Configuring VAD Project Settings

We have significantly simplified the configuration of VAD projects. Now it is no longer necessary to enter complex URLs to indicate where to deploy the project and from where the VAD has to obtain the debug files.

Configuring General Options

Each time you create a new project, it will be automatically configured as you specify in the general options. In order to open the dialog that lets you change these settings, simply go to the “Tools” > “Options” menu.

vad settings

You can configure the configuration server port (usually 5485), the version of 3CX Phone System, and the Web server used by 3CX Phone System (currently IIS, Abyss).

For example, if you develop applications typically deployed to 3CX Phone System Version 12, set that value in the “Default PBX Version” field and automatically every project created from now on will be set to that value. Note that this setting does not affect projects that have already been created.

Configuring Project Settings

Once you have created a project, you can adjust the values ​​described in the previous section. To do this, select the project in the “Project Explorer” and its properties will be displayed in the Properties window. vad settings

From there you can configure the properties for the project you are working on.

It is important that these settings are correctly configured, so the Voice Application Designer can perform the following actions:

  • Deploy the project, in Debug or Release mode, to 3CX Phone System.
  • Get the list of Debug files from 3CX Phone System.
  • Get the contents of a Debug file from 3CX Phone System.

3CX Voice Application Designer will automatically determine the correct values ​​to compose a URL that lets you perform each of these actions, considering the version of 3CX Phone System and the Web server used.