Upgrading the Firmware of Yealink phones from the 3CX Management Console

In this article we will explain how you can upgrade the firmware of one or more Yealink phones within your network using the Firmware Update feature from within the 3CX Management console. In this example we upgrade a Yealink T46G to the latest firmware.


Upgrading the Firmware

phone node

  1. Log into the 3CX Management console and click on the Phones node.yealink 2
  2. Select the Yealink phone for which you want to upgrade the firmware (in this example, we selected the Yealink T46G) and click on the Upgrade Firmware button. Note that you can upgrade the firmware of multiple phones at the same time, however ensure that the firmware matches ALL THE PHONES you select.
  3. An Upgrade Firmware dialog will show with the phones and the firmware version that the Yealink phone will be updated to.
  4. Select the check-box next to the phone that you want to update the firmware to and click the Upgrade button.yealink 3
  5. A progress dialog will appear showing the download status of the firmware files.yealink 4
  6. Once the file download is completed press Finish to complete the firmware updating. The Yealink phone will reboot and will load the firmware from the 3CX Web server on boot-up.

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