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Caller Information on your Desktop for Incoming Calls

If you have the 3CX Desktop Components or the 3CX CRM Integration Module installed, 3CX MyPhone will automatically try to match the caller ID of an inbound call to a customer record. If it finds a match, it will open the customer record automatically. When a contact is not found in Microsoft Outlook or your CRM package, you can automatically create it by clicking the “Click to create a new contact record” link.

Contact information (Outlook or CRM package)

When an inbound call arrives to your extension, depending on your configuration, a screen pop-up is automatically shown, containing the related contact information that has been retrieved from your CRM.

Caller info

The screen pop-up can be manually closed at any time, or you can leave it to be automatically closed by the application if you have configured it that way.

You may automatically open the contact record in your CRM by selecting the “Click to open the contact record” link.

When a contact is not found in your CRM, you can choose to create it. To do this, click the “Click to create a new contact record” link. The following form will be displayed, and you will be able to fill the contact information.

Caller info

You may choose to create the contact in any enabled CRM. Pressing the “Create Contact” button, the application will try to create the contact and will notify you about the result.

Contact information (Skype)

In order to make the CRM Integration module work with Skype contacts, you need to store them with the “skype:” prefix. For example, if you have a contact with Skype ID “MyContactSkypeId”, you need to store it as “skype:MyContactSkypeId”. When the 3CX CRM Integration module detects that prefix, it does not remove non digit characters when making outbound calls, so the call can be made using the Skype ID.

Also, inbound calls from Skype contacts are matched using the “skype” prefix, so the screen pop-up will show the right information in those cases too.