Preparing for SP2 – Convert your WAV files!!

We have noticed that many installations are using audio prompt WAV files with incorrect and unsupported audio properties.

In Service Pack 2 correct audio prompt files need to be in the following format:

  • Format: WAV
  • Channel: Mono
  • Bit rate: 8 kHz
  • Sample: 16 bit

Before you update to SP2, ensure that you convert your Audio files. We have developed a tool that can do this conversion automatically and convert all incorrect audio files in your 3CX Installation.

  1. Download 3CXConverterTool
  2. Place the ZIP anywhere on the 3CX machine and extract the zip. You will end up with 2 exe files.
  3. Double click on “3CXConvertPrompts.exe”
  4. A command line process will start that will prompt you to stop the following services: 3CX Media Server, IVR Server and Queue Manager Service.
  5. After services are stopped, press enter to start the conversion. All prompts will be automatically converted and when done you will see “Conversion completed. The stopped services can be restarted.” Press any key to exit the tool.
  6. Start the following services: 3CX Media Server, IVR Server and Queue Manager Service.

All your prompt files will be converted. You can proceed to update to SP2. (You can also do this procedure after the update if you wish).