agents are available in each individual queue. An agent can be a member of one or more queues. The PBX provides various ways of logging agents in and out of the queues.

In this tutorial, we will take you through the various ways of logging agents in and out of queues in 3CX Phone System. The default state of agents and their membership in queues at the extension creation time is Logged Off.

Global Login and Logout

The global queue toggle will add an agent to all queues in operative mode or remove them from service. However it will NOT override explicit queue logouts, more on explicit logout at a later stage.

3CXPhone Q-Button

The “Q” button on 3CXPhone is a toggle switch which logs agents in or out of queues. When an agent is logged out of the queues, you will see the “Q” button greyed out as in the image below.  On the other hand, when an agent is logged in to the queues, you will see the “Q” button highlighted in white or blue (depending on the theme).

Q button greyed


Desktop (Hardware) IP Phones do not provide a “Q” button to log in or out of the queues. There are two methods a desktop IP Phone can log  agents in or out of a queue. One of the methods used to log in/out is via the Queue BLF keys. The administrator can configure/provision a BLF key to log in to the queues and another key to log out of the queues. If the agent’s phone has BLF keys, they can log in using the login BLF button, as shown in the image below. You will hear an audio confirmation that “This extension is logged into the queue”.

IP Phone Queue In

You can also log out from the queues, using the logout BLF button on the IP Phone. You will hear an audio confirmation that “This extension is logged out of the queue”.

Dial Codes

Some IP Phones do not have BLF keys. In this case, agents will need to use dial codes, which are provided with the PBX, to log in and out of queues. The dial codes are defined in the 3CX Management Console and configured by the PBX Administrator.

By default the dial code to log in to a queue is *62
By default the dial code to log out of a queue is *63

These can be modified by the PBX Administrator, so it is best to verify the dial codes with the Administrator before using these. In the image below you can see the way to log into the queue on a phone without BLF key functionality.

Login and out of queue without BLF

Automatically Based on the Extension’s Profile Status

An agent can be automatically logged in or out of queues, depending on the extension’s profile status or even based on the time of day. If the Administrator has enabled the option in the PBX Management Console, the agent’s Queue status will change, depending on the Extension’s profile status. When the agent is “Available” the agent will be logged in to the Queues.
When the agent chooses “Away” or “Do Not Disturb” the agent will be automatically logged out from the queues.

Automatically based on the time of day

The administrator can also configure an extension to change the extension’s profile status based on the time of day and the queue status will change accordingly. The extension can either follow the office hours of the PBX or follow specific office hours defined for the extension. The extension can also have specific break times.

  • During Office Hours, the extension will be in the “Available” state
  • During Out of Office Hours, the extensions will be in the “Do Not Disturb” state
  • During the Break Times, the extension will be in the “Away” state

In this case, the extension will automatically change status during the day depending on the configured office hours and the agent will be logged in or out accordingly.

Management Console

Access to the 3CX Management Console can be delegated to each individual user to manage his/her own extension or can be set by the system admin.

  1. Log in to the PBX, using the credentials of the extension.
  2. Go to the “Other” tab of the Extension Settings
  3. In the “Queues Status” drop down box, log in or out of the queues and apply the configuration.

The agent will now be logged in or out of the queues.

Queues management console

Explicit (Selective) Login and Logout

An agent can be a member of more than one queue and the agent can choose which queues they will be a member of, possibly due to more demand for agents in a particular queue. In this case the expanded presence screen can be used to select which individual queues an agent will be logged in to.

3CXPhone from the Switchboard

When using the Switchboard to login or logout from the Queues, this action is persistent. In the following screenshot, you will see all the agents logged into the queues.

Queue View
Agent 102, Allen Smith, logs himself out from the “Webmeeting Support Queue”. He will need to right click on his name in the “Webmeeting Support Queue” and choose “Logout from queue”. Allen Smith will now only receive calls from the “PBX Support Queue” but has stopped serving calls for the “Webmeeting Support Queue”. This function requires a 3CX PRO edition license.

Note: In case Allen Smith (Agent 102) logs globally out of queues in this state, using any of the methods described above (Q Button, BLF Keys, Dial Codes or 3CX management Console) he will only log back in queues he has chosen to be logged in to but does not log in to the queue he opted out explicit from!

On behalf Login and Logout

The explicit login and logout can also be done on behalf of the agent, by the assigned queue manager(s). A designated queue manager can log agents in and out of the queues they are designated as manager of, though. Agents who are not queue managers can only log themselves in and out of queues. This function requires a 3CX PRO edition license.